Relocation and Moving Expenses

In accordance with guidance from the University System of Georgia, the Law Library may legally offer to pay relocation expenses for Law Library faculty members from the Law Library's budget if documented in written offers of employment (sample letter). The Law Library is not required to pay relocation expenses and will make such offers only when merited and financially feasible.

The Law Library will provide the employee the University of Georgia's policy on relocation and moving expenses, which outlines relocation expense and reimbursement.

The Law Library faculty member, the Director of the Law Library, and the Law School Dean must sign a relocation and moving expense agreement.  All expenses must be identified and approved in advance.  No reimbursements will be processed until the agreement is signed by all parties. The Law Library will forward the Relocation and Moving Expense documentation package to the Law School budget office for submission to University Accounts Payable. The documentation package consists of:

Within sixty (60) days of when payment is made or expenses are incurred, the Law Library employee must submit claims for all reimbursement on the Employee Request for Reimbursement of Relocation and Moving Expenses form.


Date Implemented:  03/04/2008
Last Revised: May 2012