Sean Ditzel (J.D. 2006)


Associate at Kessler & Solomiany, LLC
Atlanta, GA


Mr. Ditzel currently works with Kessler & Solomiany, LLC., a firm that focuses exclusively on family law in Atlanta, Ga. The firm handles mostly high asset and high profile individuals ranging from doctors, lawyers, and executives to athletes and celebrities. Their clients hear about the firm through word of mouth or lawyer-to-lawyer marketing. Mr. Ditzel decided to go into family law based on his experiences clerking for a family law firm during the summer between his 2L and 3L years. He enjoyed the client contact and real world solutions that practicing in that field requires. Before beginning with Kessler & Solomiany, Mr. Ditzel was a law clerk to general counsel of a corporation and a legal intern for several firms. He also worked in retail sales during college. 
Mr. Ditzel’s advice to current students and recent graduates concerning networking is to go to as many events as you can manage in which you meet people outside of your “circle.” For instance, he practices family law but makes a point to attend happy hours and lunches for other sections of the bar. This allows him to meet new people and not run into the same crowd of family law attorneys all of the time. 
As a law student, Mr. Ditzel wishes he knew the value of a well-rested mind. It is much more productive to rest and stop working when you are at a point of diminishing returns. When you return to your work, you can see new angles from a fresh perspective. This approach benefits Mr. Ditzel very much as he prepares for trials and he imagines it can be just as beneficial during law school finals studies. 

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