Student Spotlight: Mahdi Abdur-Rahman (3L)

News @ Georgia Law May 2013 Student Profile


Name: Mahdi Abdur-Rahman
Age: 24
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Expected graduation year: 2013
Georgia Law extracurricular activities: Equal Justice Foundation, American Society of International Lawyers, Black Law Student Association
Undergraduate degree / institution / year: B.A. Philosophy / Morehouse College / 2010


1. Why did you choose to attend Georgia Law?
I chose to attend Georgia Law because of the extremely talented faculty, the abundance of international opportunities and the very modest and reasonable cost of tuition.


2. What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to work for an international law firm, preferably in the Middle East.


3. Thus far, what is your most memorable experience from your time at Georgia Law?
Honestly, my most memorable experience in law school thus far was finishing my last exam at the end of 1L year. It felt better than graduating from undergrad.


4. What is your favorite activity/club/clinic that you are involved with at the law school?
My favorite clinic at the law school is the Community Economic Development Clinic.


5. What made you decide to join/enroll in that activity?
I decided to join the clinic because it provides students with the opportunity to partner with community organizations working to revitalize and rehabilitate lower income neighborhoods in Athens. I have a general interest in community development, and the clinic is helping to crystallize and narrow the parameters of this interest.


6.What do you enjoy most about it?
I enjoy partnering with the Athens Land Trust and actively helping the organization to develop a community plan for one of the oldest neighborhoods on the westside of Athens. This allows me to not only refine my community organizing skills, but also allows me to work intimately with residents and community members that are most affected by our work.


7. What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include listening to music, composing music, reading, watching documentaries, eating, exercising, joking around and learning about astronomy.


8. If you could share an afternoon with anyone, with whom would you choose to spend it?
If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would share it with my late maternal grandmother.


9. Where is your favorite place to study? Why?
My favorite place to study is at my desk in my bedroom. I enjoy being in the comfort of my home and having easy access to the comfort of my bed if I need to take a quick nap.


10. What are two things you always have to have with you when you study?
When I study, I must have earphones to listen to music and I must have hot tea.