Study Abroad Video

Learn more about Georgia Law's Study Abroad Programs in Brussels and Geneva, China, and Oxford.

Video Transcript
[Student, Jaren Dunning, Oxford program participant:]
Hello my name is Jaren Dunning and I’m a third year law student here at the University of Georgia. This past spring I was able to participate in the Georgia semester abroad program at Oxford University in England. As part of the program we took classes in EU law, International Business Transactions, International Trade Law, and a supervised research tutorial on the topic of our choice. Personally for me I found the most valuable part to be the experience with fellow Oxford students and also my colleagues here from the University of Georgia.  The network we were able to establish laterally among ourselves is really something that will definitely carry on in the future. 
[Student, Shelly Kreimer, Brussels & Geneva program and Global Internship program participant:]
Hi I’m Shlley Kreimer and I did the Brussels and Geneva study abroad program followed by the Global Internship program in Slovakia. Brussels and Geneva was excellent, I earned 4 credit hours studying international legal issues. We were able to go to lots of law firms including King and Spalding who has an office right on lake Geneva so that’s an excellent way to meet attorneys, and again you’ll make excellent connections. 
[Student, Christopher Campbell, China program participant:]
I’m Christopher Campbell, and I participated in the China study abroad program. It’s a very important nation, and a very important trade partner with the U.S. And although there’s always the typical cultural experiences like walking the Great Wall, I think a lot of what the China study aboard program really has to offer is in the opportunity to see how the rule of law is continuing to develop in China. 


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