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2014 - 2015 WLSA Executive Board Elections

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014-2015 WLSA Elections. The next elections will be held in Spring 2015. Check back next semester for more details.
The President leads the WLSA organization by identifying, creating, and planning events for WLSA members in coordination with the WLSA executive board.  She serves as the primary representative of WLSA in events with law school administration and visitors from outside the university.  The President leads executive board meetings and sets the agenda for board meetings.  With assistance from other executive board members, the President prepares and sends the 1L incoming class mailing, collects membership forms as they are mailed in, and  matches up incoming students with mentors. The President should be prepared to run full body meetings and to address questions from members, faculty, and non-law school contacts.
The position of VP is an unelected position as the 2nd VP automatically ascends to this position during their 3L year. This position serves as the head of the Edith House Lecture Committee and will be primarily responsible for coordinating this event. The VP has the honor of selecting the Edith House Lecturer and will work closely with other members of the Edith House Committee to ensure that this event is a success.
The 2nd VP is primarily responsible for helping the VP coordinate WLSA's biggest annual event, the Edith House lecture.  As 2012 presents the 30th such lecture at the University, it is likely that the event will be bigger than in past years, so there will be a lot to do and to coordinate!  If you would like to take part in honoring the legacy of the first female graduate from our Law School, and you are hard-working, committed, and creative, consider running for this position!  You will work closely with the faculty and Dean White and will likely find this to be a fantastic networking opportunity. Please note that this position is only open to 2L students and it requires a 2 year commitment due to the fact that the 2nd VP automatically ascends to the VP position at the beginning of their 3L year.
The Publicity Chair serves as WLSA's line of electronic communication to the law school. The Publicity Chair will be responsible for: compiling and managing WLSA's listserve, managing the online outline depository, drafting and/or forwarding emails for WLSA that will be sent to the law school listserve or WLSA's listserve, and updating WLSA's website. Great computer skills would be helpful, but are not a requirement. However, basic proficiency in email, being willing to learn basic webpage editing software, and googling how to do stuff is a must :)
The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the organization.  She will receive and deposit checks from members throughout the year, keep track of which members have paid their dues, and reimburse people for expenditures on behalf of the organization.  The account records are maintained on an Excel spreadsheet, so please be familiar with that program or eager to learn.  The treasurer is also responsible for hunting for other potential funding sources.  Love of money and attention to detail are a must.
The Secretary maintains records of the organization, including a membership list. The Secretary is also responsible for taking executive board meeting minutes and counting votes for any email elections or award selections. Should be detail-oriented, well organized, and prepared to perform basic data entry tasks. Computer skills are a must.