3L Legacy Gifts


It is tradition for Georgia Law graduating classes to establish a class legacy at the law school by making a senior class gift or legacy gift. The gift is presented to the law school dean and alumni association president during the graduation ceremony.

Classes who have gone before the Class of 2015 have made significant gifts to the school that will enrich future law students' educational experiences. A permanent record of legacy gifts can be found in the attractively framed plaques on the wall of the student lounge. The names and signatures of those law students who made the commitment to support the law school through a legacy gift are featured on the plaques. Imagine your class' plaque on the wall with your name included in the listing!

Upon graduation, you and your fellow 2015 classmates will embark on a new journey in your professional lives that will take you away from the law school. The legacy gift to the law school is a powerful statement of financial support as well as a desire to help the law school achieve continued excellence. The legacy gift ensures that the students who follow the Class of 2015 will enjoy the same high quality educational experiences at Georgia Law.

We ask for a commitment now from you for the Class of 2015 Legacy Gift. A pledge payment reminder will be mailed to you in the Spring of 2015, as payment is not due until a year after graduation.

Please take a moment to complete your pledge form now.

Current participation rate: 43.68%

Current total pledged: $60,000

Class of 2015 participants:

Crighton T. Allen
Aaron R. Anglin
Robert S. Arrington
Thomas P. Bell
Courtney L. Broussard
Russell A. Brown
George P. Burdell
Isabel Cadiz-Martin
Colton R. Caldwell
Hunter B. Carpenter
Imani J. Carter
Haley E. Chafin
Emily C. Cook
Michelle E. Davis
Joshua H. Dorminy
Mary C. Dyke
Emily N. Evans
Spencer S. Farmery
Samantha M. Fassett
Evelyn A. French
Elliott R. Gillooly
Paul A. Gilmer
Corey J. Goerdt
Mark E. Grafton
John R. Graham
Michael F. Green
Jill T. Hauserman
Meredith M. Head
Eric A. Heath
Sarah G. Hegener
Lien P. Hernandez
Hali A. Hill
Chelsea E. Ivey
Hannah E. Jarrells
Whitney T. Judson
Nicole L. Kahle
Meredith L. Kane
Zachary J. Kelehear
Sarah M. Kessler
Hillary R. Kinsey
Scott A. Lanier
Ann T. Lesslie
Ricardo A. Lopez
Kristin E. Malcolm
Andrew D. Mason
Chelsey N. McDade
Amanda M. McDowell
Sarah C. Mcmahon
Cawanna A. McMichael
Carey A. Miller
Mary C. O'Brien
Veronica M. O'Grady
Nicole L. Penn
Joseph C. Phillips
Dov Preminger
George S. Ray
Matthew S. Resor
Sarah A. Richards
Maria d. Rivera-Diaz
Cameron B. Roberts
Matthew D. Rochlin
Hannah A. Rogers
Nicola M. Rossi
Emily R. Scheible
Lindsey B. Sciavicco
Kyle P. Shaughnessy
Andy Shin
William A. Smith
Alexandra C. Smith
Joshua H. Stein
Michael C. Sullivan
Chelsea G. Swanson
Shaina O. Thompson
Anthony J. Trommello
Amelia G. Trotter
Gordon G. Van Remmen
Caroline E. Welden
Andrew M. Whittaker
Philip J. Wilkie
Quinten E. Wilson
Ashley R. Wright
David C. Wright
Delos H. Yancey
Last updated: April 28, 2015