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2016 (Vol. 50)

ISSN 1557-1025

Table of Contents

Letters from Law Leaders  p.0

From the Dean  p.1

Commencement 2016  pp.4-5

Appellate Litigation Clinic secures clemency grant; Elite fellowship created; School launches Atlanta program; First of its kind: Child sexual abuse survivor clinic; Fellowships expanded: Public interest opportunities increased; Edenfield Jurist in Residence places judges in classrooms; Chambliss returns as Sanders Scholar; Corporate Counsel Externship adds high profile locations; Clinic supports Athens' entrepreneurs; First in Georgia: Three-year J.D. and M.B.A. launched; Program creates student mentorships; Practitioners deliver diverse curriculum; Clerkship benefits emphasized; New scholarships bring student dreams closer to reality; Welcome to career development leader; Advocacy Success; Georgia Law goes online; Corsair Law Society launched; Negotiation team shines; Georgia Law hosts Court of Appeals; Red Clay focus: Sustainability; WIPI Conference addresses social justice; Student Profiles: Mical Carter, Matt Rosenthal and Carson Stepanek

Appellate Litigation Clinic secures clemency grant  p.6

Elite fellowship created  p.7

School launches Atlanta program  p.8

First of its kind: child sexual abuse survivor clinic  p.9

Edenfield Jurist in Residence places judges in classrooms  p.11

Chambliss returns as Sanders Scholar  p.11

Program creates student mentorships  p.13

Practitioners deliver diverse curriculum  p.14

Fostering World-Class Ideas  pp.22-29
Edith House Lecture: Evans encourages women lawyers to use their voices; Sibley Lecturers: Bringing terrorists to justice and Global legal network affected by accountancy firms' transformation; Center undergoes exciting changes; Top tax scholar joins faculty; New associate dean named; Faculty Achievements: Baradaran, Beck, Burch, Lanier, Ringhand, Thompson; Three win faculty awards; Georgia Law hosts inaugural Rural Healthcare Symposium; White's portrait presented to law school before retirement; Georgia Law Review: Celebrating 50 years

Center undergoes exciting changes  p.24

Top tax scholar joins faculty  p.25

Georgia Law Review: Celebrating 50 years  p.29

Making a Difference  pp.30-37
2016 Alumni/Alumnae Weekend; DSS Award: Davenport and Solomon honored; Tamika R. Montgomery-Reeves: Building relationships in and out of the courtroom; Catherine Curlet: Georgia - and D.C. - on her mind; Alex and Claire Crumbley: Continuing to help others; Hanson receives employee award; Georgia Law Moments from senior director of law school advancement Anne S. Moser; Become a Sustainer

DSS Award: Davenport and Solomon honored  p.31

Become a Sustainer  Back Cover