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September 2014

Cool Stuff at Circulation; Lunch-n-Learn: "Lead Me to a Job" Resources; Sprechen Sie...? Baker & Humphries Complete Diversity Certificate Program; Food, Tobacco and Beverages Policies; Law Dawg: Winston Fulbright; Featured Acquisitions - highlights of the Law Library's most recent purchases

August 2014

Welcome! Meet Szilvia Somodi; New GAVEL Video Tutorials; Restrooms Designated Unisex; New York Times Access; Food, Tobacco, and Beverages Policies; Law Dawg: Doctor Underfoot; Featured Acquisitions.

May 2014

Congratulations and Good Luck! Extended Hours during Exam; New York Times Subscription; Law Dawgs of the Month; Special Featured Acquisitions: The Law in Comics

April 2014

Lunch with Fastcase and the Georgia Bar! Get the 411 on the ATL Law Libraries; Exam Period Extended Hours; Book Repair Clinic; Law Dawg of the Month: Harper Lee; Featured Acquisitions - highlights of the Law Library's most recent purchases

March 2014

Celebrate the Sohn Centennial; Your Opinion, Please; New Database of Historical Primary Law; Spring Break Hours; Lunch-n-Learn: New Technologies and the Practice of Law; Law Dawgs of the Month: Red & Black Hens; Featured Acquisitions


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