Call for Papers - Review of IP Law/Braun Symposium



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The John Marshall Law School

The John Marshall Law School will host the Seventh Annual Symposium for The John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law (RIPL) in conjunction with the  Belle R. & Joseph H. Braun Memorial Lecture Series, on Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois.

We are honored to invite the world’s practitioners and scholars in the field to write and present on the issue of art restitution and cultural preservation in the context of international human rights.  The Symposium will bring together an inspiring group of individuals to publish their writings in our journal in the 2016 RIPL Symposium Issue and present their works at the symposium.

RIPL is pleased to invite you to propose a paper on any topic encompassed by the Symposium theme.  These topics may include the restitution of art stolen by the Nazis, the preservation of cultural heritage during times of war, and the return of cultural property to its nation of origin.   Please submit your proposal by June 15th to the Symposium Editor via email at the address listed below. 

Submissions should be Word or text files, double-spaced, in 12 point font. Accepted papers will be published and authors may be invited to present their works at the Symposium. For questions regarding submissions, contact Symposium Editor Thomas Deahl at