Call for Papers: BC Symposium on the Implications of Climate Change



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Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review

Who Will Pay? -- > The Public & Private Insurance Implications of Climate Change's Drastic Challenges

Call for Papers: November Symposium

November 5, 2015, Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review, Boston College Law School

The threat of catastrophic damage to property and lives from climate change has focused recent attention on how best to allocate or defray the financial costs of that harm and the insurance implications of anticipatory adaptation. Too often today, the risk of loss lies with the victims. This conference will explore the current ability and future potential of private and social insurance and alternative risk transfer mechanisms such as reinsurance and catastrophe bonds to indemnify catastrophic losses caused by climate change events, and to motivate sustainable adaptation to ever-increasing risks.

TOPICS: In this call for papers, we welcome proposals for presentations and papers (ideally of 15 to 25 pages in published length) on any topic related to the conference. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: the supply and demand dynamics of private sector catastrophe insurance and how legal rules might alter those dynamics; actuarial challenges in underwriting and pricing catastrophe risk due to climate destabilization; the treatment of and litigation over claims for climate change losses under traditional property and casualty insurance policies; the capacity and merits of private sector insurance, social insurance, and alternative risk transfer techniques in providing adequate coverage for climate change losses (including in light of concerns such as affordability and market exit); the potential governance role of insurance in requiring or rewarding loss avoidance efforts by private citizens and political subdivisions; and lessons from the experience to date with catastrophe insurance such as flood insurance, crop insurance, and earthquake insurance.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Following peer review of the final drafts, accepted papers will be published in the Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review. Over the years authors have commented on their pleasure in experiencing the industrious and helpful supportive efforts of this Review's staff in finalizing papers for publication. To submit a proposal, please email a paper abstract (or a draft paper if available) plus a short biography for each author to the following addresses by June 15, 2015 (or, ideally, as soon as possible before that date):
- Erica Novack, Editor-in-Chief, Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review (a journal of law, science, and policy - one of the two oldest envvironmental specialty law reviews in the nation) -, cc: to the faculty symposium advisors:
- Zyg Plater -
- Patricia McCoy -

We hope to announce the selection of presentations and papers that best fit the symposium's structure by July 15, 2015. Initial drafts will be submitted to panel moderators no later than one week before the conference. Final drafts will be due on January 6, 2016.