Post date: 11/30/20 | Abstract Deadline: 02/28/21 | Event Date: 02/28/21

Location: n/a

The South African Society for Critical Theory invites contributions to a special issue of Acta Academica on Pandemic Politics.

Post date: 11/30/20 | Abstract Deadline: 12/7/20 | Event Date: 01/5/21

Location: Virtual

In addition to the John Hart Ely Prize, the AALS Section on Election Law has established a second professional award this year: the Distinguished Scholarship Award in Election Law.

This prize will be awarded annually for “a single work that exemplifies excellence in the field and that is published within a given year.” The term “work” is defined broadly.  

Post date: 11/24/20 | Abstract Deadline: 02/1/21 | Event Date: 03/25/21

Location: Hybrid or Virtual

 2nd Geneva-Zurich Seminar on Sustainable Finance

University of Zurich - 25 March 2021

Sustainable Finance and Digitalisation

Call for papers

The Chair for Law and Finance at the University of Zurich, the Centre for Banking and Financial Law (CDBF) at the University of Geneva, and the Research Network for Sustainable Finance (SUSFIN) are hosting the 2 nd Geneva-Zurich joint seminar on 25 March 2021, to explore to what extent digitalisation and sustainable finance are intertwined.

Post date: 11/19/20 | Abstract Deadline: 12/30/20 | Event Date: 05/27/21 to 05/30/21

Location: Chicago, IL and Virtual

Trusts & Estates Collaborative Research Network

Law and Society Association Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois (& Virtual), May 27-30, 2021

Call for Participation – Deadline December 31, 2020 11:59 PM ET(USA)

Submission Link: here

Post date: 11/16/20 | Abstract Deadline: 11/20/20 | Event Date: 01/28/21 to 01/31/21

Location: Naples, FL

The Program on Economics & Privacy (PEP) at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School invites applications for an Early-Stage Research Panel on the Law & Economics of Digital Information Policy.

Post date: 11/16/20 | Abstract Deadline: 11/26/20 | Event Date: 02/4/21 to 02/6/21

Location: Virtual


Post date: 11/16/20 | Abstract Deadline: 12/1/20 | Event Date: 03/26/21

Location: Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law


Barry ACS Student Chapter & Law Review & Texas A&M University of Law 

Constitutional Law Scholars Forum 

Friday, March 26, 2021 in Orlando, FL 

The Sixth Annual Constitutional Law Scholars Forum invites scholarly proposals on any constitutional law topic at any stage before publication. The Forum provides an opportunity for international and national scholars to vet their work-in-progress in a welcoming, supportive environment. (The Forum is not accepting proposals from students at this time.) 

Post date: 11/16/20 | Abstract Deadline: 01/4/21 | Event Date: 04/16/21 to 04/17/21

Location: Virtual

 Michigan Law School

2021 Junior Scholars Conference

April 16-17, 2021

Call for Papers

Deadline for Submission: January 4, 2021

The University of Michigan Law School is pleased to invite junior scholars to attend the 7th Annual Junior Scholars Conference which will take place virtually on April 16-17, 2021.

Post date: 11/16/20 | Abstract Deadline: 12/7/20 | Event Date: 12/7/20

Location: n/a

As a year-end review, I am issuing a call for submissions directed to junior scholars only (advanced PhD students and junior academics/practitioners) asking for their views on the most "interesting, important, or influential" article or book published in 2020. I will post on this blog a selection from the submissions received. Thanks in advance to all who participate. Some guidelines:

Post date: 11/6/20 | Abstract Deadline: 12/1/20 | Event Date: 06/15/21


The Center for International and Comparative Law (CICL) at Saint Louis University and the Saint Louis University Law Journal invite abstract proposals for a special issue on misinformation/disinformation and the law. The avenues for misinformation (the dissemination of inaccurate content, irrespective of intent) and disinformation (the deliberate spread of inaccurate information with the purpose of misleading others) have increased dramatically in recent years, in both online and offline environments.