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Summer, 2021  

Vol. XIII, No. 1  

Trade, Law Development 


Special Issue on Trade and Technology: Rebooting Global Trade for the Digital  Millennium  

Issue 13.1 | Summer’21  

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Public health and WASH

Due out: June/July 2021

Deadline for submissions: 1st March 2021

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Call for Rapporteurs: Oxford Reports on International Law: UN Human Rights Law

January 25, 2021

Oxford University Press, Professor Başak Çalı, Dr. Alexandre Skander Galand and Dr. Aristi Volou are looking for human rights case law reporters to help maintain coverage of decisions of United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies in the Oxford Reports on International Law: International Human Rights Law (IHRLmodule.

Post date: 01/28/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/15/21 | Event Date: 05/24/21 to 05/29/21

Location: Virtual

Asian Society of International Law

 8th Biennial Conference and PhD Students Workshop

“What Place for International Law in the Asian Future?”

 Main Conference: 24 to 29 May 2021 (via zoom)

PhD Students Workshop: 20 & 21 May 2021 (via zoom)

Deadline for Submissions: 15 February 2021

Abstract Submission Portal is now Open

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Call for papers:  Antitrust Law Journal symposium

Proposals due by February 12, 2021

             The Antitrust Law Journal seeks article proposals for a symposium on U.S. antitrust institutions.

Post date: 01/28/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/5/21 | Event Date: 07/1/21

Location: Virtual


Law and Humanities Roundtable 2021




July 2021 (date tbc, online)


Theme: Change and the law: hope, opportunity, shock and dread


Post date: 01/28/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/28/21 | Event Date: 07/22/21 to 07/23/21

Location: Virtual

Call For Papers
Modern Studies in the Law of Trusts and Wealth Management 2021

22 Jul 2021 - 23 Jul 2021, Virtual

Post date: 01/22/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/21/21 | Event Date: 06/8/21

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Call for Papers:

The Influence, Legacy and Future of the European Court of Human Rights in the International Legal Order

8 June 2021


Post date: 01/19/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/1/21 | Event Date: 10/29/21

Location: Virtual


Language Walls in International Law 

Call for Papers 

1. Object 

The practice and, to some extent, the very fabric of international law is  circumscribed to a few languages amongst which English and French are  undoubtedly the predominant ones.  

They bestride all the fields of international law. Those who do not have a reasonable  command of English and/or French can be de facto excluded from the microcosm  of international law studies and practice.