Post date: 11/25/14 | Abstract Deadline: 01/16/15 | Event Date: 05/8/15 to 05/9/15

Location: University of Cambridge

The editors of the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law (CJICL)and Hart Publishing welcome submissions for the Journal’s 4th annual conference to be held at the University of Cambridge on 8–9 May 2015. Conference highlights include a keynote address by Dame Rosalyn Higgins, DBE, QC, former President of the International Court of Justice.

Post date: 11/20/14 | Abstract Deadline: 01/20/15 | Event Date: 06/15/15

Location: American University

Patent holders are increasingly making voluntary, public commitments to limit the enforcement and other exploitation of their patents. The best-known form of patent pledge is the so-called FRAND commitment, in which a patent holder commits to license patents to manufacturers of standardized products on terms that are “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory.” But patent pledges have been appearing in fields and environments well beyond technical standard-setting, including open source software, green technology and the biosciences.

Post date: 11/13/14 | Abstract Deadline: 01/15/15 | Event Date: 07/22/15 to 07/24/15

Location: University of Pennsylvania

The International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property will hold its 7th annual workshop at the University of Pennsylvania, July 22-24, 2015.

Post date: 11/11/14 | Abstract Deadline: 12/31/14 | Event Date: 04/21/15 to 04/22/15

Location: London

We are pleased to announce that the London International Boundary Conference 2015, which will take place on 21-22 April 2015 at the Royal Geographical Society in London, has launched a call for papers.

Post date: 11/10/14 | Abstract Deadline: 02/15/15 | Event Date: 09/10/15 to 09/12/15

Location: Oslo, Norway

On the occasion of The ESIL 11th Annual Conference, to be held in Oslo, 10 – 12 September 2015. The Judicialization of International Law – A Mixed Blessing? The ESIL’s interest group on the History of International Law invites submissions, in English or French.

Post date: 11/10/14 | Abstract Deadline: 12/12/14 | Event Date: 05/11/15

Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

LJIL Symposium

11 May 2015 | The Hague

The Changing Role of Scholarship in International Law

Keynote by Martti Koskenniemi

Post date: 11/7/14 | Abstract Deadline: 12/1/14 | Event Date: 01/19/15

Location: University of Illinois College of Law, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

The Family Law and Policy Program at the University of Illinois College of Law—in conjunction with the University of Minnesota Law School, the Brooklyn Law School, and the University of South Carolina School of Law—is pleased to invite paper proposals for the inaugural HARRY KRAUSE EMERGING FAMILY LAW SCHOLARS WORKSHOP. The workshop is named for Professor Krause, who as a member of the Illinois law faculty mentored many budding family law scholars across a half century of teaching.

Post date: 11/5/14 | Abstract Deadline: 12/1/14 | Event Date: 05/8/15 to 05/9/15

Location: Cambridge, MA

Religion and medicine have historically gone hand in hand, but increasingly have come into conflict in the U.S. as health care has become both more secular and more heavily regulated.  Law has a dual role here, simultaneously generating conflict between religion and health care, for example through new coverage mandates or legally permissible medical interventions that violate religious norms, while also acting as a tool for religious accommodation and protection of conscience.  

Post date: 11/4/14 | Abstract Deadline: 02/1/15 | Event Date: 06/12/15 to 06/14/15

Location: Spokane, Washington

This conference will take place at Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane, Washington, from June 12-14, 2015.

Post date: 11/4/14 | Abstract Deadline: 01/5/15 | Event Date: 06/8/15 to 06/9/15

Location: Columbia Law School

Paper Competition