Post date: 02/19/15 | Abstract Deadline: 03/10/15 | Event Date: 06/26/15

Location: Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC

The Journal of Financial Regulation is seeking submissions for their annual conference, Extra-Territoriality and Financial Regulation to be held on June 26th at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. The conference will explore how extraterritoriality can generate a range of legal and economic tradeoffs and papers should examine this topic from an interdisciplinary, international and/or comparative perspective.

Post date: 02/11/15 | Abstract Deadline: 03/15/15 | Event Date: 05/28/15 to 05/30/15

Location: Université de Strasbourg

The Société française pour le droit international has issued a call for papers for its 2015 annual conference, to be held May 28-30 at the Université de Strasbourg. The theme is "Le précédent en droit international." Here's the call:


Post date: 02/10/15 | Abstract Deadline: 04/1/15 | Event Date: 10/9/15 to 10/10/15

Location: University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs

Workshop Theme

Post date: 02/10/15 | Abstract Deadline: 04/3/15 | Event Date: 06/18/15 to 06/20/15

Location: Denver, CO

"The 25th Annual Conference for Law School Computing will take place on June 18-20, 2015 at University of Denver Sturm College of Law. CALI is looking for “law school faculty, librarians, and technologists with strong opinions, great ideas, interesting projects and useful advice to present at CALIcon.

Post date: 01/20/15 | Abstract Deadline: 05/1/15 | Event Date: 10/2/15 to 10/3/15

Location: Anaheim, California


LatCrit Biennial Conferences

LatCrit 2015

LatCrit 2015: Twentieth Anniversary Conference
October 1-3, 2015
Southern California

Post date: 01/20/15 | Abstract Deadline: 02/28/15 | Event Date: 05/29/15 to 05/30/15

Location: University of Essex School of Law

From its origins, and the interwoven debates and developments emerging from notions of jus gentium and the law of nature, international law has been viewed as a tool for justice. This conference sets out to explore whether it has achieved the aims of its early advocates, posing a number of broad, crosscutting themes:

Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks of Justice

Post date: 01/20/15 | Abstract Deadline: 01/25/15 | Event Date: 09/10/15 to 09/12/15

Location: Oslo, Norway

The growing complexity and specialisation of international law has given rise to calls for the constitution of courts, tribunals, and chambers operating in specific issue areas. International environmental law is a prominent example of this phenomenon; indeed, that call seemed to have been heeded with the creation of the ICJ’s Environmental Chamber, which seems to be a failed experiment.

Post date: 01/20/15 | Abstract Deadline: 03/27/15 | Event Date: 09/4/15

Location: Basel, Switzerland

The reality of international law ‘in action’ largely depends on domestic legislators implementing and shaping norms originating at the international level: Domestic parliaments and other law-making bodies undoubtedly play a central role in determining whether or not the promises of international law can be fulfilled.

Post date: 01/13/15 | Abstract Deadline: 01/23/15 | Event Date: 04/14/15

Location: Norwich, UK

CFP – Cultivating Innovation: How (and How Not) to Think about Intellectual Property in Agriculture and Plant Science
A one-day interdisciplinary conference
14th April 2015
Date: 14 April 2015
Location: John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK
Deadline: Abstract submissions should be received by 23/1/2015 (decisions announced 30/1/2015)

Post date: 01/9/15 | Abstract Deadline: 01/30/15 | Event Date: 04/10/15 to 04/11/15

Location: University of Kansas School of Law.

The fifth annual Patent Conference (PatCon5) will take place on Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11, 2015, hosted by the University of Kansas School of Law. Building on the great success of PatCon4 (hosted by Ted Sichelman at the University of San Diego School of Law), PatCon5 will consist of two days of patent speakers, scholarship, and social events.