Post date: 01/5/15 | Abstract Deadline: 01/30/15 | Event Date: 05/8/15

Location: Tempe, AZ

The Law and Sustainability Program at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law is pleased to announce its First Annual Sustainability Conference of American Legal Educators (SCALE) Conference to be held on May 8, 2015 at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in Armstrong Hall on the Arizona State University Campus in Tempe, Arizona.

Post date: 01/5/15 | Abstract Deadline: 02/15/15 | Event Date: 01/5/15

Location: Cambridge

In the aftermath of the 2008 bank bailouts, sovereign debt has increased to unprecedented levels. As a result, governments saw their policy room curtailed by the demand for credibility and access to international capital markets. In Greece and Italy, democratically elected officials stepped down from power with the aim of promoting creditworthiness. The Argentine litigation in the United States again brought attention to substantial sway of bondholders over sovereign states.

Post date: 12/22/14 | Abstract Deadline: 01/15/15 | Event Date: 09/23/15 to 09/26/15

Location: Sicily, Italy

International law is traditionally understood as a juridical means for restraining violence, which disciplines the excesses of state sovereignty. As such, it is imagined as the “other” of power politics which — as human rights activists assert — speaks truth (or justice) to power. International law is both a symptom and cause of the evolution of international society as it has moved beyond power politics as the sole driving force of international affairs. Justifying political decisions in legal terms has become an integral part of foreign policy, and even a ‘key aspect of modern war’.

Post date: 12/22/14 | Abstract Deadline: 03/1/15 | Event Date: 05/28/15 to 05/29/15

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia

In his L'histoire comme champ de bataille Enzo Traverso points out that memory as a socially relevant phenomenon appeared widely after 1989. The fall of the Soviet empire and the ensuing defragmentation of the world led to a situation in which a multitude of recollections, hitherto retained only in private, could enter the public space. Social memory became an element of identity and simultaneously an instrument of politics, increasingly encroaching upon the domain of legal discourse.

Post date: 12/22/14 | Abstract Deadline: 01/15/15 | Event Date: 06/9/15 to 06/11/15

Location: Bar-Ilan University School of Law, Ramat-Gan, Israel

Equality is one of the most basic principles of liberalism and of democracy. The principle of equality requires the state to treat all citizens equally and especially to abstain from discriminatory treatment of citizens on grounds of race, gender, or religion. In addition, democratic countries forbid by law discrimination in various areas such as in employment or in education or in entry into public accommodations, whether such discrimination is carried out by individuals, by private organizations or by state agencies.

Post date: 12/19/14 | Abstract Deadline: 02/9/15 | Event Date: 05/1/15 to 05/2/15

Location: University of Toronto

We are pleased to present the 8th Annual Conference of the Toronto Group for the study of
International, Transnational and Comparative Law. The Toronto Group is a collaborative project between graduate students at Osgoode Hall Law School and the University of Toronto Faculty of  Law.

Post date: 12/18/14 | Abstract Deadline: 01/30/15 | Event Date: 05/14/15 to 05/15/15

Location: Montreal, Quebec

OVERVIEW: The Faculty of Political Science and Law, UQAM, seeks to promote the analysis of the dynamic links between law and its social environment. Indeed, legal phenomena might be fully assessed only through analysing the relationships between legal norms and their philosophical, social and political foundations. Therefore, the contribution of other disciplines, such as social sciences and humanities, is essential to the in-depth study of law.

Post date: 12/11/14 | Abstract Deadline: 12/11/14 | Event Date: 06/4/15 to 06/5/15

Location: Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, NJ

This is the sixth annual meeting of the NBLSC, a conference which annually draws together legal scholars from across the United States and around the world. We welcome all scholarly submissions relating to business law. Presentations should focus on research appropriate for publication in academic journals, law reviews, and should make a contribution to the existing scholarly literature. We will attempt to provide the opportunity for everyone to actively participate. Junior scholars and those considering entering the legal academy are especially encouraged to participate.

Post date: 12/11/14 | Abstract Deadline: 01/10/15 | Event Date: 05/31/15 to 06/1/15

Location: Seattle University School of Law

Approaching the 150th anniversary of the Thirteenth Amendment, we find ourselves in a period of heightened concern about issues of economic inequality. If any provision of the United States Constitution speaks to those issues, it is the Thirteenth Amendment. The Amendment’s proponents maintained that it established “freedom” and a “free labor system,” a view eventually accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Post date: 12/11/14 | Abstract Deadline: 03/1/15 | Event Date: 06/16/15 to 06/17/15

Location: Harvard Law School

June 16-17, 2015, Harvard Law School
Yale, Stanford, and Harvard Law Schools announce the 16th session of the Yale/Stanford/Yale
Junior Faculty Forum to be held at Harvard Law School on June 16-17, 2015 and seek
submissions for its meeting.