Post date: 03/11/16 | Abstract Deadline: 04/30/16 | Event Date: 09/5/16 to 09/6/16

Location: St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London, United Kingdom

Centre for Law and Culture St Mary’s University, Twickenham 5th-6th September 2016 Law and Culture Conference 2016 ‘(In)visibility’ Call for Papers What does it mean to be seen? What does it mean to see? What can and cannot, should and should not, be visible? What are the limits of legal sight, and what lies beyond? What can academic and critical study make visible to law? Can (in)visibility produce (in)justice?

Post date: 03/11/16 | Abstract Deadline: 03/15/16 | Event Date: 05/19/16 to 05/21/16

Location: Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Latina & Latino Critical Theory (LatCrit) and others present the South-North Exchange on Theory, Culture and Law (SNX)Leading from the South: Politics of Gender, Sex and Sexualities at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, República Dominicana May 19-21, 2016.

Post date: 03/11/16 | Abstract Deadline: 03/11/16 | Event Date: 08/3/16

Location: Amelia Island, FL

Professor Eang Ngov (Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law) is seeking participants to join a discussion group on Fisher v. University of Texas and the Future of Affirmative Action Aug. 3, 2016, 9 a.m. -12 p.m., at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference.

Post date: 03/11/16 | Abstract Deadline: 03/11/16 | Event Date: 09/2/16 to 09/5/16

Location: Boston, MA

The World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (WINIR) invites papers for its Sept. 2-5, 2016, conference on Institutions and Human Behavior.

Post date: 03/11/16 | Abstract Deadline: 04/10/16 | Event Date: 12/1/16 to 12/2/16

Location: Fairfax, VA

The Law & Economics Center at George Mason University School of Law will host two events during the fall of 2016 on The Economics and Law of Public Pension Reform.

We believe the looming public pension crisis poses a considerable threat to states’ fiscal soundness and public welfare that can be better addressed by promoting scholarly research on the subject and disseminating the results of that research to the appropriate audiences.

Post date: 03/11/16 | Abstract Deadline: 05/6/16 | Event Date: 10/20/16 to 10/21/16

Location: Pisa, Italy

The Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna and the Institute of Law, Politics and Sustainability are accepting proposals for the International AgLaw Colloquium on Agri-Food and Environmental Regulatory Agenda in Regional Trade Agreements: Legal Implications and Trends on October 20-21, 2016.

Post date: 03/11/16 | Abstract Deadline: 06/20/16 | Event Date: 11/4/16 to 11/5/16

Location: Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Loyola University Chicago School of Law is organizing its Seventh Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium on November 4 and 5, 2016.

Titles and abstracts of papers should be submitted electronically by clicking here no later than June 20, 2016.

Post date: 03/11/16 | Abstract Deadline: 04/8/16 | Event Date: 06/21/16 to 06/23/16

Location: Exeter, United Kingdom

CALL FOR PAPERS The International Law of Military Operations: Mapping the Field 21–23 June 2016, Exeter, United Kingdom Conference Theme Military deployments in the territory of other States are subject to a diverse range of rules under international law. In recent years, it has become increasingly common to refer to these rules as ‘operations law’ or the ‘international law of military operations’. Despite the growing popularity of the term, its meaning and utility remain uncertain.

Post date: 03/4/16 | Abstract Deadline: 03/25/16 | Event Date: 09/2/16 to 09/3/16

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

Call for Papers – The 2016 AHRI Human Rights Research Conference The Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI) calls for the submission of proposals for papers to be presented at the general AHRI Human Rights Research Conference to be held at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on 2-3 September 2016: 50 Years of the Two UN Human Rights Covenants: Legacies and Prospects 2016 will mark a half century since the adoption of the two foundational human rights treaties, the ICCPR and ICESCR.

Post date: 03/4/16 | Abstract Deadline: 07/15/16 | Event Date: 01/4/17 to 01/7/17

Location: 2017 AALS Annual Meeting

Call for Nominations: Harold Berman Prize for Excellence in Law &
Religion Scholarship

Starting this year, the AALS Section on Law & Religion will award the
"Harold Berman Prize" to recognize scholarly excellence by an
untenured professor at an AALS Member School.

The Prize will be given to the author of an article, published between
July 15, 2015 and July 15, 2016, which has made an outstanding
scholarly contribution to the field of law and religion.