Post date: 03/5/21 | Abstract Deadline: 04/5/21 | Event Date: 06/16/21

Location: Virtual

About the workshop

The 2020-2021 cohort of Schwartz Reisman Graduate Fellows presents “Views on Techno-Utopia,” a one-day, online, interdisciplinary workshop for early career scholars.

 “Views on Techno-Utopia” will bring together early career scholars in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities to follow emerging technologies—particularly AI, platforms, and surveillance tech—through the lens of techno-utopianism. 

Post date: 03/3/21 | Abstract Deadline: 06/14/21 | Event Date: 07/19/21

Location: Virtual

Asian Law Works-In-Progress Session

AALS Section on East Asian Law and Society

ASIL Asia-Pacific Interest Group

ASCL Asia Committee


Post date: 02/22/21 | Abstract Deadline: 03/15/21 | Event Date: 07/9/21 to 09/17/21

Location: Virtual

The world economy is entering a new and complex landscape. This landscape will include new approaches by different states), new trade agreements, and new digital currency. The changes will affect all aspects of international economic relationships, ranging from trade and investment to competition, finance and dispute settlement.

Post date: 02/22/21 | Abstract Deadline: 03/15/21 | Event Date: 07/7/21 to 07/9/21

Location: Virtual

To be held online on the Zoom platform, hosted by Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Slavery (the treatment of humans as chattel) and enslavement through conquest, birth, gender, race, ethnicity, kinship, and exploitation of indebtedness have been an intrinsic part of human societies.

Slavery and a variety of other forms of exploitation existed in ancient societies across the world, and in many other states and territories.  The Transatlantic Slave Trade furnished at least 10 million Africans for slavery throughout the Americas. 

Post date: 02/22/21 | Abstract Deadline: 03/31/21 | Event Date: 08/26/21 to 08/28/21

Location: Crowne Plaza, Ruiterij 1 Maastricht (on 27th August 2021) and at the Faculty of Law, Bouillonstraat 3 Maastricht

    Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI) Annual Conference 2021

27-28 August 2021 * Maastricht, The Netherlands

Human Rights Strategies

Call for papers

Post date: 02/17/21 | Abstract Deadline: 06/4/21 | Event Date: 09/28/21 to 09/29/21

Location: St. Louis, MO

2021 Call for Papers And Award for Top Paper Now Open

Community Banking in the 21st Century Research and Policy Conference 

2021 Call For Papers and Best Paper Award 


The call for papers for the 2021 Community Banking in the 21st Century research and policy conference is now open through June 4. 

Post date: 02/17/21 | Abstract Deadline: 07/1/21 | Event Date: 07/1/21

Location: N/A

The Warren E. Burger Prize 

Burger Prize Purpose

The American Inns of Court Warren E. Burger Prize is a writing competition designed to promote scholarship in the areas of professionalism, ethics, civility, and excellence.

Burger Prize Overview

Post date: 02/17/21 | Abstract Deadline: 02/17/21 | Event Date: 05/1/21

Location: N/A


The Hague Yearbook of International Law is now receiving submissions for publication in its upcoming Volume.

The Hague Yearbook of International Law is an internationally recognised journal with a wide-ranging and in-depth focus on various issues of international law. It aims to offer a platform for review of new developments in the field of international law. In addition, it devotes attention to developments in the international law institutions based in the international City of Peace and Justice, The Hague.

Post date: 02/17/21 | Abstract Deadline: 08/1/21 | Event Date: 08/1/21

Location: N/A

The Goettingen Journal of International Law ( seeks contributions on the topic

International Law in Times of a Pandemic (Deadline: 1st August 2021).

Post date: 02/16/21 | Abstract Deadline: 06/15/21 | Event Date: 11/10/21

Location: Virtual or Washington, DC (depending on COVID)

VI Symposium on Salient Issues in International Arbitration: "Does a Transnational Legal Order Exist in International Arbitration?"


NOVEMBER 10, 2021

This event is co-organized with the Institut Suisse de Droit Comparé in Lausanne, Switzerland. Speakers will be selected through the call for papers outlined below.  Authors will share the panel with an expert in the field who will act as panel chair.

Attending the conference on November 10, 2021 is free and open to the public. Advanced registration is required.