Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 06/20/17 | Event Date: 11/4/17 to 11/5/17

Location: Chicago, IL

Friday, November 3rd - Saturday, November 4th 2017

Phillip H. Corboy Law Center
25 East Pearson St., Chicago, IL

Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 03/31/17 | Event Date: 07/21/17

Location: Manchester UK

“Feminist Reflections On Law, Society and Care”

Call for Papers

Date: 21 July 2017

Venue: Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK

Contributions are invited to the event, “ Feminist Reflections On Law Society and Care”, to be held on Friday

21st July 2017 at Manchester Law School.

Categories of submission
Submissions can be made in the following categories:

Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 12/4/17 | Event Date: 03/21/18 to 03/22/18

Location: Oxford

Our relationship with justice is complex. Justice and the systems for delivering (criminal) justice are often criticised but rarely is there a credible, achievable challenge to the status quo proposed: most want to tinker around the edges. We are witnessing a global climate of mistrust and challenge to the establishment, political elites as well as justice leadership. The time is right to consider the way we do justice and what we want the justice system to achieve.

Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 04/3/17 | Event Date: 07/28/17 to 07/29/17

Location: Topeka, Kansas

Washburn University School of Law is proud to announce the 4th annual Washburn Junior Legal Writing Scholars Workshop, to be held on July 28-29, 2017.

This workshop will provide a unique collaborative environment in which to receive feedback from other legal writing professors on your scholarly projects. Participants will work in small groups to give suggestions, ask questions, and offer input on the papers presented.

Call For Papers

Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 05/14/17 | Event Date: 10/12/17 to 10/13/17

Location: Tilburg University, the Netherlands

The Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) and the Governance and Regulation Chair (GovReg) at University Paris-Dauphine, PSL Research University will organize a two-day Workshop on "Economic Governance of Data-driven Markets" ( at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, on October 12 and 13, 2017.

Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 03/27/17 | Event Date: 12/12/17 to 12/14/17

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Dissent and disposition are both relational. To dissent is to disagree and be at variance: to refuse an established order, to diverge from orthodoxy, to oppose, critique, quarrel and rearrange. If political dissent is commonly understood as speaking truth to power, how does this occur, or occur differently, now that power is increasingly dislocated from state forms, and the production of ‘truth’ by experts is itself subverted? How might law facilitate and energise, or suppress and silence such dissent?

Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 04/14/17 | Event Date: 10/26/17

Location: Madison, WI

The University of Wisconsin Law School Global Legal Studies Center & South Asia Legal Studies Working Group invite panel proposals relating to any aspect of the study of law of South Asia for their 11th Annual South Asia Legal Studies Pre-Conference Workshop on Oct.

Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 05/1/17 | Event Date: 11/15/17 to 11/16/17

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Call for Papers

Rethinking Free Trade: Liberal International Economic Order in the Wake of Brexit and Trump

(15-16 November 2017)


Post date: 03/17/17 | Abstract Deadline: 05/8/17 | Event Date: 08/19/17 to 08/20/17

Location: Kiel, Germany

Towards Utopia – Rethinking International Law Call for Papers: Walther Schücking Workshop for Young International Lawyers Kiel, 19-20 August 2017 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Walther Schücking Institute for International Law at the University of Kiel is organising a two-day workshop on new and utopian approaches to international law.

Post date: 03/3/17 | Abstract Deadline: 03/15/17 | Event Date: 05/30/17 to 06/1/17

Location: Naples, Italy

The Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza at the Universita Degli Studi di Napoli Federico IIhosts History of Law and Other Humanities: Views of the Legal Culture Across the Time on May 30-June 1, 2017.

Presentations should be in English and should not exceed 20 minutes.