Call for papers: Poverty Law: Academic Activism



Event Date: 

02/19/16 to 02/20/16

Location name: 

Seattle University School of Law


Seattle University School of Law




FEB.19-20, 2016

Call for Proposals: 

We invite proposals for presentations at a Spring 2016 conference, “Poverty Law: Academic 

Activism” to be held on Feb. 19-20, 2016, hosted by Seattle University School of Law. The 

conference will focus on the connection between academics and activism, broadly understood. Just 

as “poverty law” is a broad category that includes everything from welfare and education programs 

to immigration and tax policy, so too, “academic activism” includes a wide range of activities. This 

conference will explore how members of the legal community directly engage with activists to effect 

social, legal, and policy changes; how scholarship can help improve the lives of the poor; and how to 

educate the next generation of poverty warriors. 

The conference is organized around these three tracks – direct engagement, scholarship, and 

teaching – and the hope that the conference will be a large gathering of those whose work (including 

direct involvement as well as scholarship) focuses on or relates to poverty law. The deadline for 

proposals is Friday, April 25, 2015. Please submit the title of your presentation with an abstract or 

overview of no more than 300 words to erosser@wcl.american. To submit a full panel presentation, 

include the above information for all panelists. 

Additionally, for those who are interested (though this is not a requirement for participation in the 

conference), conference participants may have publication opportunities with both the Seattle 

Journal for Social Justice and the Seattle Law Review. Registration is free, but conference attendees

will be responsible for their own travel expenses. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle in 

If you have any questions, please contact the conference organizers: 

Sara Rankin Ezra Rosser 

Seattle University School of Law American University Washington College of Law 

(206) 398-4393 (202) 274-4064

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