Call for Papers The Neutrality of International Law: Myth or Reality?



Event Date: 

03/30/17 to 03/31/17

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Granada University Law School, Spain


European Society of International Law Research, Granada University Law School, Spain

European Society of International Law Research Forum 30 - 31 March 2017 Granada University Law School, Spain Call for Papers The Neutrality of International Law: Myth or Reality? The 2017 ESIL Research Forum will take place on 30-31 March at the Granada University Law School.

The ESIL Research Forum is a scholarly conference that promotes engagement with research in progress by members of the Society. It has a small and intensive format. The Forum targets in particular scholars at an early stage of their careers, especially advanced PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

Approximately 15 - 20 papers will be selected from among the submissions and, during the Forum, paper presenters will receive comments on their papers from members of the ESIL Board and invited experts.

The 2017 Research Forum addresses the contested neutrality of international law. It has often been said that international law should be neutral as regards the political, economic and social systems of States. However, this ideal of neutrality can be critiqued on both normative and empirical grounds. Every legal order is based on a power structure and certain fundamental principles. Is it still possible to speak of the neutrality of international law given the growing body of principles that are said to reflect the values of the international community? And are international legal instruments designed to influence the political, economic and social order of States compatible with such neutrality?

This Forum seeks to bring together scholarly work that addresses whether international law is, or should be, neutral towards the internal political, economic and social options available to States or whether it moulds internal systems in a defined direction. The 2017 ESIL Research Forum calls for papers addressing the theme of the neutrality of international law, including the following set of issues:

 International human rights law as a limit on States’ political choices.

 Multilateral financial assistance and economic sovereignty.

 The extent to which, if any, models of global governance include neutrality.

 Practices to promote democracy and a right to democracy under international law.

 Political, social and environmental conditionality under international economic law.

 (Non-) recognition of governments, insurgents and belligerents.

 The contents and boundaries of the principle of self-determination under present international law.

 Is the regulation of international markets eroding the European social model?

 UN practices to promote the rule of law.

 The current meaning and role of the prohibition of non-intervention.

 How does international law accommodate religious pluralism?

Papers that address any dimensions of the call, including through interdisciplinary research and methods, and through historical, theoretical or empirical approaches, will be given serious consideration. We welcome papers that propose to redefine or re-imagine our understanding of the terms of the call and their meaning in the current context.

Abstracts (of not more than 750 words) should be submitted to ESILRF_UGR2017@UGR.ES by 30 September 2016. Please include your name, email address and a one-page curriculum vitae with your abstract. Successful applicants will be notified by email by 15 November 2016. Complete drafts of papers will be required by 15 February 2017. Papers may in due course be published in the ESIL SSRN Conference Paper Series.

Successful applicants will be expected to bear the costs of their own travel and accommodation. However, ESIL travel grants will be available to offer partial financial support to participants. Selected speakers will be informed of several hotels that offer preferential rates to Research Forum participants. Lunch on both days will be provided, and a dinner for presenters, commentators and ESIL Board members will be hosted on the evening of 30 March.

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