The Social, Ethical, and Legal Consequences of Sports-Related Brain Injuries



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Cleveland, OH


Journal of Law & Health

You are invited to submit an Article for possible inclusion in the Journal of Law & Health’s Annual Symposium: The Social, Ethical, and Legal Consequences of Sports-Related Brain Injuries. The Journal of Law & Health is a student-run publication dedicated to publishing innovative articles that offer diverse perspectives on the intersection between law, health, and medicine.

            The selection of the Symposium topic was a result of the myriad of new research on the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries in sports and the long-term health consequences that result from head injuries. Further, high profile legal disputes, such as the NFL’s $765 million settlement with retired players, has thrust the discussion of brain injuries in sports into the legal arena as well. The Symposium aims to facilitate a well-rounded discussion between, judges, legislators, academics, and medical professional on the social, ethical, and legal issues that may occur as more research becomes available on brain injuries in sports.

            Areas of interest for this special journal issue include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • The sociological impact of sports in American culture.
  • The impact of brain injuries on developing brains of youth and collegiate athletes.
  • The relationship between brain injuries and psychological disorders.
  • The state of the law and the current legal landscape regarding brain injuries in sports.
  • The future direction of the law regulating brain injuries and legislative responsibility with regard to protecting athletes from brain injuries.

Please submit a 600-word abstract describing your topic and a copy of your curriculum vitae by November 30, 2014 to Journal of Law and Health at and Please include “Submission: Annual Symposium” in the subject line.  The symposium is tentatively scheduled for March 2015.