Call for Papers: The Role of Non-Arctic States/Actors in the Arctic Legal Order-making



Event Date: 

12/7/17 to 12/9/17

Location name: 

Kobe, Japan


The Polar Cooperation Research Centre

The Polar Cooperation Research Centre (PCRC) is proud to announce its third international symposium to be held on 7–9 December 2017. The PCRC’s distinct research approach to the Arctic is aimed at establishing and strengthening the international legal and institutional framework so as to bring stability and foreseeability in the future of the Arctic. Increasingly, the challenges faced in the Arctic can no longer be addressed or tackled only within the Arctic both geographically and functionally. This symposium will critically examine the positive contribution that the non-Arctic States/actors can bring to such Arctic legal order-making, as well as challenges faced by them. PCRC symposia endeavor to be thought-provoking and discussion-oriented, with each session comprising of an in-depth examination by an expert followed by critical discussion with the discussants and the participants. We do not have parallel sessions so that all participants can engage in all sessions. We request your active participation either as a discussant by submitting a paper or as a regular participant. 

The proposed sessions are (please see the description of each session): Session 1: Asian States/Actors in the Arctic Legal Order-making Session 2: Arctic Shipping Governance Session 3: Central Arctic Ocean Fisheries Session 4: Policy-Relevant-Science in the Context of the Arctic Session 5: Role of Observers in the Arctic Council Session 6: Non-Arctic Influence on Arctic Customary Laws and Institutions Usually, in each session, there will be one main presentation (30 minutes), with one to three discussants (10–15 minutes intervention), followed by open discussion. It will be conducted in English only. No interpretation service will be provided. The PCRC welcomes papers from those who wish to participate in the symposium as a discussant. Please read the description of each session carefully and the papers that relate to the purpose of the session will be selected. The Centre is in the process of inviting the main speakers and the discussants, and there will be only few slots left for open-call discussants. So please indicate whether you would still like to participate in the symposium even if your paper was not accepted. The PCRC may decide to provide financial support for international travel and accommodation to a few early career researchers from those who have submitted papers.

We also welcome regular participants to the symposium with expertise on the issues to be discussed. Please use the same format to indicate your area of expertise and/or interest. Due to space constraints, we may need to limit the number of regular participants. For participation/discussant request, please fill out the attached application form and send it to no later than 18 September 2017. The result of request/financial support will be dispatched at the latest by 10 October 2017. 

From the International Law Reporter