Chat Reference is available at the University of Georgia School of Law Library during these hours. The service is primarily intended for the University of Georgia community (faculty, students and staff), particularly those affiliated with the School of Law. The general public is welcome to use the chat reference service to ask questions about resources available at the Law Library.

Chat Reference is designed to assist users with brief questions, such as identifying the appropriate resources to answer a question or how to locate a specific resource. More complex questions usually require an alternative method of communication, such as an in-person reference interview or e-mail.

The University of Georgia School of Law Library respects the privacy of users, but cannot guarantee the confidentiality of files, electronic mail, or other information transmitted electronically. The Law Library collects data on each chat reference transaction to evaluate the frequency and timing of use of the service. In addition, specific questions and answers are archived for educational and research purposes. All personal information about the user is removed from these archived exchanges.

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