This is a comprehensive list of law graduates and other contributors who have made a current-year gift (charitable gifts received since July 1, 2017 -- the beginning of our 2017-2018 fiscal year). We are so thankful for the generous support of so many donors. Their support helps us provide first-rate legal training, foster world-class ideas and serve our state and society.

If your name has been inadvertently omitted or needs to be edited, please contact the Office of Advancement at 706-542-7639.

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Members of the 2017-2018 Leadership Circle

Name Law Class of Leadership Circle Level
Kathelen Van Blarcum Amos 1982 Platinum Founder
Nancy Rafuse 1991 Platinum Founder
James. E. Butler, Jr. 1977 Platinum Sustainer
Grant T. Stein 1981 Platinum Sustainer
Janet McGrew Stein 1980 Platinum Sustainer
Elizabeth Brannen Chandler 1988 Gold Benefactor
Thomas C. Chubb III 1989 Gold Benefactor
Tyler M. Love 2009 Gold Benefactor
Eric L. Roden 2012 Gold Benefactor
David B. Bell 1977 Silver Fellow
Jesse G. Bowles III 1974 Silver Fellow
Santhia L. Curtis 1991 Silver Fellow
Edward T.M. Garland 1965 Silver Fellow
Don L. Waters 1978 Silver Fellow
Mildred A. Bennett 1997 Bronze Partner
Mary Fordham Bready 1998 Bronze Partner
J. Anderson Davis 1984 Bronze Partner
Julia A. Houston 1995 Bronze Partner
W. Byron Hurley 1989 Bronze Partner
Janet Fuller King 1980 Bronze Partner
Joseph and Chase Ozmer 1997 Bronze Partner
John C. Patton 1996 Bronze Partner
David E. Shipley Bronze Partner
J. Edward Sprouse 1971 Bronze Partner
E. Victoria Sweeny 1983 Bronze Partner
Phillip D. Wilkins 1985 Bronze Partner
Luis A. Aguilar 1979 Bronze Associate
Barschall Andrews II 1962 Bronze Associate
A. Bryan Baer 2002 Bronze Associate
Keith D. Bodoh 1995 Bronze Associate
William M. Ellard 1986 Bronze Associate
Gregory A. Garcia 1980 Bronze Associate
Kate L. Jensen 2010 Bronze Associate
William U. Norwood 1967 Bronze Associate
Thomas O. Powell 1973 Bronze Associate
Tracy L. Rhodes 2005 Bronze Associate
William W. Shearouse, Jr. 1973 Bronze Associate
Caryl Greenberg Smith 1982 Bronze Associate
E. Kendrick Smith 1981 Bronze Associate
William F. Sparks 1988 Bronze Associate
Paul E. Weathington 1984 Bronze Associate
Amy Lloyd Weisbecker 1991 Bronze Associate
Paul L. Weisbecker 1991 Bronze Associate
C. Knox Withers 2005 Bronze Associate
Stephanie Mayfield Wright 1995 Bronze Associate
William Scott Wright 1993 Bronze Associate

Additional 2017-2018 Donors

Name Law Class of Recognition Level
Enjolique D. Aytch 2007 Dean's Council
Brandon M. Barron 1999 Dean's Council
Joshua B. Belinfante 2003 Dean's Council
Gary B. Blasingame 1961 Dean's Council
D. Albert Brannen, Jr. 1982 Dean's Council
Joseph P. Brennan 1978 Dean's Council
Beth S. Brinkmann Dean's Council
Tedra L. Cannella 2007 Dean's Council
William K. Carmichael 1977 Dean's Council
Andrew S. Chamberlin 1990 Dean's Council
William R. Coleman, Jr. 1962 Dean's Council
Hugh M. Davenport 1979 Dean's Council
Daniel S. Digby 1989 Dean's Council
Fredrick C. Eisenstein 1981 Dean's Council
Ellen Thompson Evancho 1984 Dean's Council
Patrick H. Garrard 2007 Dean's Council
Jeanine Gibbs Garvie 1996 Dean's Council
John A. Gilleland 1980 Dean's Council
Loring A. Gray, Jr. 1976 Dean's Council
Bradley W. Grout 1997 Dean's Council
Megan Webb Grout 1997 Dean's Council
Ashley A. Halfman 2002 Dean's Council
F. Edwin Hallman, Jr. 1971 Dean's Council
Florence E. Harmon 1988 Dean's Council
Louis E. Harper III 2011 Dean's Council
Mary Catherine Moore Harper 2011 Dean's Council
Holmes J. Hawkins III 1993 Dean's Council
Greg K. Hecht 1988 Dean's Council
Jessica L. Heywood 1997 Dean's Council
P. Harris Hines Dean's Council
E. Michael Ingram 1976 Dean's Council
Crystal M. Johnson 2013 Dean's Council
Francys Johnson 2004 Dean's Council
W. Russell King 1974 Dean's Council
Anne Templeton LaMalva 1990 Dean's Council
David A. LaMalva 1989 Dean's Council
Caroline Castle Laney 2004 Dean's Council
Hubert C. Lovein, Jr. 1971 Dean's Council
R. Bates Lovett 2000 Dean's Council
Edward A. Marshall 2002 Dean's Council
James M. McGee 1998 Dean's Council
Hall F. McKinley III 1981 Dean's Council
Michael A. Morris 1979 Dean's Council
J. Kennard Neal 1984 Dean's Council
Lauren Bush Petron 2002 Dean's Council
Meredith Bunn Redwine 2004 Dean's Council
James K. Reed 1995 Dean's Council
Alan F. Rothschild, Jr. 1985 Dean's Council
Shelley Rucker Vey 1982 Dean's Council
Jonathan G. Sedon 2007 Dean's Council
Robert E. Sherrell 1965 Dean's Council
Russell L. Smith 1972 Dean's Council
Daniel B. Snipes 1995 Dean's Council
Richard G. Tisinger, Jr. 1992 Supporter
Trey Tompkins 1994 Dean's Council
Glen M. Vey 1982 Dean's Council
Julie M. Wade 2000 Dean's Council
Josh B. Wages 1998 Dean's Council
Larry Walker 1965 Dean's Council
Tony Waller 1993 Dean's Council
Kristin Chappell Waller 2003 Dean's Council
Allen W. Yee 2003 Dean's Council
Alison Van Lear 2000 Dean's Council
Matthew S. Yungwirth 2000 Dean's Council
Anonymous 2008 Advocate
William A. Aileo 1974 Advocate
Allie Edwards Armistead 1982 Advocate
James E. Bethel 1977 Advocate
Clarence D. Blount 1950 Advocate
Susan V. Boleyn 1976 Advocate
William T. Boyett 1969 Advocate
Jerome Braun 1971 Advocate
Marcus B. Calhoun, Jr. 1972 Advocate
Maureen T. Callahan 1988 Advocate
Edgar B. Callaway 2014 Advocate
Matthew S. Chambers 2008 Advocate
William T. Clark 1988 Advocate
McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr. 1972 Advocate
John A. Davison 1981 Advocate
Thomas E. Dennard Jr. 1960 Advocate
Anne Wallace Dunne 2011 Advocate
Robert M. Dyer 1985 Advocate
Thomas A. Eaton Advocate
William J. Ellenberg II 1982 Advocate
John J. Fitzpatrick, Jr. 1974 Advocate
T. Michael Flinn 1985 Advocate
Deborah Morgan Foresman 1986 Advocate
Laurie A. Fowler 1983 Advocate
Kimberly K. Frye 1996 Advocate
Steven P. Gilliam 1974 Advocate
Henry D. Green, Jr. 1978 Advocate
Jeremy T. Headrick Advocate
Thomas C. Holcomb 1976 Advocate
Justin R. Howard 1999 Advocate
Eric T. Johnson 1983 Advocate
Walter E. Johnson 1985 Advocate
Cecil C. Kramer 1999 Advocate
Thomas P. Lauth III 1988 Advocate
Michael E. Leavey 2003 Advocate
Aaron W. Lipson 2000 Advocate
Leslie Kulbersh Lipson 2001 Advocate
Mary K. Lynch 1982 Advocate
Ellen McElyea 1985 Advocate
James W. McPhillips 2009 Advocate
Steven T. Minor 1992 Advocate
Kellie R. Casey 1990 Advocate
Carol Ellis Morgan 1979 Advocate
William A. Pierce 1976 Advocate
Efrain A. "Sonny" Poloche 2008 Advocate
Thomas D. Powell 2014 Advocate
Victoria A. Powell 2014 Advocate
Gregory L. Roseboro 1987 Advocate
Thomas C. Rowsey 1991 Advocate
Nitin A. Sathe 2002 Advocate
William G. Scrantom, Jr. 1955 Advocate
Katherine Rutledge Silver 2009 Advocate
Teri A. Simmons 1989 Advocate
Lynn Dye Smith 1990 Advocate
W. Craig Smith 1990 Advocate
Jay L. Strongwater 1977 Advocate
Molly K. Talley 1998 Advocate
Benson Ward 2005 Advocate
Woodrow W. Ware III 2006 Advocate
Laura E. Woodson 1990 Advocate
Karen Jenkins Young 1985 Advocate
Gordon R. Zeese 1972 Advocate
Anonymous 2016 Supporter
Gregory A. Adams 1984 Supporter
Sarah E. Akinosho 2016 Supporter
Wm. Curtis Anderson 1991 Supporter
Stephen C. Andrews 1983 Supporter
Douglas G. Ashworth 1987 Supporter
Sally Curtis AsKew 1987 Supporter
Joseph B. Atkins, Sr. 1987 Supporter
Marybeth Robertson Atkins 1988 Supporter
Lee S. Atkinson 2005 Supporter
Lucy Rankin Atkinson 2007 Supporter
Rupert M. & Susan J. Barkoff Supporter
Timothy C. Batten, Sr. 1984 Supporter
Julia Rankin Baun 1987 Supporter
William T. Bennett III 1974 Supporter
Terrell W. Benton, Jr. 1963 Supporter
Brian D. Bodker 1983 Supporter
Brennan W. Bolt 2002 Supporter
M. Cristina Bouton 2006 Supporter
Savannah L. Bray 2014 Supporter
Deirdre A. Brekke 1984 Supporter
Vicki Vaughan Breman 1983 Supporter
A.L. "Tripp" Bridges III 2004 Supporter
Ramsey Henderson Bridges 2005 Supporter
George W. "Chip" Brown III 1997 Supporter
Emma C. Burch 2013 Supporter
Angie Schilling Burnette 1993 Supporter
Daniel O. Burroughs 2011 Supporter
Thomas D. Calkins 1990 Supporter
Elinore Carroll 2016 Supporter
Beverly Peters Carson 2006 Supporter
Geoffrey V. Carson 2006 Supporter
Wayne Charles 2008 Supporter
Stephanie V. Chavies 1989 Supporter
J. Thomas Clarkson 2011 Supporter
Rebecca Fackler Clarkson 2011 Supporter
Jason B. Cohen 2002 Supporter
Allison Doyle Cole 1993 Supporter
Thomas L. Cole 1993 Supporter
Neal L. Conner, Jr. 1968 Supporter
Alan A. Cook 1984 Supporter
Andrew A. Curtright 2011 Supporter
John A. Cutler 1978 Supporter
Sarah G. Darden 2016 Supporter
Charles B. Davis III 1970 Supporter
Lisa L. Davis 1989 Supporter
Russell B. Davis 1986 Supporter
Jason A. Dean 1999 Supporter
Gregory O. DeBacker 2012 Supporter
Kimberly R. Bourroughs 2007 Supporter
Tyler A. Dillard 2013 Supporter
Doris L. Downs 1981 Supporter
J. Griffin Doyle 1979 Supporter
Elliot Engstrom 2013 Supporter
Brent J. Fields 1992 Supporter
Rebecca L. Gabelman 2011 Supporter
Allan C. Galis 2010 Supporter
Henry G. Garrard III 1971 Supporter
Michael C. Garvey 1972 Supporter
Michael G. Geoffroy 2001 Supporter
W. Robert Gignilliat IV 2012 Supporter
J. Hamrick Gnann, Jr. 1977 Supporter
Stephen S. Goss 1986 Supporter
Cheri A. Grosvenor 1996 Supporter
John W. Hackney 2009 Supporter
Monica Berjon Hatfield 2015 Supporter
Abbott S. Hayes, Jr. 1994 Supporter
Walter W. Hays, Jr. 1994 Supporter
Paul J. Heald Supporter
Tina Fulford Heelan 1985 Supporter
Emma Hetherington 2011 Supporter
Andrew J. Hill III 1977 Supporter
Marcus Hodge 1984 Supporter
Stephen A. Hodge 1995 Supporter
Thomas F. Hollingsworth III 2004 Supporter
Edward M. Hughes 1977 Supporter
Julius M. Hulsey 1963 Supporter
Emelyn Hunter Supporter
Hugh T. Hunter 1984 Supporter
Sean L. Hynes 1998 Supporter
Kenneth P. Jones 1993 Supporter
Leon S. Jones 1988 Supporter
Brent J. Kaplan 1983 Supporter
Mr. Joseph W. Kim 2014 Supporter
Brian E. Lake 2013 Supporter
Adam B. Land 2008 Supporter
V. Kevin Lang 2001 Supporter
John B. Levy 1990 Supporter
David K. Linder 1985 Supporter
Jahnisa Tate Loadholt 2009 Supporter
Shane A. Lord 2006 Supporter
H. Scott Lowry, Jr. 2007 Supporter
Kristin Strunk Lowry 2007 Supporter
Jessica Mallanda Lund 2007 Supporter
James E. Mahar, Jr. 1974 Supporter
Gene A. Major 1979 Supporter
Roy E. Manoll III 1989 Supporter
Jacob A. Maurer 1997 Supporter
Tracie Johnson Maurer 1996 Supporter
Brianna Maxwell 2017 Supporter
Devereaux F. McClatchey V 1996 Supporter
Michael J. McCleary 1999 Supporter
Alexander McDonald 2014 Supporter
Caroline G. McGlamry 2013 Supporter
Colin A. McRae 1999 Supporter
C. Peter Melton 1976 Supporter
Kristin Loecke Miller 1995 Supporter
Michael L. Miller 1994 Supporter
Patrick S. Mitchell 2000 Supporter
George W. Mize, Jr. 1983 Supporter
Rivka D. Monheit 2000 Supporter
Wayne T. Moor 1986 Supporter
Peter B. Murphy 2002 Supporter
Amanda Siegel Newquist 2014 Supporter
Titus T. Nichols 2009 Supporter
Brian Nockleby 1980 Supporter
Katherine P. O'Shea 2014 Supporter
James L. Pannell 1974 Supporter
Amanda Patterson 2005 Supporter
Brian V. Patterson 1996 Supporter
M. Bradford Patterson 2015 Supporter
Benjamin M. Perkins 2004 Supporter
Sally Haskell Perkins 2004 Supporter
Shalanna L. Pirtle 2007 Supporter
Matthew J. Pociask 2010 Supporter
Katie Garrison Pociask 2007 Supporter
Elisabeth Quinn Prescott 2001 Supporter
Benjamin H. Pruett 1988 Supporter
Molly D. Pruett 1988 Supporter
Elizabeth Willis Quinn 2001 Supporter
Stephen G. Quinn 2005 Supporter
Katherine J. Racz 2013 Supporter
Tim Ramsey 1983 Supporter
Ronald H. Rentz 1972 Supporter
Thomas F. Richardson 1975 Supporter
Edwin D. Robb, Jr. 1970 Supporter
Mary B. Roberts Supporter
T. Wesley Robinson 1994 Supporter
Haley Chafin Robison 2015 Supporter
Nancy E. Sain Supporter
O. Eugene Sain, Jr. 1974 Supporter
Alexander W. Scherr Supporter
Wade A. Schueneman 2009 Supporter
Curtis M. Simpson 1980 Supporter
William J. Sizemore, Jr. 1990 Supporter
Paul B. Smart 2000 Supporter
Roy M. Sobelson 1976 Supporter
Jeffrey L. Stern 2004 Supporter
Christopher Stokes 2017 Supporter
Ethelynn Stuckey Supporter
Williamson S. Stuckey, Jr. 1959 Supporter
Daniel B. Swaja 2006 Supporter
R. David Syfan 1982 Supporter
Vanessa Weeks Sykes 2001 Supporter
David H. Tisinger 1963 Supporter
Jason E. Voyles 2003 Supporter
A. Stephenson Wallace 1974 Supporter
Marshall T. Walsh 1974 Supporter
G. Lee Welborn 1988 Supporter
Robert L. Welch 1989 Supporter
Sonja R. West Supporter
Rebecca H. White Supporter
Thomas M. Whitley 2012 Supporter
Robert A. Whitlow 1979 Supporter
Elbert. N. Whitmire III 1979 Supporter
John O. Wiggins 1978 Supporter
M. Mark Wiggins III 1985 Supporter
Robert D. Wildstein 1983 Supporter
Joshua S. Wood 2010 Supporter
Stephanie K. Wood 2010 Supporter
Joel O. Wooten 1975 Supporter
Ladda Woravitlikit 1995 Supporter
Vita E. Zeltser 2004 Supporter
Diane M. Amann Friend
Mercedes G. Ball 2009 Friend
Farrar Johnson Barker 2008 Friend
Amanda C. Baxter 2000 Friend
Emily Hart Cobb Breece 2010 Friend
Alex Brown 2015 Friend
Charles L. Browne III 1974 Friend
Mary Real Chapin 1983 Friend
Kelly A. Christian 2010 Friend
Harlan G. Cohen Friend
Gregg J. Conley 2014 Friend
Lawrence B. Domenico 1988 Friend
C. Ronald Ellington Friend
Sidney R. Esary 1972 Friend
Thomas E. Fanslow 1996 Friend
Karen Tyler Farr 1999 Friend
David L. Gappa 1991 Friend
Beverly V. Gholson 1977 Friend
S. Jefferson Greenway 1994 Friend
Cameron D. Hawkins 2008 Friend
Michael L. Hipps 1975 Friend
David T. Hobby 1983 Friend
Kristen Gustafson Juras 1982 Friend
Laura Kagel 2006 Friend
Deatrice L. Kennedy 2003 Friend
Charles J. King 1974 Friend
Andy Kite 2017 Friend
Elizabeth Weeks Leonard 1999 Friend
Jonathan R. Levine 1985 Friend
Jeanna M. Mastrodicasa 1995 Friend
Lisa C. Mathis Friend
Susan R. McAuliffe Friend
Katrina McIntosh Friend
William M. McIntosh 1974 Friend
Richard A. Meadows Friend
Samuel L. Mikell 2016 Friend
Joseph S. Miller Friend
Ceasar C. Mitchell, Jr. 1995 Friend
Michael J. Moeller 1991 Friend
Heidi M. Murphy Friend
Paula A. Nash 1990 Friend
Tom A. Nash, Jr. 1976 Friend
Sherry V. Neal 1999 Friend
Judith DeMeester Nichols 1988 Friend
John F. Lee Niedrach 2012 Friend
Coby S. Nixon 2003 Friend
Alexander C. Perry Friend
Toby B. Prodgers 1974 Friend
Carl N. Richardson, Jr. 1965 Friend
Peter B. "Bo" Rutledge Friend
Logan E. Sawyer Friend
Elizabeth L. Shackleford Friend
Joel N. Shiver 1991 Friend
Norman J. Slawsky 1980 Friend
Arthur D. Strathern III 1988 Friend
Robert B. Struble 1954 Friend
Gustavo A. Suarez 2003 Friend
Lisa M. Taylor 2001 Friend
Vladislav Tomic 2008 Friend
William L. Tucker 1974 Friend
Eugene C. Tutwiler III 1979 Friend
J. Maria Waters 1999 Friend
G. Joseph Weller 1965 Friend
Alexander R. Welsh 2012 Friend
Cody E. Whetsel 2014 Friend
Daniel S. Wright 1999 Friend