Award Amount


Funk & Associates offers an annual scholarship worth $1,000 for 2L and 3L law school students. Funk & Associates is dedicated to helping the next generation of attorneys reach their goals.

The scholarship application requires that a unique essay be submitted.

The scholarship is awarded in late July, to be used however the law student deems appropriate.

Next Submission Deadline

The 2023 Scholarship is now open. Applications are being accepted until June 15th.

Eligibility Guidelines

Applicants should be enrolled in an accredited US law school and have completed at least ONE year of legal studies. The winner will have to prove academic eligibility and a transcript showing the completion of their first year of legal studies. The winner of the scholarship agrees that his/her essay may be posted on the Funk & Associates website for an unlimited duration.

Selection Criteria

The scholarship recipient will be selected based solely upon the quality and substance of the essay submitted. Financial need and GPA will NOT be a consideration when choosing a scholarship winner.

If the selected recipient is unable to prove academic eligibility, the scholarship will be granted to the next highest rated essay.

Funding Method

Following selection, the scholarship recipient will be contacted via email and funds will be disbursed to the address designated by the winner.