International Law Colloquium Past Presenters

International Law Colloquium Series



    A presentation by Ertharin Cousin (J.D. ’82), Executive Director of the U.N. World Food Programme, highlighted a recent international law colloquium
Spring 2017 Schedule of Presenters
January 20 Duncan B. Hollis, Temple University Beasley School of Law
Janurary 27 Benedict Kingsbury, New York University School of Law
February 3 Jonathan Todres, Georgia State University College of Law
February 10 Neha Jain, University of Minnesota Law School
February 24 Sergio Puig, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law
March 15 Javier Dondé Matute, National Institute of Criminal Sciences, Mexico
March 24 Melissa J. Durkee, University of Washington School of Law
March 31 E. Tendayi AchiumeUCLA School of Law
Spring 2014 Schedule of Presenters
January 24 William Burke-White, University of Pennsylvania
Janurary 31 Chiara Giorgetti, University of Richmond
February 21 Hannah Buxbaum, Indiana University, Bloomington
March 21 Kristina Daugirdas, University of Michigan
March 28 Chris Whytock,  University of California, Irvine
April 4 Jean Galbraith, Rutgers-Camden
April 18 Cinnamon Carlarne, Ohio State University
Spring 2013 Schedule of Presenters
January 25 Julie C. Suk (Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University): “Quotas: From Discrimination to Democracy”
February 5 Ertharin Cousin (U.N. World Food Programme, Rome, Italy): Annual Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law symposium
February 8 William A. Schabas (Middlesex University): “The Drafting and Significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”
February 15 Anthea Roberts (Columbia Law School / London School of Economics): “State-to-State Investment Treaty Arbitration: A Theory of Interdependent Rights and Shared Interpretive Authority”
February 22 James Thuo Gathii (Loyola University Chicago School of Law): “Strength in Intellectual Property Protection and Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Least Developed Countries”
March 1 Joost Pauwelyn (Stanford Law School / Harvard Law School / Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies): “The End of Differential Treatment for Developing Countries? Lessons from the Trade and Climate Change Regimes”
March 29 Leila Nadya Sadat (Washington University School of Law): “Crimes Against Humanity in the Modern Age”
April 12 Laurie Blank (Emory University School of Law): “Extending Positive Identification from People to Places: Terrorism, Armed Conflict, and the Identification of Military Objectives”
April 19 Jaya Ramji-Nogales (Temple University Beasley School of Law): “What’s Wrong with Human Rights: Undocumented Migrants and the Failures of Universal Individualism”


Spring 2012 Schedule of Presenters
January 20 Robert M. Chesney (University of Texas School of Law): “Terrorism, Law, and the Coercive Powers of the State”
February 3 Ingrid B. Wuerth (Vanderbilt University Law School): “Pinochet Revisited: Human Rights and Immunity in National Courts”
February 10 Junior International Law Scholars Association: roundtable presentation of works in progress
February 17 Andrew T. Guzman (University of California Berkeley Law): “What Do International Organizations Do?”
February 24 Joel P. Trachtman (Tufts University The Fletcher School): “The Future of International Law: Global Government”
March 2 Andrea K. Bjorklund (UC Davis School of Law/McGill Law): “Transparency in International Investment Law and Arbitration”
March 23 Laura A. Dickinson (The George Washington University Law School): “Administrative Law and the Foreign Policy Agencies”
April 6 Douglas Stinnett (University of Georgia): “International River Treaties”
April 13 George A. Bermann (Columbia Law School): “The ‘Gateway’ Problem in International Commercial Arbitration”
April 20 Chris Brummer (Georgetown Law): “Curbing the Extraterritoriality of Dodd-Frank’s Derivatives Regulation: An Examination of the Swap Jurisdiction Certainty Act”


Spring 2011 Schedule of Presenters

January 28 Hari M. Osofsky (University of Minnesota Law School): “The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Multidimensional Governance”
February 4 Jason Yackee (University of Wisconsin Law School): “Do BITs Attract Foreign Direct Investment? Hints from Alternative Evidence”
February 18 Evan J. Criddle  (Syracuse University College of Law): “Proportionality in Counterinsurgency: A Relational Theory”
March 4 Jeffrey L. Dunoff (Temple University Beasley School of Law): “Rethinking Regime Interaction”
April 1 Lesley Wexler (University of Illinois College of Law)“Is International Humanitarian Law Humanitarian?”
April 8 Jide Nzelibe (Northwestern Law School): “Strategic Globalization: International Law as an Extension of Domestic Political Conflict”
April 15 Máximo Langer (UCLA Law): “The Archipelago and the Hub: Universal Jurisdiction and the International Criminal Court”
April 22 Anna Gelpern (American University Washington College of Law): “Banks, Governments, and Debt Crises”


Spring 2010 Schedule of Presenters

January 29 Barbara Koremenos (University of Michigan): “An Economic Analysis of International Rulemaking”
February 5 Robert D. Sloane (Boston University): “Human Rights for Hedgehogs: Global Legal Pluralism, International Law and Some Reservations of the Fox”
February 12 Tom Ginsburg (University of Chicago): “Constitutional Convergence in Human Rights? The Reciprocal Relationship Between Human Rights Treaties and National Constitutions”
February 19 Anu Bradford (University of Chicago): “Universal Exceptionalism in International Law”
March 19 Christiana Ochoa (Indiana University at Bloomington): “Harnessing the Potential of Sovereign Wealth for Sustainable Development”
April 2 Jutta Brunnée (University of Toronto): “An Interactional Theory of International Legal Obligation”
April 9 Julian Ku (Hofstra University): “The Curious Case of Corporate Liability Under the Alien Tort Statute”


Spring 2009 Schedule of Presenters

January 23 Elena A. Baylis (University of Pittsburgh School of Law):  “Bellwether Trials”
January 30 Carlos M. Vázquez (Georgetown University Law Center):  “Not a Happy Precedent':  The Story of Ex parte Quirin&rdquo”
February 6 Thomas H. Lee (Fordham Law School):  “The International Laws of War and the American Civil War”
February 20 Monica Hakimi (University of Michigan Law School):  “A Theory of State Bystander Responsibility”
February 27 David Zaring (Wharton School of Business):  “Why Do Some Regulatory Networks Fail, While Others Succeed?”
March 20 Andrea K. Bjorklund (UC Davis School of Law):  “State Immunity and the Enforcement of Investor-State Arbitral Awards”
April 3 Paul Stephan (University of Virginia School of Law):  “Privatizing International Law”
April 17 Rachel Brewster (Harvard Law School):  “Trade and Climate Change: Conflicts and Solutions”


Spring 2008 Schedule of Presenters

February 8 Beth Simmons (Harvard University):  “Theories of Commitment”
February 15 Nadia Bernaz (Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland at Galway):  “The Caribbean Court of Justice: One Court with Two Jurisdictions - A Unique Judicial Institution?”
February 29 Tonya Putnam (Columbia University):  “Beyond Presumption?: Explaining Extraterritorial Variation over Civil Claims”
March 17 Gregory Shaffer (Loyola University): “A Structural Theory of WTO Dispute Settlement:  Why Institutional Choice Lies at the Center of the GMO Case”
March 21 Paul Schiff Berman (University of Connecticut):  “Global Legal Pluralism”
March 28 Frédéric Mégret (University of McGill):  “Civil Disobedience in Defense of International Law”
April 4 David Caron (University of California at Berkeley):  “Towards a Political Theory of International Courts and Tribunals”
April 7 Ingrid Wuerth (Vanderbilt University):  “An Originalism for Foreign Affairs?”


Spring 2007 Schedule of Presenters

February 9 Curtis Bradley (Duke University):  “Treaties, Domestic Politics and the U.S. Constitution”
February 16 Melissa Waters (Washington & Lee):  “Foreign Authority Through a Narrow Lens: Interpretative Incorporation of Treaties”
February 23 Joost Pauwelyn (Duke University):  “Optimal Protection of International Law”
March 2 Jacob Cogan (University of Cincinnati):  “Competition and Control in International Adjudication”
March 23 Janet Levit (University of Tulsa):  “Bottom-Up Transnational Lawmaking”
April 13 Derek Jinks (University of Texas): “Hamdan and the Laws of War”
April 20 Diane Amann (University of California-Davis): “Slave Trafficking, Crimes against Humanity”


Spring 2006 Schedule of Presenters

February 10 Laura Dickinson (University of Connecticut): “Democracy and Trust”
February 17 Mark Drumbl (Washington & Lee): “Atrocity and Punishment”
February 24 Karen Knop (University of Toronto): “Enemies and Outlaws: War and the Public/Private Citizen”
March 3 Brad Roth (Wayne State): “State Sovereignty and International Legality”
April 7 Diane Orentlicher (American University Washington College of Law): “Whose Justice?  Reconciling Universal Jurisdiction with Democratic Principles”
April 14 Roger Alford (Pepperdine): “Foreign Relations as a Matter of Interpretation: The Use and Abuse of Charming Betsy
April 21 Edward T. Swaine (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School): “Alien Authority”