Legal Analytics and Innovation

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science are reshaping every aspect of how we live and work.  Initially slow to adopt data-driven technologies, the legal industry is on the verge of a legal analytics revolution, in which many tasks previously performed by lawyers will be automated and attorneys will augment their legal judgment with data—helping clients make better decisions faster and more cheaply.  In this interactive short course, students will assume the roles of corporate general counsel, law firm managing partners, and legal tech startup CEOs to develop data strategies for their organizations, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of legal analytics software currently on the market, and redesign attorney workflows using analytics to maximize return on investment (ROI).  This course will demystify concepts like AI, data science, and machine learning while empowering students with a working knowledge of legal analytics that will deliver immediate value to their future employers.  No prior experience in technology, data analytics, or mathematics is needed.

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