Last Updated 08/23/2021

Messages to < > go to the Inboxes of faculty, listed below.

The Fall 2020 listserv is active for administrative communications, as it will continue through the deadline for submission of Fall grades, plus a few business days.

Fall adjunct and visiting faculty will also receive messages to LAWLIST at least a month in advance of the start of classes. Once begun, receipt of these School of Law community messages will be discontinued by the end of the Fall exam period.

In hopes of improving student access to professors, adjuncts and visitors from outside the UGA campus provide an active, non-UGA email address, shown below, as provided.

amyhill@UGA.EDU  Amy Weaver
bbrewster@KILPATRICKTOWNSEND.COM  Bill (William) Brewster
brian.mink@INTOWNSUITES.COM  Brian Mink
catdash@UGA.EDU  Cathy Dasher
dchagaman@GMAIL.COM  David Hagaman
gabrielbradford@GMAIL.COM  Gabriel Bradford
jessica.atkinson@UGA.EDU  Jessica Atkinson 3
jessie.desjardines@UGA.EDU  Jessie Des Jardines
john.cooper@IMG.COM  John Cooper
john.douglas@TIAA.ORG  John Douglas
kalki@YCHILILAW.COM  Kalki Yalamanchili
laurenlutton@GMAIL.COM  Lauren Lutton
misty.guest@UGA.EDU  Misty Guest
mlevengood@LEVENGOODLAW.COM  Mike (John Michael) Levengood
nancyrafuse66@GMAIL.COM  Nancy Rafuse
nikko.terry@UGA.EDU  Nikko Terry
psumner@KSLAW.COM  Phyllis Sumner
sarahburns@UGA.EDU  Sarah Burns
sflanigan@ROCKDALE.K12.GA.US  Santana Flanigan
shanatabak@GMAIL.COM  Shana Tabak
shawlan@UGA.EDU  Shawn Lanphere
shornsby7@GMAIL.COM  Stacey Hornsby
timothy_c_batten@GAND.USCOURTS.GOV  Timothy Batten
titus@NLGLAWYER.COM  Titus Nichols
was@FBGLAW.COM  Wade Schueneman
weymanjohnson@ICLOUD.COM  Weyman Johnson