Major Works in Legal Theory (formerly Classics in Legal Theory)

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1 (year long course, meeting once per month)
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This course introduces students to books that have made a difference in various fields of law—books that change the way experts, scholars, or the general public think about an important legal topic.  Students will read and discuss seven books over the course of the school year. The list changes each year, but past works include Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow,” Hart’s “A Concept of Law,” Nussbaum’s “Hiding from Humantiy,” Walzer’s “Just and Unjust Wars,” and West’s “Re-Imagining Justice.” This is the course known among some graduates as “Law School Book Club.”  The goal of the course is to give interested students an opportunity to think more deeply about complex legal, political, philosophical and historical ideas, and to discuss those ideas with a variety of professors. The course spans both semesters and is pass/fail.

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