Mentorship Program

Launched with the Class of 2019, the goal of the School of Law Mentorship Program is to match every incoming first-year law student with a mentorship team. Each student’s mentorship team consists of a faculty mentor, a peer mentor, a Career Development Office counselor, and an alumni/alumnae & professional mentor.
Those who register as an alumni/alumnae & professional mentor are paired with a student mentee before that student arrives at the School of Law and, hopefully, the relationship will continue as the mentee completes law school and transitions to practice. Alumni/alumnae & professional mentors are also provided with contact information for the other members of their mentee’s mentorship team with the hope that members will work together to support the student.
The mentorship program does not require alumni/alumnae & professional mentors to meet specific time commitments. Rather, these mentors are provided with contact information as well as resources to guide them in their task. Mentors are free to determine along with their mentee the communication style and frequency that works best for the team. Mentor support is provided by the School of Law Office of Student Affairs, which will respond to any questions or concerns you have while participating the School of Law Alumni/Alumnae & Professional Mentorship Program.
Interested School of Law graduates should register to be a mentor through the School of Law Alumni/Alumnae & Professional Mentor Registration Survey. Completion of the survey confirms that the registrant is interested and available to serve as a mentor in the upcoming academic year (August – May) and also provides necessary information to match registrants with an appropriate mentee. Mentor-mentee matches will begin being communicated to mentors over the summer as accepted applicants begin committing to the School of Law.