"International Law and Global Governance in a Turbulent World" to be explored at Georgia Law-Leuven Centre conference in Belgium

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The University of Georgia School of Law’s Dean Rusk International Law Center and the University of Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies will host "International Law and Global Governance in a Turbulent World," a daylong conference, in Belgium on June 29.

The event will explore some of the main challenges faced by contemporary international law and global governance in a time of crisis through three panel discussions. The panel titles are:
·         Global Governance of Human Rights. How to enforce universal values in contested world?
·         Global Governance of Democracy and Rule of Law in international perspective.
·         Global Economic and Trade Governance in Protectionist Times. Will we see the emergence of trade wars in the coming years?

The program will start with an exploration of the main challenges inherent to the enforcement of universal values such as human rights. The conference will then focus on the difficulties to come up with a consensus on the rule of law at the global level. Starting from an analysis of the diversity in the ways the rule of law has been understood across time and geography, the conference will address some of the main challenges to the rule of law within the European Union and at the United Nations level. Before concluding, discussions will explore the risks for the emergence of trade wars in a context of rising protectionism. Questions such as the future of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements will be discussed in light of the changes in the U.S. foreign trade policy and the rising skepticism of citizens vis-à-vis further liberalization of international trade.

The transatlantic array of speakers will include: Tom Pegram from the University College London, England; Katrien Meuwissen from the European Association of National Human Rights Institutions; Daniela Piana from the University of Bologna, Italy; Petra Bard from the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary; Laurent Pech from the Middlesex University, London, England; Miles Kahler from the American University School of International Service, Washington, D.C.; John Kirton from the University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs, Canada; and Tomas Baert from the European Commission Trade Strategy Unit, Brussels, Belgium; in addition to UGA law professors Amann and Harlan G. Cohen and Leuven professors Anna-Luise Chané and Matthieu Burnay.

The conference is a component of the Global Governance Summer School, which is co-presented by the Dean Rusk International Law Center and the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies. Applications for the summer school are still being accepted. For more information, please visit https://ghum.kuleuven.be/ggs/projects/global-governance-summer-school/registration .

For more information on the conference, please visit: http://ghum.kuleuven.be/ggs/projects/global-governance-summer-school/29-06-2017 .