Recruiting at UGA School of Law


UGA School of Law invites you to interview on campus or to collect resumes from law students and new graduates throughout the fall semester.  Our on-campus interview season opens Tuesday August 7, and we welcome you to reach out to us at any time so we may help you successfully meet your hiring needs. 
Students at our law school are qualified for and interested in a wide variety of employment opportunities, including large, mid-sized, and small law firms; corporations; state and federal judges; public interest organizations; and state and federal governmental agencies.  Our students also participate in a number of off-campus hiring opportunities and job fairs.  View a list of those off-campus hiring opportunities.
Please contact Robbie Eddins, Interview Coordinator, at (706) 542-7568 or if you have any questions about our recruiting programs.    

On-Campus Interviews

UGA School of Law provides you the opportunity to interview 3Ls for part-time and post-graduate jobs and/or 1Ls & 2Ls for part-time and summer jobs.  There is no charge to interview at the law school and all interviews can be pre-screened by employers.
Our law school uses Symplicity career services software to schedule on-campus interviews. The system allows you to create your own login and set up interviews and postings. However, if you prefer not to create a Symplicity login, you may complete the online form instead, or call us at (706) 542-7541. 
Where possible, registration for on-campus interviews should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the on-campus interview date in order to allow time for collection of applications and employer pre-screening.  However, if for some reason you need to interview on shorter notice, please contact us, and we will endeavor to accommodate you on a shorter timeline. 


Resume Collections & Job Posts

If you would prefer not to conduct on-campus interviews, we can assist you by collecting resumes for you and/or posting positions for you in our Symplicity job postings database exclusively for School of Law students and graduates.  
  • You may advertise summer, full-time or part-time hiring needs for 2Ls, 3Ls, graduates or international LL.M. students.
  • We can compile resumes, cover letters, grade reports, and other application materials in one application packet.
  • Applications may be sent directly to you as submitted, or packaged for your convenience and sent to you on a specified date.
Employers may request resumes through Symplicity under Job Postings or by completing this online form. Also, you may simply call us at (706) 542-7541 for assistance.

Interact with Our Students

UGA School of Law makes it easy for employers to interact with our students. Below are just a few examples of how your organization can meet students and become more well-known within our law school: 
  • Professional development workshops (an attorney provides a 45 minute training to students).
  • Mock interview training (visit campus to do mock interviews and provide students with feedback).
  • Video conversations (use Skype to conduct informal discussions about your firm or practice).
  • Sponsor our candy dish or popcorn (a sign highlighting your organization will be placed near the free candy and popcorn we provide students). 
  • Small group career counseling (an attorney meets with small groups of students throughout the day to provide practice insights).