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Patrons are encouraged to select the services they would find useful, and use the hyperlinks to visit the homepages and sign up for the alert services.  For those preferring RSS feeds rather than emails, the availability of this alternative has been indicated. 



American Lawyer

The American Lawyer, the nation's leading monthly magazine for lawyers, covers the business of the most successful law firms across the U.S. and around the world. It is committed to providing the highest quality journalism about the nation's most important profession. This award-winning, entertaining, and provocative magazine counts among its readers the nation's most powerful attorneys: managing partners and practice leaders at the largest law firms in the United States, as well as General Counsel at the Fortune 500. American Law Daily:  


American Society of International Law

ASIL provides electeronic subscriptions to three of its publications: International Judicial Monitor, an "international law resource for judiciaries, justice sector professionals , and the rule of law community around the world," ASIL Insights "provide decision makers, the general pbulic, and members of the legal profession around the world with brief, balanced accounts and analyses of significant legal developments and newsworthy events involving international law," while International Law in Brief reports "developments in international law prepared by the Attorney-Editors of International Legal Materials." IJM: 


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The only major daily newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia, and its suburbs. Free with user registration.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law has an alerts managerA tool designed to help you manage alerts across news, dockets, opinions, legislation, regulations and more, making it easy for you to stay on top of critical developments that affect you and your clients.


Bllomberg/BNA invites the Law School Community to subscribe to any of its many e-mail newsletters on a wide variety of topics, from tax to environmental issues, from labor and employment to health and intellectual property. The most popular of the Bloomberg/BNA titles is U.S. Law Week (in editions which include all courts or only the U.S. Supreme Court).

A user ID must be created from a computer in the Law LIbrary, which will be used to administer the patron's selections.


CCH Tracker Newsletters

After creation of a user account from a law school computer (not wireless), members of the Law School may choose to subscribed to a wide variety of business, human resources, and tax newsletters through CCH IntelliConnect. Titles include the CCH Federal Tax Weekly, State Tax Review, Labor Law Reports, and Federal Estate and Gift Tax Report Letter. To keep your account active, please note that patrons should login to their CCH user account from a library computer at least every 90 days.


Checkpoint (RIA)

Checkpoint provides convenient access to corporate and tax information, and is widely popular within law firms. While email alerts are available, for this source the easier route would be to establish RSS feeds for their publications.


Chronicle of Higher Education

Authoritative source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty and administration. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in education law. Chronicle links are fully accessible within the Law School via proxy verification. A variety of email alerts are available after free registration, of which the most popular is perhaps Academe Today. 

Congressional Quarterly Weekly

CQ Weekly reports on the world's most powerful legislative body completely and accurately every week. The CQ news team -- by far the largest on Capitol Hill, with more than 100 reporters, editors and researchers -- covers virtually every act of Congress, delivering nonpartisan news and analysis unavailable anywhere else. Rather than a prefabricated newsletter, members of the Law School can use CQ to set up personalized searches with emailed results.

Cyber Crime Newsletter

Cyber Crime Newsletter is a joint publication of the National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law and the National Association of Attorneys General. The newsletter describes currrent developments, including timely articles, legislative action, corporate initiatives, and court cases.


Federal Register

GPO Access provides the ability to browse the table of contents of the latest Federal Register without having to search for specific content. As an added feature of this extremely valuable portal to government information, this page allows you to register for an email alert that will deliver each day's table of contents directly to your inbox. 


Findlaw Newsletters

From, users can subscribe free newsletters, which include daily case summaries (subscribe by jurisdiction), weekly case summaries (subscribe by legal topic), or blog newsletters.



Patrons of the Law Library can log into MY GAVEL. Any search run in the catalog may then be saved, with an option for monthly runs that will search for new additions to the Law Library's collection that match the user-defined parameters.



GovTrack follws the status of legislation and the activities your senators and representatives. After free regisration, the user can sign up for email alerts that notify about changes in legislation of interest. For these alerts, GovTrack draws its information from THOMAS and other official sites, such as the Senate and House homepages.



InSITE is an annotated e-publication compiled by the librarians of the Cornell Law School, who annotate announcements of new law-related internet resources. Free subscription to this listserv is require for email alerts. 



"JURIST is the world's only law school-based comprehensive legal news and research service. Its professionally-trained staff of law faculty and law students report and research the latest legal developments in real time for members of the legal community and the public at large. JURIST covers legal news stories based on their substantive importance rather than on their mass-market or commercial appeal. It's entirely non-commercial and ad-free." Free.

Law Library of Congress

In addition to collecting a number of the THOMAS resources that are available for RSS and email alerts (such as the Top Ten Bills of the Week, daily reports from both the House and Senate, as well as lists of bills presented to the President for signature), from this page the Law Library of Congress offers both its own blog, In Custodia Legis, and the Global Legal Monitor, which offers "News of legal developments from around the world, drawn from the Global Legal Information Network [GLIN, to which this library subscribes], official national legal publications,and reliable press sources."


When thinking about current awareness alerts, it can be easy to overlook the obvious. In both WESTLAW and LEXIS any search can be saved and run by the system on a schedule that suits the user's needs. In LEXIS this appears as a "Save as Alert" prompt at the top of the page of search results. Individual password required.


"Lexicology is an innovative we-based service that provides law departments and firms with a depth of free practical know-how that would be impossible to produce internally. By collaborating with the world's leading business law firms, government agencies and academic institutions, Lexology is able to deliver essential know-how and market intelligence to the desktops of business lawyers worldwide on a daily basis." Customized RSS feeds are also available.

Social Science Research Network

SSRN (Social Science Research Network) allows for rapid dissemination of new scholarship. Most emails are free after registration with the service. Of the over 200 titles distributed by SSRN, only some of the subject matter journals are fee-based. RSS feeds are able to follow the latest postings of a specific author. Many law schools host their own paper series within SSRN which highlight the most recent scholarship of their faculties. These are also available for subscription.  

University of Georgia School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series

Emory University School of Law, Law & Economics Research Paper Series

Emory University School of Law, Public Law & Legal Theory Research Paper Series

Georgia State University College of Law, Legal Studies Research Paper Series



Selected legal content from approximately 140 countries. To create alerts, perform a search and save the results as a personalized alerts.



Any WESTLAW search can be saved and run on a schedule to suit the patron's needs. From a results page, click "Add Search to WestClip." Future hits will be forwarded as emails or saved until the next time the user logs into the service. Emailed results can provide citation only, an enhanced citation list that includes the searched terms in context, or the full text of the results. User-specified criteria will dictate how long the search should run. Individual password required.