Faculty Colloquium Series

Faculty Colloquium Series
Demonstrating a commitment to scholarly engagement, Georgia Law hosts a colloquium series through which some of the nation's top legal academics present substantial works in progress to the law school faculty.

The series provides a forum for provocative and innovative legal scholarship and gives Georgia Law faculty the opportunity to collaborate on current legal research, exchange ideas and foster relationships with other institutions. 

This program is made possible through the Kirbo Trust Endowed Faculty Enhancement Fund and the Talmadge Law Faculty Fund.


2013-14 Schedule of Presenters

October 2 Timothy Meyer (UGA School of Law)
October 9 Orly Lobel  (University of San Diego School of Law) - "Talent Wants to Be Free: The Upside of Leaks, Raids, and Free-Riding"
October 30 Harlan Cohen  (University of Georgia School of Law) - "Prolegomena to a Theory of International Precedent"
November 4 Rashmi Dyal-Chand (Northeastern University School of Law) - "Sharing the Cathedral"
November 13 Ted Eisenberg (UNC School of Law) - "Statutory Interpretation from the Inside"
November 20 Sonja R. West (UGA School of Law)
January 13 Saule Omarova (UNC School of Law ) - “Private Means to Public Ends: Governments as market Actors” 
January 15 Mark Graeber (UM Carey Law ) - "Constructing Constitutional Politics: The Reconstruction Strategy for Protecting Rights"
January 29 Jeanne Fromer   (New York University Law)
February 26 John Stinneford (UF Levin College of Law)
March 3 Elizabeth Chamblee Burch (UGA School of Law)
March 5 Danielle Citron (UM Carey Law)
March 17 Rodney A. Smolla (UGA School of Law) - "Fisher v. University of Texas: Who Put the Holes in “Holistic”?"
April 2 David Fontana  (GW Law) - "Government by Location"
April 9 Sarah Barringer Gordon (Penn Law)


Past Presenters