Faculty Colloquium Series

Faculty Colloquium Series
Demonstrating a commitment to scholarly engagement, the University of Georgia School of Law hosts a colloquium series through which some of the nation's top legal academics present substantial works in progress to the law school faculty.

The series provides a forum for provocative and innovative legal scholarship and gives our law faculty the opportunity to collaborate on current legal research, exchange ideas and foster relationships with other institutions. 

This program is made possible through the Kirbo Trust Endowed Faculty Enhancement Fund and the Talmadge Law Faculty Fund.


2019-2020 Schedule of Presenters

Fall 2019

August, 21 Tom Gallanis, University of Iowa, School of Law
September, 25 Jacob Eisler, University of Southampton, School of Law
September, 26 Steven Hill, NATO
October, 3 Lonnie Brown, Georgia Law
November, 7 Rebecca Scott, University of Michigan, School of Law
November, 8 Beth Burch, Georgia Law
November, 11 Russel Gold, Wake Forest University, School of Law
November, 20 Melissa Jacoby, UNC at Chapel Hill, School of Law
TBA Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General

Spring 2020

January, 30 Andrea Dennis, Georgia Law
Febuary, 10 Bennet Capers, Brooklyn School of Law
March, 18 Pamela Bookman, Fordham University, School of Law
March, 25 Margo Schlanger, University of Michigan, School of Law
April, 1 Genevieve Lakier, University of Chicago, School of Law
April, 15 Monica Bell, Yale Law School
April, 24 Anne Joseph O'Connell, Stanford Law School
TBA Lisa Monaco, NYU School of Law
TBA Sherley Cruz, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, School of Law

Please note the Faculty Colloquium Series is open to faculty members only. 

Past Presenters