Listservs LAWADJ Spring

Adjunct and Visiting Faculty for Spring 2018

Last Update January 14, 2018    This listserv receives messages from authorized senders.

Messages to < > go to the Inboxes of adjunct faculty, listed below.

This Spring 2018 semester listserv was activated in Oct 2017, and, for administrative communications, will remain active through the deadline for submission of Spring grades, plus 3 business days.

Recipients also receive LAWLIST messages. Receipt of these School of Law community messages will be discontinued by the end of the Spring 2018 semester exam period.

In hopes of improving student access to professors, adjuncts and visitors from outside the UGA campus, this listing relies on active, non-UGA email addresses, as appropriate.

If questions, please contact the Law I.T. Help Desk, < >,  706-542-0895.