Calendar Use: Meetings, Absences & Important Dates

Meetings & Absences

  •  All Library staff are expected to use the Outlook Calendar to notify others of meetings and absences.

    • Every team, group or committee meeting should be scheduled on the Calendar

    • All Library employees should check their calendars at least once a day in the morning;

    • All staff members should accept e-mail notification of calendar events.

  • All staff absences of a half day or longer should be added to the calendars of all library staff members (including librarians, staff members and computing services staff).

  • To allow others to check conflicts when setting meeting dates, staff members should also block out all absences (no matter what length the absence) on their individual calendars.

  • Staff members who regularly work during the weekend or at times other than the normal work week (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) should mark their calendar to block those periods of the normal work week when they are regularly out of the library. 

  • Any staff member who receives word of a colleague’s unplanned absence (for example, a sick day) should send an email notice to the rest of the Library staff using the LAWLIBALL listserv < >.

Important Dates

The online calendar serves as an important scheduling resource for Law Library staff. The Administrative Assistant will include upcoming events that have an impact on the Law Library community as notices on all staff online calendars. This list includes:

    • Seasonal changes to library hours

    • Significant academic calendar milestones for the Law School (orientation, first day of classes, exams)

    • Law School lectures and symposia

    • Library-sponsored events and training

    • Law library conferences (AALL, SEAALL, IUG)

    • Start dates for new hires

    • Last days for departing employees

    • Librarian on-campus interviews

      The calendar also will include notices for the following items of note:

        • Planned staff absences (personal, professional, and sick leave) of a half day or longer

        • Major renovations or repairs to the facility

          Additional Information: How to add notices to the Calendar


          Last Reviewed:  April 2012