Course and Schedule Updates

As changes are made to the curriculum and new courses are added, they will be announced on this page. 

Date Course and Schedule Updates
3/27/18 Corrected hours for HeLP clinic; removed International Taxation course/exam from Spring 2019; added note about International Taxation meeting Practical Skills req. for Fall 2018; added mini-courses to Fall 2018 course list, dates/room info TBD.
3/28/18 Fall 2018: Intro to US Legal System moved to Tuesdays (from Thursday); increased cap for Con Law II to 80 (from 40).
4/4/18 Moved Criminal Defense Practicum II to Wed 1:30-3:20 in Cheeley; added Bankruptcy Litigation; removed Sexual Orientation & Gender Law, expected to be offered in Spring; added mini-course information.
4/10/18 Removed ATL Trial Practice; changed dates for Game Theory and the Law mini-course.
4/16/18 Fall 2018: added column on course list for seats taken during Point Allocation; moved Sports Law from Room E to Room I
Spring 2019: added Sexual Orientation & Gender Law course & exam; moved Law & Ethics to Room F; changed Federalist Papers from Tue/Thu to Tue
5/4/18 Spring 2019: moved Law & Ethics exam to May 3rd; moved Law of American Health Care exam to May 13; moved Law of American Health Care to 1:00 PM in Room F; added Maritime Law mini-course
5/9/18 Fall 2018: updated course list to include "Seats taken after Early Registration"
5/18/18 Summer 2018: added times/rooms for Criminal Defense Practicum I & II
6/4/18 Spring 2019: added Urban Resilience course
6/22/18 Fall 2018: added Mangan as Legal Writing Z2 instructor; added Taylor as Legal Research Z1 instructor; swapped rooms for Timing in Fed Tax and Con Law II; updated title for OneL Academic Enhancement

Spring 2019: adjusted time and room for Urban Resilience; added Mangan as Legal Writing Z2 instructor

7/2/18 Spring 2019: Added International Environmental Law
Fall 2018:
Added CEASE Clinic time/room;
moved Innovation in the Practice of Law from Tuesday to Thursday;
moved Civil Procedure [Z] to Room J; moved Writing for Judicial Clerkships from Room J to G; added note about Civil Procedure [X] meeting on Thursdays; added note about Int'l Legal Research meeting dates; edited note about Military Law meeting on Sept. 19
8/3/18 Fall 2018:
Moved Trial Practice (Casey) to Room C;
moved Legal Research [Z2] (Tubinis) to Room J;
added room/time for Animal Welfare Practicum (Milot) to schedule;
moved Legal System of US (Doty) from 10:30AM-11:45AM to 10:45AM-12:00PM;
added Excessive Force (Eaton) mini-course
8/10/18 Fall 2018: Clarified note for Race & the Law; removed Corporate Compliance; added Compliance Regulation; moved Legal System of US (Doty) to Room I; removed Employment Discrimination exam
8/14/18 Fall 2018: Corrected starting time for Undergrad Course (Turner) from 10:00AM to 10:30AM; updated course list with "Seats Taken after Late Registration"
8/21/18 Fall 2018: Changed room for Banking Regulation (from H to C)
8/22/18 Spring 2019: Added Wildlife Law
9/7/18 Fall 2018: Changed room for Criminal Defense Practicum II (from Cheeley to Room D); changed room for Prosecution II (from Room D to Room E); updated title for Compliance Regulation


Spring 2019: Added Corporate Litigation and Sentencing mini-courses; moved Corporations (Rodrigues) from 3:30 to 2:30 and switched from Room G to Room F; updated time and added room for Environmental Law Practicum; added note aboute dates for Georgia Legal Research; added note regarding meeting dates for Medical Malpractice; added Economic Opportunity Clinic (Bybee)

9/28/18 Spring 2019: Changed time for Federal Courts to begin at 8:30 AM (was 10:30 AM); added Dynamic Trial Evidence mini-course; changed title and dates of mini-course, "Representing State & Its Authorities" (was "Maritime Law"); changed Advanced Legal Research co-instructor from Striepe to Wolfson; added Advanced Legal Research co-instructor Taylor
11/8/18 Spring 2019: Changed room and time for Corporate Counsel Externship (moved start time from 2:30PM to 3:00PM)