Steering Group Meetings

  • The Steering Group meets every two weeks.
  • Responsibility for leading the Steering Group rotates among the members and is assigned at the beginning of each calendar year
  • Minute-taking is assigned to an individual not responsible for leading the meeting and also rotates among Steering Group members.
  • Generally the individual assigned as minute-taker will be assigned as leader of the consecutive meeting.

Role of the Steering Group Leader

  • Solicit agenda items 48 hours in advance of each regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Prioritize and prepare agenda for order of discussion using the official meeting template from the library intranet page.
  • Distribute meeting agenda via the staff listserv to all library staff members by 10am of the business day proceeding the meeting
    • Include as attachments or web links any documents referred to in the agenda
  • Call the meeting to order on time
  • Monitor progress on the agenda during the meeting
    • Steer discussion back to the scope of the agenda item
    • In the interest of time, continue unfinished items to the next meeting
  • Challenge other attendees to contribute to the discussion, to clarify or support their statements, and to recognize statements that do not positively contribute to the discussion.
  • Officially close the meeting


Last Revised:  May 2012