members of law student organizations volunteer for PILC community service day
Members of Georgia Law student organizations volunteer each semester for PILC community service day at various locations around Athens, GA.

Student Organizations 2014-15

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  • American Constitution Society

    The American Constitution Society of the Georgia School of Law is a nonpartisan society whose mission is to harness the values of compassion and respect for each individual, and to incorporate them into American law and politics, in order to build a stronger and more decent national community. The Society's role is to influence the debate on the law, both in its interpretation and its creation, and to restore these traditional American values to their rightful place in legal and political debate. Our goal is a rekindling of the hope that by reason and decency, we can create an America that is better for us all.


    Advisor:  Professor Erica J. Hashimoto

    President   Tianna Bethune 
    Vice President     Lia Melikian 
    Secretary   Danni Brancaccio 
    Marketing Director   Austin Ramsey
    Alumni Relations / Membership Director   Andy Shin

  • Asian Law Students Association

    The mission of the Asian Law Students Association is to provide social and academic support to Asian/Asian-American students at the University of Georgia School of Law during their time in law school and beyond. Through various events and activities, we strive to promote cultural awareness and facilitate exchange between students of different cultural backgrounds within the law school. While ALSA is an organization designed for Asian/Asian-American law students, we welcome anyone who is interested in joining, regardless of race, nationality, or cultural background.


    Advisor:  Greg Roseboro

    President   Andy Shin
    Vice President     Hari Narayanan       
    Treasurer   Jim Xiao
    Events Director   Carolynn Shillingburg
    Alumni Director    Michelle Tang
    PR Manager   Johnathan Chiu

  • Business Law Society

    The Business Law Society was formed, and continues to exist, to help bring together law students interested in corporate and business law for educational and professional development, including the sponsoring of events involving corporate and business law firms and organizations.

    Advisor:  Professor Carol Morgan

    President            Alexa Miller
    Vice President   John Thomas
    Secretary            Ashley Yagla
    Treasurer           Jared Dodd

  • Christian Legal Society

    The University of Georgia chapter of Christian Legal Society is a group of sinners committed to loving, serving, and proclaiming Jesus Christ through the practice of law. CLS provides many opportunities for fun-filled fellowship, Christ-centered charity, and thought-provoking discussion on what it means to be a Christian and a lawyer. All law students are welcome at CLS.

    Advisor:  Professor Randy Beck

    President            Stephen Morrison
    Vice President   Jake Weldon       
    Secretary            Morganne Patterson
    Treasurer           Jake Ware            

  • Davenport-Benham: Black Law Student Association

    The purpose of this organization shall be to utilize the collective resources available to the chapter, including members, alumni, and friends (person/organization who favors and/or supports the organization), for the creation and maintenance of a Pre- law school environment that is conducive to Black students with intentions to study law.


    Advisor:  Greg Roseboro

    President            Jonathan Stuart
    Vice President   Brittany Sumpter
    Secretary            Danielle Davison
    Treasurer            Taylor Drew 

  • Dean's Ambassadors

    The Dean's Ambassadors shall be focused first toward the promotion of the University of Georgia School of Law in the public arena and second toward the provision of maximum service for the betterment of the University of Georgia School of Law.

    Website  |  Blog

    Advisor:  Heidi Murphy

    President                                  Sarthak Sharma  
    Vice President-Events           Taylor Butenschon  
    Vice President-Membership Lindsay Lehrer
    Secretary                                  Kate Hicks      

  • Education Law Student Association

    Assist members interested in Education Law as they seek professional development within the Law School, the community, the state, and throughout the nation. Provide a body in which students interested in Education Law can discover, debate, and design policies affecting both the education system and the study of the rules which govern it. Establish and promote the University of Georgia School of Law as an institution of note in the field of education law, by producing scholarship, participating in academic events in other schools, and hosting the same.

    Advisor:  Professor Hillel Levin

    President                                            John Malutinok  
    Vice President                                   Zane Harmon 
    Community Service Coordinator   Colleen Callaghan
    Publicity & Outreach Director M.    Ashley McGinley
    Treasurer                                           Robert Goff      

  • Environmental Law Association

    The purpose/mission of the Environmental Law Association (ELA) is to provide a forum for those interested in environmental law. ELA presents the annual Red Clay Conference, sponsors speakers, and conducts community beautification efforts.


    Advisor:  Professor Peter A. Appel

    President                                             Mark Grafton 
    Vice President                                    Katie O’Brien
    Treasurer                                             Elliot Gillooly
    Red Clay Executive Chair                Hunter Jones
    Red Clay Conference Co-Chairs    Ellie Carroll  
                                                                   Amble Johnson
                                                                   Johnathan Tonge

  • Equal Justice Foundation Board

    EJF's primary objective is to provide fellowships for students who volunteer for public interest organizations during the summer. These fellowships enable students to work in positions that would not otherwise be funded. EJF fellowship recipients receive practical experience in public interest law and provide organizations with valuable and necessary resources to expand their services.

    Advisor:  Professor Alexander W. Scherr

    President                          Alicia Luncheon          
    Vice President                 Chelsey McDade        
    Secretary/Treasurer       Sakeena Leben-Yearwood
    Auction Chairs                 Leah Davis                   
                                               Chloe Ricke                 
    Public Relations Chair  Carey Miller                  
    Fall Event Chair              Samantha Feinberg    
    Fellowship Chair            Kaylee Maxwell           

  • Family Law Society

    The Family Law Society is dedicated to promoting the practice of Family Law within the Georgia Law community and exposing Georgia Law students to the broad field of Family Law. The goals of the Family Law Society are: 1) to increase law students' knowledge of current family law issues; 2) to provide career development and networking opportunities to students interested in the practice of family law; 3) to provide a forum for Georgia Law students to share ideas, knowledge and experience with others interested in Family Law; and 4) to assist law students seeking to gain professional experience and employment in the practice area of Family Law.

    Advisor:  Professor Andrea Dennis

    President                                  Cheryl Kelly      
    VP of Career Development   Lauren Washington
    VP of Alumni Relations          Emerald Boggs
    Treasurer                                  Gabrielle Espy 
    Secretary                                  Candice Bryant

  • Federalist Society

    Encourages debate on the current status of public policy and the law through the sponsorship of debates and prominent speakers.


    Advisor:  Professor Michael L. Wells

    President            PJ Wilkie         
    Vice President   Stephen Morrison
    Treasurer            Thomas Buscemi
    Head of PR        Hannah Allen 

  • Georgia Association of Law and Politics

    The purpose of the Association is to explore emerging political issues and their intersection with the law, especially with regard to Georgia's legal system.


    Advisor:  Professor Thomas A. Eaton

    President                                  Courtney Broussard
    VP/Food Frenzy Chair           Amanda Lees      
    Secretary                                  Jaaonne Jackson
    Legislative Day Co-Chairs    George Ray         
                                                        Andrew Wiles     

  • Georgia Society for International & Comparative Law

    The purposes of the Society are: to promote the study of Public and Private International Law; to promote the comparative study of the legal systems of the world; to promote greater understanding of international organizations and institutions; to educate ourselves and others in these areas of knowledge through participation in and sponsorship of discussion, speaker programs, and other projects designed to stimulate and advance these goals.       

    Advisor:  Professor Diane Amann

    President                  Eric Jones    
    Vice President         Gabrielle Espy
                                       Hari Narayanan
    Treasurer                  Nick Hud     
    Event Coordinator  Sarah Crile  

  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Student Chapter

    The Student Chapter for the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association is dedicated to providing an opportunity for students interested in a career as trial lawyers to begin the process of learning about those aspects of the legal profession related to representing plaintiffs in civil litigation. Additionally, SGTLA will provide its members opportunities to attend specialized educational programs, to network with practicing plaintiff's lawyers, and to work in conjunction with the GTLA to strengthen and preserve Georgia's Civil Justice System and the rights of Georgia's citizens and consumers to access to the courts to resolve tort claims.

    Advisor:  Professor Thomas A. Eaton

    President             Sam Mikell     
    Vice President    Jennifer Stakich
    Representative   JD Howard    
    Treasurer             Alycia Baggarley

  • Health Law Society

    The Health Law Society will provide UGA Law School students with the opportunity to be involved with and exposed to the growing field of health and biomedical law. The goals of the Health Law Society are to enhance law students' knowledge of current health and biomedical law issues; promote and facilitate students' careers in health and biomedical law; and provide a forum for UGA Law School students to share ideas, knowledge and experience with others interested in health and biomedical law.

    Advisor:  Professor Elizabeth Weeks Leonard

    President                                         Katie O’Brien
    Vice President                                Ricardo Lopez
    VP of Public Relations/Events    Erin Peterson
    Secretary/Treasurer                      Madison Rabb
    Board Members                             Joseph Summer
                                                              Koty Newman

  • Hispanic Law Students Association

    The purpose of the Hispanic Law Students Association (HLSA) shall be to serve as a conduit for a collective Latino/Latina law student voice. We are a non-partisan organization driven by a progressive agenda that protects and advances the civil rights of Latinos and Latinas in law school and in our respective communities. HLSA is dedicated to promoting and sustaining the academic success of Latino and Latina law students. HLSA acknowledges the diversity within the Latin American community, and recognizes that our civil rights are furthered when we build coalitions with other communities.

    Advisor:  Professor Kent Barnett

    President                                        Joseph Summer      
    Vice President                               Sarah Wagnon        
    Secretary/Treasurer                      Restricted 
    Professional Devolpment Chair Kristina Sick             
    Community Outreach Chair        Janessa Higginbotham

  • Intellectual Property Law Society

    The Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) serves the needs of law students that are interested in Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets, and Publicity areas of the law. The IPLS strives to enable student-members to stay informed of current issues and advancements in the law by organizing panels, lectures, social events, and informational meetings with law firms. IPLS membership is open to all UGA Law students interested in this exciting and growing field.

    Advisor:  Professor Josseph S. Miller

    President                                           Charles Thimmesch 
    Vice President                                  Andrew Saul       
    VP of Media& Communications    Tiffany McKenzie 
    VP of Events                                     Sterling Waite      
    VP of Fundraising& Recruitment  Erin Peterson    
    Treasurer                                          Joseph Summer 

  • Jewish Law Student Association

    The Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) at the University of Georgia School of Law is an organization designed for Jewish students, but open to all students regardless of their religion, nationality, or race. JLSA provides many opportunities to its members for entertainment, education and networking. During the school year, JLSA hosts numerous social events including happy hours, and student mixers with other Jewish graduate students from around the state of Georgia. JLSA also hosts a bi-weekly lunch & learn series with Chabad of Athens, Jewish holiday celebrations, lectures and seminars, and opportunities to meet and mingle with Jewish faculty.

    Advisor:  Professor Harlan G. Cohen

    President   Cory Takeuchi 

  • J. Reuben Clark Law Society

    We affirm the strength brought to the law by a lawyer's personal religious conviction. We strive through public service and professional excellence to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law.

    Advisor:  Professor Jared Ruiz Bybee

    President            Gary Ashcroft          
    Vice President   Janessa Higginbotham

  • Labor & Employment Law Association

    Provides a forum to discuss issues related to the area of labor and employment law and network among students and practitioners interested in this practice area.

    Advisor:  Professor Jaime L. Dodge

    President                                       Chelsey McDade     
    Vice President: Programming   Rachel Zisek             
    VP: Organizational Affairs          Gabrielle Espy          
    Vice President: Outreach           Amanda Lees            
    Treasurer                                      Adrian Pandev           
    Public Relations                          Corey Goerdt            

  • Land Use & Planning Organization

    This organization provides a forum for the discussion of issues surrounding land use law, urban planning, and real estate development.  The organization is committed to an inter-disciplinary forum that involves thoughts and ideas from inside and outside Georgia Law.

    Advisor:  Professor Christian Turner

    President            Brett Nocerini
    Vice President   Hunter Jones
    Secretary            Michelle Hamill

  • Law Democrats

    Law Democrats is a student organization that is dedicated to fostering support among Democrats at the law school. We volunteer with both local and national elections. Law Democrats also occasionally works with Young Democrats on volunteering initiatives.


    Advisor:  Professor Lisa Milot

    President               Gary Ashcroft       
    Vice President      Payton Bradford  
    Executive Board   Peyton Bell          
                                     Corey Goerdt             
                                     Courtney Broussard

  • OUTLaws

    Promotes education and discussion of legal and societal issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Advisor:  Professor Sonja R. West

    President            Matthew Ramsey
    Vice President   Sarah Hill       
    Secretary            Michelle Hamill
    Treasurer            Gary Ashcroft
    Ally Recruiter     Blake  Feldman

  • Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity

    Organizes social activities and food drives, as well as presents legal education programs in local schools.


    Advisor:  Professor Andrea L. Dennis

    Justice                              Heidi Gholamhosseini
    Vice Justice                     Meghan Jones          
    Treasurer                         Sarah Hannah Newman
    Clerk                                 Rachel Zisek             
    Marshall                           Lauren Scott              
    Mentor Position              Sallie Snyder             
    Fundraising Options      Phillip Skaliy             
                                              Spencer Brown         
    Alumni Position              Colby Keefe              
    Events Position              Alex Schwall              
                                              Laura Lukert              

  • Public Interest Law Council

    Public interest students at Georgia Law founded the Public Interest Law Council (PILC) this year to increase collaboration among student groups and to expand public interest career programming. It is also PILC's mission to broaden the concept of public interest work at Georgia Law. The organization is a council of student organizations who support public interest careers and promote pro bono work from within the private sector.


    Advisor:  Professor Eleanor Crosby Lanier

    President                                        Blake Feldman
    Vice President                               Stephany Sheriff
    Community Recognition              Evelyn French
    Service Chair                                Gregory Steele
    Publicity Director                          Hannah Allen 
    Career Development                   Brock Johnson
    Communications& Networking  Ashley Ferrelli
    Community Outreach                   Amy Detisch   
                                                             Kelly Sullivan 

  • Sports & Entertainment Law Society

    Hosts speakers, sponsors, and field trips concerning legal issues in the sports and entertainment industries.

    Advisor:  Professor David E. Shipley

    President                                         Michelle Davis  
    Vice President,                               Sports  Kevin Davis
    Vice President, Entertainment     John Burke        
    Chair of Protect Athens Music     Payton Bradford
    Secretary                                         Cheryl Kelly      
    Treasurer                                        John Thomas    

  • Street Law

    Street Law UGA conducts community outreach geared primarily towards familiarizing youth about prevalent legal concerns and basic rights. 


    Advisor:  Professor Russell C. Gabriel

    President                          Sakeena Leben-Yearwood 
    Vice President                 Jill Thrasher                       
                                               Elliot Ream                         
    Community Placement  Tyler Washburn                 
    Community Outreach     Sarah Halstead                 
    Lesson Plan Chair         Thomas J. Clark                 
    Public Relations             Racheal Etheridge            
    Recruitment Director     Gordon Van Remmen       

  • Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

    This group of animal lovers works to increase awareness about animal rights issues both on-campus and in the greater community. Because this is a law school affiliated organization, our legal knowledge and desire for change will work towards improvements in how both federal and state legislatures view animals. We are a student chapter of the national group the Animal Legal Defense Fund.


    Advisor:  Professor J. Stephen Shi

    President            Amanda Lees 
    Vice President   Michael Sofo
    Secretary            Ashley Ferreli
    Treasurer            Elinore Carroll

  • Tax Law Society

    The mission of the Tax Law Society is to promote Georgia Law's tax law curriculum and the tax law profession by bringing together law students interested in tax law through speaker events, networking events, tax competitions, and community service.

    Advisor:  Professor Camilla Watson

    President                                         Ben Newell
    Vice President                                PJ Wilkie
    Director of Finance & Logistics   Greg Steele

  • Women Law Students Association

    The Women Law Students Association at the University of Georgia exists to serve the women within the law school by providing mentoring, networking, and other resources to its members and the law school community.


    Advisor:  Kristin Lowry

    President                    Lien Hernandez
    1st Vice President    Keri Brooks        
    2nd Vice President  Hannah Byars  
    Secretary                   Meredith Gardial
    Treasurer                   Ashley Yagla    
    Publicity Officer        Elizabeth Barwick

  • Working in the Public Interest

    Working in the Public Interest is a student-run conference in its fourth year at the UGA School of Law. Every spring public interest law students bring practitioners from around the world to Athens, Georgia to speak about pressing issues of the day in public interest law. The purpose of WIPI is to create a forum where public interest law students can bring the issues that matter to them to the table. Furthermore, organizers and attendees of the conference are given great networking opportunities with professionals in various fields of public interest law. 


    Advisor:  Professor Alexander W. Scherr

    President                                    Elliot Gillooly                 
    Deputy Director                         Johnathan Tonge         
    Panels Co-Director                  Gregory Steele              
    Panelist Logistics Director      Imani Carter                   
    Hospitality Director                  Sakeena Leben-Yearwood
    PR Co-Director                         Anna Fowler                   

Student organizations are not a part of nor are they agencies of the University of Georgia School of Law or the University of Georgia.  Neither the University of Georgia School of Law nor the University of Georgia direct, supervise, or control these organizations.  Each organization is a separate and independent organization and is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University of Georgia School of Law and the University of Georgia are not responsible for any of these organizations’ contracts, acts or omissions.

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