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Explore Athens

As you consider attending the conference, take a look at this information about things to do in Athens, Georgia. The Planning Committee will update this page over time with more specific information.

Athens is a medium sized city centered around the University of Georgia, with an active music, bar, and restaurant scene. The University of Georgia offers a wide range of amenities, including museums, concert halls, and the State Botanical Gardens.

Athens has been called “Live Music Central” by The New York Times, the best college music scene by Rolling Stone, and one of America’s best cities for singer-songwriters by Livability.com. Home of legendary bands such as R.E.M., the B-52s, Widespread Panic, and the Drive by Truckers, you can hear live music nightly at acclaimed venues like the Georgia Theatre and 40 Watt Club.  Athens is also known as a rising star on the craft beer scene. Head to one of Athens’ local breweries and meet brewers passionate about crafting exceptional beer and capturing the creative energy of the town they love.

Athens has many restaurants, with several regionally and nationally acclaimed chefs and an excellent selection of cuisines, including soul food, Southern cooking, and vegetarian and vegan options.

Finally, Athens hosts an extraordinarily vibrant non-profit action community, setting up opportunities for social justice events connected to the conference.