Collection Policies - Type of Material





Current Awareness & Leisure Reading

  • Legal Newspapers -  Subscribe to major national and local legal newspapers.
  • Leisure Reading - Collect a limited number of legal fiction and popular books written about the law, lawyers, or famous court cases.
  • Newsletters
    • Selectively collect and retain newsletters of special research interest to the faculty or relevant to the curriculum.
    • Identify, collect, and retain newsletters from Georgia agencies or organizations that have a legal subject matter.
  • Newspapers & General Magazines
    • Provide a limited collection of major newspapers and magazines that vary in ideology for a current events browsing collection.
    • Issues older than six months are not retained, but are available from University Libraries and GALILEO. 

Foreign & International Documents

  • Documents of Other Intergovernmental Organizations – Selectively collect, in cooperation with University libraries, to ensure research-level coverage within the University.
  • European Union Documents - Although we are a selective depository for European Union materials, primarily rely on the EU website for access.
  • United Nations Documents Selectively collect UN documents and subscribe to selected online resources to provide access to UN treaties and official documents. 

Legal Periodicals & Indices

  • Bar Journals - Provide comprehensive access to foreign, state, and local bar journals.
  • Law Reviews & Legal Periodicals
    • Provide comprehensive access to all scholarly publications of ABA approved law schools and selected scholarly publications of non-ABA approved law schools. 
    • Provide comprehensive access to all domestic periodicals and a significant number of the foreign periodicals indexed in the Index to Legal Periodicals. 
    • Selectively provide access to significant foreign legal periodicals published in other languages in high-demand subjects and jurisdictions. 
    • We acquire in print:
      • Legal periodicals published by the University of Georgia School of Law
      • Legal periodicals published by ABA-accredited law schools in Georgia
      • Legal periodicals that the University of Georgia School of Law faculty request in print
      • Approximately  100 of the most-cited general law reviews published by U.S. law schools as ranked in the Washington and Lee University School of Law “Most-Cited Legal Periodicals: U.S. and Selected Non-U.S.” database
      • Select specialized law reviews and other legal periodicals that are premier publications in fields of significant interest at the University of Georgia School of Law
      • Periodicals only available in print or with significantly embargoed electronic access , subject to a cost/benefit analysis to determine whether it is more desirable to subscribe to the print format rather than rely on interlibrary loan or purchase-by-article.

    • We provide access only in digital format to:
      • Periodicals not falling within the categories above that are current and in a stable, citable format (such as pdf with original pagination) and are hosted by an established vendor or a governmental entity whose ability to archive and preserve is reliable.

  • Periodical Indices
    • Prefer electronic access.
    • Rarely collect print legal periodical indexes.

Practice Materials

  • Continuing Legal Education Materials
    • Collect all materials from the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia
    • Collect Selectively collect other continuing legal education materials if significant
  • Form Books
    • Selectively collect general form books as well as form books for specific subject areas or jurisdictions. 
    • Forms are available in many practice materials and online.
  • Law for the Layperson
    • Selectively collect materials written for the layperson on subjects of broad interest. 
    • Collect Georgia legal materials written for the lay person.
  • Practice Materials
    • Collect all Georgia legal practice materials
    • Collect non-Georgia practice materials if they support our clinical education programs or provide special insight into an area of the law not covered by the scholarly literature.

Reference Materials- Preferred form is digital unless print is required to maintain archival access or for ease of use.

  • Atlases
    • Acquire a current edition of one major world/international atlas at least once every five years.
    • The University Libraries maintains an extensive map collection.
  • Dictionaries
    • Legal Dictionaries
      • Collect most English language legal dictionaries and thesauri, plus selected legal dictionaries from foreign jurisdictions. 
      • Provide numerous copies of the latest edition of Black's Law Dictionary for distribution on tables.
    • Language dictionaries - Collect English-foreign language dictionaries, with a preference for those emphasizing legal terminology.
    • General Dictionaries
      • Selectively collect general dictionaries. 
      • University Libraries collects a large number of general and specialized dictionaries.
      • The Oxford English Dictionary is accessible through GALILEO.
  • Directories
    • Collect law-related directories, including congressional, judicial, federal, and administrative directories.
    • Selectively collect non-law directories.
    • Purchase the state bar directory for Georgia. 
  • General
    • Selectively collect general reference materials. 
    • Primarily rely on GALILEO and  the University Libraries.
  • Legal
    • Extensively collect legal reference materials.
    • Obtain the most recent edition of any title in the Reference or Ready Reference collection.
    • Retain works that have research value.

Secondary Legal Materials

  • Citators
    • Purchase print Georgia legal citators.
    • Rely upon electronic access for other citators.
  • Conference Proceedings
    • Provide access to proceedings, recordings, or handouts of professional conferences when requested by faculty or librarians.
    • Collect published conference proceedings according to the levels assigned to subjects in our collection
  • Legal Encyclopedias
    • Collect print American Jurisprudence 2d.
    • Collect available Georgia legal encyclopedias.
  • Restatements & Model Codes
    • Collect all restatements plus tentative drafts and other drafts.
    • Collect the Uniform Commercial Code plus drafts and commentaries.
    • Collects the Model Penal Code plus drafts and commentaries.

Student Instructional Support

  • Casebooks & Textbooks - do not collect casebooks unless:
    • Authored by faculty members and added to the Faculty Writings Collection.
    • Received as gifts.
    • Of research value in their own right.  For example, substantial commentary by the compiler or compiled by a notable legal scholar.

Only one copy of any edition is retained and supplements are not added. 

  • Course Examinations
    • Available via GAVEL’s electronic course reserves if provided by faculty. 
    • Prior to 1999, three print copies of exams are retained.
  • Hornbooks & Nutshells - Collect sufficient copies to support the curriculum and to meet demand.
  • Study Aids
    • Do not collect study aids such as the Black Letter Series, Course Outlines, or Case Notes.
    • If study aids are received as gifts, they are added to the collection.