Zoom Pet Therapy

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

A meet ‘n greet for pets! Introduce your pet to some of your favorite professors while also getting to meet the furry friends that you may see popping up behind your professors during class. Human children and plants also welcome. Come and go anytime during the hour.


Professor Hale’s dog Flossie She is a rescue dog and is a golden retriever/border collie mix (we think). She is the best dog ever.

Professor Kalim’s dog Bentley & cat Harry Bentley loves eggs, bacon, and leisurely walks. He pines for his pre-toddler and pre-cat life. Harry is our quarantine rescue kitten who dangles from light fixtures.

Professor Mangan’s three cats Calypso is the original queen who has been with me longer than I’ve known my husband. Cassandra and Cordelia, our new polydactyl kittens, bring levity and hilarity to our home.

Professor Simmons’s cat Becky Becky is a 9-year-old rescue cat.  The Humane Society identified her breed as American Medium Hair. She is a black and brown tabby with blond highlights. Other names she does not answer to are Rebecca and Bubbles. She shows no interest in boxes, but prefers to nap on plastic shopping bags. A master insect catcher, she loves living in Georgia where she has access to a screened-in porch.

Professor Taylor’s two cats Gus is a 9-week old orange kitten. He was rescued from underneath a car, and he’s quickly taken over the household. Zsa Zsa is a two-year old black and white cat. She has some diva tendencies but she’s a total sweetheart. She is teaching Gus how to cat.

Professor Carol Watson’s dog Lulu Lulu is my sweet, shy poodle.  She appreciates the opportunity to participate in pet therapy because her two cat siblings often steal her limelight.


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