The Associate Director for Research Services is the primary contact for faculty members research needs. Visiting faculty and adjunct faculty members may access the same library services as available to full-time faculty members.

Requests from Faculty:

  • Law Librarians will promptly respond to all library requests from faculty members. The response will attach the requested material, notify the faculty member of the receipt of the request and clarify any questions on the request (i.e. timeframe, delivery preference, clarification, etc.) or schedule a meeting to discuss the request further.
  • Research by the Law Library on behalf of faculty members will be limited to academic research related to the scholarship, teaching and administrative responsibilities of UGA faculty members. 

Library Research Assistant Program:

  • Law Library research assistants are available to assist with faculty research requests. Library Research assistants will be made available pursuant to the order that a request is received.

Current Awareness:

Course Reserves:

  • Prior to each semester an access services team member will send a list of items on reserve for each professor and request which items he/she would like to be included on reserve for the forthcoming semester.  All items submitted to course reserves must comply with the University System of Georgia's Copyright Policy

Publication and Collection of Scholarship:

  • The Associate Director for Research Services will be responsible for maintaining ExpressO and Scholastica accounts for current faculty members. Additionally, after obtaining applicable copyright permissions, Law Librarians will post articles on Digital Commons@UGA Law and on SSRN.
  • Law Librarians will promptly update faculty members' bibliographies on their biography web page after new scholarship is published.

Research Assistant Training:

  • Librarians will provide training sessions for faculty members' research assistants at the beginning of each semester or upon the request of a faculty member.

Classroom Support:

  • The I.T Department has an Instructional Support Specialist that is responsible for assisting faculty with utilizing technology available in the classrooms.  Librarians will be available for guest lectures, library tours, individualized training sessions and preparing bibliographies or research guides for classes. 
  • Additionally, the library has an Information Technology Librarian who can assist in facilitating technology-related requests between faculty and the I.T. department.