Ground Rules for Steering Group Meetings

To make our work in the Steering Committee as effective as possible, we all agree to:

  1. Arrive on time at each meeting.
  2. Begin the meeting on time.
  3. Turn off cell phones and pagers, or set them to 'manner mode' , if it is absolutely essential to remain available.
  4. End each meeting at one hour and 15 minutes, unless the group agrees to extend the meeting.
  5. Participate actively.
  6. Bring all relevant issues to the group.
  7. Appreciate all issues and ideas as important.
  8. Share all relevant information.
  9. Test assumptions and inferences; be willing to be challenged and influenced.
  10. Deliver and respond to statements, questions and actions with respect and consideration.
  11. Discuss “undiscussable” issues.
  12. Explain the reasoning and intent behind statements, questions, and actions; avoid broad generalizations; use specific examples; agree on what important words mean.
  13. Keep discussion focused.
  14. Be patient with the process and with one another.
  15. Support and accept responsibility for the work of the group.
  16. Be willing to have fun, find renewal and satisfaction.

Approved: September 4, 2001
Last Revised: January 12, 2005