Honor Roll

The University of Georgia School of Law is proud to recognize all gifts that support our mission. Private giving provides a vital source of funding for the school's most pressing needs. This listing includes all private donations made between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019, from alumni / alumnae. Gifts are listed by the following recognition levels:
Leadership Circle:
  Platinum Founder  $50,000 and up
  Platinum Sustainer $25,000 - $49,999
  Gold Benefactor $10,000 - $24,999
  Silver Fellow  $5,000 - $9,999
  Bronze Partner    $2,500 - $4,999
  Bronze Associate $1,500 - $2,499

Additional Recognition Levels:  
  Dean's Council $500 - $1,499
  Advocates $250 - $499
  Supporters $100 - $249
  Friends $99 or less





+Class of 1942

Verner F. Chaffin (Deceased) Platinum Founder
+Class of 1947

Anonymous (Deceased) Platinum Founder
+Class of 1949

Harold L. Murphy Dean's Council
+Class of 1950

Clarence D. Blount Advocate
George O. Taylor, Jr. Supporter
+Class of 1953

Morton P. Levine Dean's Council
+Class of 1954

W. Thomas Roberts, Jr. Advocate
Robert B. Struble Friend
+Class of 1955

William G. Scrantom, Jr. Advocate
+Class of 1958

H. Mitchell Dunn, Jr. Bronze Associate
Norman S. Fletcher Bronze Associate
David A. Handley Advocate
Roger J. Martinson Dean's Council
T. Penn McWhorter Advocate
Donald D. Smith Advocate
+Class of 1959

Lindsay H. Bennett, Jr. Dean's Council
Williamson S. Stuckey, Jr. Supporter
+Class of 1960

Emmet J. Bondurant II Silver Fellow
Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. Supporter
Walter W. Mitchell Platinum Sustainer
M.T. Simmons, Jr. (Deceased)  Dean's Council
John T. Wasdin Advocate
+Class of 1961

Fletcher N. Baldwin, Jr. Advocate
Gary B. Blasingame Advocate
Thomas S. Gray, Jr. Supporter
Sam S. Harben, Jr. Supporter
Mr. Ralph M. Snow Jr. Dean's Council
+Class of 1963

Terrell W. Benton, Jr. Supporter
Charles H. Brown Bronze Partner
Julius M. Hulsey Supporter
A. Montague Miller Supporter
David H. Tisinger Advocate
+Class of 1964

J. Dickey Crosby Supporter
Walter W. Hays Supporter
Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr. Platinum Founder
E. Crawford McDonald Bronze Associate
H. Arthur McLane Dean's Council
William T. Moore, Jr. Advocate
Donald D. Rentz Supporter
Gates T. Richards Dean's Council
+Class of 1965

Charles C. Benedict Supporter
James H. Blanchard Gold Benefactor
Edward T.M. Garland Gold Benefactor
Gerald F. Handley Advocate
Paul V. Kilpatrick, Jr. Bronze Associate
John S. Noell, Jr. Bronze Associate
C. Oliver Oxford Friend
Albert M. Pickett Bronze Partner
Carl N. Richardson, Jr. Friend
Edward S. Sell III Bronze Associate
William G. Tanner Bronze Associate
Richard G. Tisinger Bronze Associate
Larry Walker Dean's Council
W. Byrd Warlick Advocate
C. Wilbur Warner, Jr. Bronze Associate
G. Joseph Weller Supporter
+Class of 1966

R. Alex Crumbley Platinum Sustainer
Philip F. Etheridge Bronze Partner
S. Pope Jones, Jr. Supporter
George H. Kreeger Advocate
Robert I. Schramm Silver Fellow
Warren Shulman Dean's Council
Norman L. Underwood Dean's Council
+Class of 1967

H. Sanders Carter, Jr. Advocate
George W. Darden III Bronze Partner
Stanley H. Friedman Supporter
Foy S. Horne, Jr. Dean's Council
Robert E. Matthews Gold Benefactor
James M. Ney Dean's Council
William U. Norwood Bronze Associate
Harmon T. Smith, Jr. Friend
Maurice Sponcler, Jr. Friend
+Class of 1968

Thomas S. Chambless Bronze Partner
Neal L. Conner, Jr. Supporter
Wayne T. Elliott Supporter
Lowell S. Fine Advocate
Gardiner W. Garrard, Jr. Silver Fellow
William S. Goodman Advocate
V. Nathaniel Hansford Dean's Council
William F. Lee, Jr. Friend
Robert E. Price Supporter
Ronald W. Rogers Silver Fellow
Dale M. Schwartz Supporter
J. Leonard Skiles Dean's Council
Charles R. Swartz Advocate
Howard E. Turner Dean's Council
+Class of 1969

Marcus B. Bergh, Jr. Advocate
William H. Blalock, Jr. Advocate
William T. Boyett Advocate
W. Joseph Bruckner Dean's Council
Jerry W. Bussell Friend
Fredrick L. Cavalli Supporter
Robert W. Chasteen, Jr. Dean's Council
Ronald S. Cooper Silver Fellow
J. Michael Dover Bronze Partner
James T. Fordham Supporter
Thomas J. Harrold, Jr. Platinum Sustainer
William M. House Advocate
Allen B. Keeble Supporter
Dow N. Kirkpatrick II Advocate
Robert E. Knox, Jr. Bronze Associate
Charles N. Pursley Bronze Partner
Nathaniel G. Slaughter III Bronze Associate
Richard W. Stephens Supporter
Danny C. Tate, Sr. Dean's Council
+Class of 1970

Timothy J. Armstrong Advocate
Robert Benham Dean's Council
Edmund A. Booth, Jr. Bronze Partner
Herman S. Caldwell, Jr. Dean's Council
William A. Clineburg, Jr. Bronze Partner
Oscar T. Cook Jr. Advocate
Leamon R. Holliday III Supporter
Baxter C. Howell Supporter
William D. Montgomery Dean's Council
Edwin D. Robb, Jr. Supporter
Gerald S. Tanenbaum Bronze Partner
+Class of 1971

Anonymous Dean's Council
C. King Askew Advocate
Jerome Braun Advocate
B. Thomas Cook, Jr. Supporter
Luther C. Curtis Advocate
Edgar W. Ennis, Jr. Supporter
Terry S. Freedman Supporter
Henry G. Garrard III Platinum Sustainer
David K. Ginn Bronze Partner
Ronald E. Ginsberg Supporter
Peter B. Glass Bronze Associate
F. Edwin Hallman, Jr. Supporter
Douglas R. Haynie Bronze Associate
William B. Hollberg Supporter
Jack B. Hood Supporter
John B. Long Advocate
Hubert C. Lovein, Jr. Advocate
Wilson M. MacEwen, Jr. Bronze Associate
Rollin E. Mallernee II Dean's Council
Walter B. McClelland Advocate
James E. McDonald Supporter
John R. Murphy III Supporter
Randall B. Scoggins Supporter
Joseph M. Seigler, Jr. Advocate
Charles T. Staples Bronze Associate
William J. Stembler Bronze Partner
W. Brooks Stillwell III Friend
J. Thomas Vance Advocate
+Class of 1972

Roy E. Barnes Dean's Council
Edward E. Bates, Jr. Advocate
James M. Cagle Platinum Founder
Marcus B. Calhoun, Jr. Supporter
Michael R. Casper Supporter
Michael J. Cohen Advocate
McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr. Advocate
Robert O. Freeman Bronze Partner
John T. Glover Platinum Sustainer
Arthur K. Goto Dean's Council
C. Thompson Harley Friend
J. H. Henry Friend
William R. L. Latson Dean's Council
William W. Lavigno III Supporter
J. Rodgers Lunsford III Advocate
David R. Montgomery Bronze Associate
George E. Mudter, Jr. Advocate
George E. Mundy Dean's Council
Richard L. Ormand Dean's Council
Ronald H. Rentz Advocate
J.D. Smith Bronze Partner
Russell L. Smith Bronze Associate
William C. Tinsley II Bronze Associate
Robert B. Wedge Bronze Associate
Gordon R. Zeese Advocate
+Class of 1973

Jason R. Archambeau Supporter
James M. Benton Supporter
Robert L. Berry, Jr. Dean's Council
Richard B. Chandler, Jr. Bronze Associate
Donald L. Crosby Friend
Donald J. Ellis Advocate
James L. Ford Dean's Council
Greg E. Gregory III Dean's Council
David C. Hagaman Advocate
Tommy R. Hankinson Advocate
Robert B. Hill Supporter
William H. Kimbrough, Jr. Bronze Associate
William Henry Kitchens Dean's Council
Leighton W. Lang Supporter
C. Read Morton, Jr. Silver Fellow
H. Allen Moye Bronze Associate
William P. Payne Platinum Sustainer
William M. Poole Advocate
Thomas O. Powell Supporter
J. David Roper Bronze Associate
Jack S. Schroder, Jr. Supporter
William W. Shearouse, Jr. Bronze Partner
Rees M. Sumerford Advocate
W. Dennis Summers Supporter
Frank W. Virgin Supporter
+Class of 1974

William A. Aileo Advocate
Wm. Morgan Akin Bronze Associate
William D. Barwick Dean's Council
William T. Bennett III Supporter
Michael J. Bowers Silver Fellow
Jesse G. Bowles III Silver Fellow
Charles L. Browne III Friend
J. David Burroughs Supporter
Patricia A. Cain Bronze Associate
John M. Carlton, Jr. Bronze Associate
John R. Cleveland Dean's Council
Eugene W. Dabbs IV Advocate
William A. Dowell Supporter
Edgar B. Dunlap II Platinum Founder
John J. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Advocate
James L. Gale Advocate
Steven P. Gilliam Supporter
F. Bryant Henry, Jr. Friend
Howell Hollis III Silver Fellow
Stephen L. Ivie Supporter
Thomas E. Jones, Jr. Bronze Associate
Thomas J. Killeen, Jr. Friend
Charles J. King Friend
W. Russell King Platinum Sustainer
Roy M. Lilly, Jr. Advocate
James E. Mahar, Jr. Advocate
David L. Marshall Dean's Council
J. Lee Parrott Supporter
Carl S. Pedigo, Jr. Dean's Council
James M. Poe Advocate
Toby B. Prodgers Supporter
Michael S. Reeves Dean's Council
Ashley Royal Advocate
O. Eugene Sain, Jr. Supporter
William J. Self II Advocate
Robert W. Steinbruegge Supporter
Henry C. Tharpe, Jr. Dean's Council
Thomas W. Tucker Advocate
William L. Tucker Supporter
A. Stephenson Wallace Supporter
Marshall T. Walsh Supporter
Donald F. Walton Advocate
+Class of 1975

H. Stephen Abernathy Supporter
Susan V. Boleyn Advocate
Walter H. Burt III Friend
Frank L. Butler III Advocate
Julie E. Carnes Dean's Council
Walter N. Cohen Bronze Associate
Paul Fryer Friend
Loring A. Gray, Jr. Advocate
Stephen F. Greenberg Advocate
Thomas C. Holcomb Dean's Council
Charles A. Hunnicutt Silver Fellow
Janice A. Mays Dean's Council
Philip W. Norwood Dean's Council
Charles E. Orck Bronze Partner
James W. Purcell Gold Benefactor
Thomas F. Richardson Supporter
L. Joseph Shaheen, Jr. Advocate
Clifford A. Sticher Supporter
Robert R. Stubbs Advocate
C. Sammy Thomas Bronze Associate
Graham A. Thorpe Supporter
Robert E. Tritt Advocate
Keith W. Vaughan Bronze Associate
Kirk W. Watkins Advocate
George M. Weaver Advocate
Joe D. Whitley Dean's Council
Dorothy Dent Wilson Advocate
Joel O. Wooten Platinum Founder
Barry L. Zimmerman Advocate
+Class of 1976

Donald R. Andersen Supporter
W. Leon Barfield Dean's Council
Curtis R. Boren Supporter
William K. Carmichael Dean's Council
Alfred N. Corriere Bronze Partner
David Dunham Supporter
M. Michael Egan, Jr. Supporter
Joseph G. Francis, Jr. Advocate
Mr. Harry L. Goodrich Advocate
J. Wayne Hadden Supporter
Robert W. Hassett Supporter
James L. Henderson III Silver Fellow
Eleanor Dunlap Henderson Platinum Founder
Kathleen Horne Dean's Council
E. Michael Ingram Dean's Council
Kenneth Klein Platinum Founder
John W. Kuebler Supporter
Terry Smith Labat Bronze Associate
Randall M. Lipshutz Friend
Barbara Mendel Mayden Dean's Council
C. Peter Melton Friend
William D. Moorhead III Supporter
James R. Moye Supporter
J. Ronald Mullins, Jr. Supporter
John P. Neal III Supporter
William A. Pierce Advocate
Daryl A. Robinson Advocate
Michael H. Schroder Supporter
J. Stephen Schuster Advocate
Stanton J. Shapiro Advocate
Richard H. Siegel Supporter
Philip B. Spivey Friend
Michael B.T. Wilkes Advocate
+Class of 1977

Leon Adams, Jr. Advocate
Donna G. Barwick Dean's Council
David B. Bell Silver Fellow
James E. Bethel Advocate
Thomas L. Bower III Dean's Council
Joseph P. Brennan Bronze Associate
Rikard L. Bridges Bronze Partner
James E. Butler, Jr. Platinum Founder
Diane Sanborn Calloway Bronze Associate
Elizabeth W. Camp Bronze Associate
John L. Coalson, Jr. Dean's Council
Richard H. Deane, Jr. Bronze Associate
John L. Douglas Bronze Associate
Andrew H. Ernst Supporter
Joseph M. Feuer Supporter
Elizabeth Conlin Gary Dean's Council
Robert L. Goldstucker Dean's Council
Mark E. Grantham Bronze Partner
G. Sanders Griffith III Platinum Founder
Robert P. Hein Bronze Partner
Andrew J. Hill III Supporter
Edward M. Hughes Advocate
J. Alexander Johnson Bronze Associate
Stanley S. Jones, Jr. Bronze Associate
Donald R. Livingston Bronze Partner
Lesly Gaynor Murray Dean's Council
C. Randall Nuckolls Bronze Partner
Coleman A. Nutter Dean's Council
Kimley Johnson Skotzko Advocate
J. Steven Stewart Bronze Associate
Jay L. Strongwater Dean's Council
T. Treadwell Syfan Supporter
Carl E. Westmoreland, Jr. Dean's Council
Charles S. Wynne Bronze Associate
Mary Mitchell Yates Dean's Council
+Class of 1978

Anonymous Platinum Founder
William P. Bartles Advocate
Dana F. Braun Dean's Council
Gerard M. Chapman Supporter
Julie Childs Supporter
Susan Warren Cox Advocate
Wade M. Crumbley Dean's Council
Mrs. Barbara M. Dalmut Supporter
William T. Daniel, Jr. Bronze Associate
Christopher W. DiSenso Friend
T. Bart Gary Dean's Council
H. Emily George Advocate
Henry D. Green, Jr. Advocate
Donald I. Hackney, Jr. Dean's Council
Mary T. Hall Friend
J. (Jay) Rene’ Hawkins, Jr. Silver Fellow
S. Lark Ingram Bronze Associate
William S. Jones Dean's Council
Theodore W. Kassinger Bronze Associate
Ruth A. Knox Gold Benefactor
J. Curtis Lewis III Gold Benefactor
Joey M. Loudermilk Platinum Founder
Nancy Reeves Mansfield Dean's Council
Tinsley Randolph Merrill Bronze Associate
Keith M. Oelke Advocate
Philip L. Ray, Jr. Advocate
Dudley C. Reynolds Silver Fellow
Thomas H. Rogers, Jr. Supporter
Janney E. Sanders Supporter
Robert O. Sands Advocate
Richard L. Shackelford Dean's Council
Gordon A. Smith Silver Fellow
Mary E. Staley Advocate
Richard W. Story Supporter
Eugene C. Tutwiler III Friend
Don L. Waters Silver Fellow
+Class of 1979

Anonymous Silver Fellow
Luis A. Aguilar Bronze Associate
S. Carol Baird Supporter
Eleanor Banister Gold Benefactor
Jane C. Barwick Supporter
E. Thomas Branch, Jr. Advocate
James E. Brim III Supporter
Maureen A. Cahill Dean's Council
Larry H. Chesin Supporter
David Cook Advocate
Luis Cruz Supporter
Hugh M. Davenport Dean's Council
William D. deGolian Bronze Associate
J. Griffin Doyle Dean's Council
Robert E. Flournoy III Advocate
Stephen E. Franzén Bronze Associate
Joseph M. Freeman Bronze Associate
Kay A. Giese Dean's Council
E. David Hart, Jr. Platinum Founder
Phillip L. Hartley Bronze Associate
Frederick A. Johnson Dean's Council
Weyman T. Johnson, Jr. Dean's Council
Edward B. Krugman Dean's Council
Jo Lanier Meeks Advocate
Hal Meeks Advocate
Carol Ellis Morgan Supporter
Michael A. Morris Dean's Council
James L. Mullins Supporter
Brian Nockleby Supporter
Kathy Stephens Palmer Supporter
Martha M. Pearson Advocate
Jeffrey C. Quinn Bronze Associate
Philip C. Smith Dean's Council
David R. Sweat Dean's Council
John M. Tanzine III Advocate
P. Leslie Wharton Supporter
Elbert. N. Whitmire III Supporter
Frank L. Wilson III Dean's Council
Rhys T. Wilson Bronze Associate
+Class of 1980

Bridget Bagley Bronze Associate
H. Michael Bagley Bronze Associate
David E. Barrett Supporter
Douglas A. Bennett Dean's Council
Natalie Bley Bronze Partner
Steven A. Cornelison Supporter
Betsy C. Cox Silver Fellow
Richard E. Currie Dean's Council
Rufus T. Dorsey IV Supporter
Therese Glisson Franzén Bronze Associate
Gregory A. Garcia Bronze Partner
Robert D. Goldsmith Bronze Associate
Henry B. Harris III Silver Fellow
Carlton M. Henson Platinum Founder
James D. Hollingsworth Supporter
Mr. Clifford P. Johnson Silver Fellow
Raymond J. Kearns Supporter
Janet Fuller King Bronze Partner
Richard H. Lee Bronze Associate
J. Michael Levengood Dean's Council
Dana B. Miles Dean's Council
Alan S. Peevy Advocate
Timothy A. Peterson Supporter
Mark T. Shawe Friend
Ann Adams Shuler Dean's Council
Norman J. Slawsky Friend
Paula K. Smith Supporter
Janet McGrew Stein Bronze Associate
Sharon Douglas Stokes Advocate
H. Mark Worsham Supporter
+Class of 1981

Sergio O. Alvarez-Mena III Advocate
Donald J. Aronin Advocate
Hub. ert J. Bell, Jr. Dean's Council
Richard W. Bell Supporter
Catherine Modling Bennett Supporter
Scott W. Bowker Advocate
Clark ECandler Dean's Council
Teresa Atkinson Candler Dean's Council
David G. Cleveland Supporter
N. Jackson Cotney, Jr. Advocate
J. David Dantzler, Jr. Bronze Associate
Mark T. Dietrichs Advocate
Bertis E. Downs IV Silver Fellow
Doris L. Downs Supporter
Elizabeth Wallace Fleming Advocate
Herbert E. Franklin, Jr. Supporter
James P. Gerard Advocate
Harold E. Gill, Jr. Supporter
William D. Harvard Advocate
Michele Henderson Supporter
I. Gregory Hodges Silver Fellow
Joseph H. Hodges III Supporter
William R. Jenkins Bronze Associate
David T. Lock Advocate
Beverly B. Martin Bronze Associate
Hall F. McKinley III Dean's Council
Kennerly M. McLendon Supporter
Patrick T. O'Connor Supporter
Nathan B. Pride Supporter
J. Russell Ross Advocate
E. Kendrick Smith Bronze Associate
James P. Smith Friend
Joseph C. Staak Dean's Council
Grant T. Stein Bronze Associate
Lawton E. Stephens Supporter
Nancy Smith Stephenson Supporter
David E. Tuszynski Advocate
Frederick L. Warren III Bronze Associate
+Class of 1982

Charles A. Allen Supporter
Kathelen Van Blarcum Amos Platinum Founder
Allie Edwards Armistead Dean's Council
Joe C. Bishop Advocate
D. Albert Brannen, Jr. Dean's Council
Samuel B. Collier Friend
Ertharin Cousin Dean's Council
J. Michael Davis Supporter
Dana Garrett Diment Supporter
Richard A. Diment Supporter
Patricia G. Griffith Advocate
J. Randal Hall Dean's Council
Steven F. Hauser Dean's Council
Paul David Hay Bronze Associate
Horace J. Johnson Jr. Supporter
Jeffrey Y. Lewis Bronze Associate
Michael L. McGlamry Dean's Council
Ginger S. McRae Dean's Council
John E. Niedrach Dean's Council
Carl A. Rhodes Advocate
Caryl Greenberg Smith Bronze Associate
Steven W. Smith Dean's Council
Charles W. Snyder Supporter
R. David Syfan Supporter
Mark F. Taylor Supporter
John L. Watkins Dean's Council
Richard A. Wilhelm Bronze Associate
+Class of 1983

Gregory A. Adams Advocate
Stephen C. Andrews Supporter
Amelia W. Baker Supporter
Robert B. Baker, Jr. Advocate
Henry B. Bargeron Advocate
Sandra Mayer Baumwald Dean's Council
Paul R. Bennett Dean's Council
Paul R. Beshears Supporter
Brian D. Bodker Supporter
Vicki Vaughan Breman Supporter
Gregory R. Crochet Supporter
Mary Irene Dickerson Supporter
Jonathan M. Engram Dean's Council
Larry K. Evans Dean's Council
C. Michael Evert, Jr. Silver Fellow
Jett M. Fisher, Jr. Supporter
Laurie A. Fowler Friend
Fonda Saxon Froistad Friend
Barry L. Gold Advocate
Mary Real Chapin Friend
Susan Cramer Herring Bronze Partner
Wade W. Herring II Bronze Partner
Julius C. Highsmith, Jr. Supporter
Eric T. Johnson Advocate
Robert S. Kahn Bronze Partner
Brent J. Kaplan Supporter
James B. Matthews III Supporter
George W. Mize, Jr. Supporter
Christopher E. Penna Advocate
Tim Ramsey Supporter
Robb K. Sallee Advocate
Elizabeth Dillon Sharp Supporter
Christina Cooley Smith Advocate
David A. Smith Dean's Council
Gregory C. Sowell Supporter
George L. Strobel II Supporter
E. Victoria Sweeny Gold Benefactor
Robert D. Wildstein Supporter
Robin L. Wooldridge Supporter
+Class of 1984

Alisa M. Austin Friend
Timothy C. Batten, Sr. Supporter
James L. Bentley III Friend
Deirdre A. Brekke Advocate
Wade A. Buser Dean's Council
Theodore T. Carellas Advocate
B. Lynn Chastain Platinum Founder
Alan A. Cook Supporter
Elizabeth Raines Cook Advocate
J. Anderson Davis Bronze Partner
Stephen J. Easley Friend
Ellen Thompson Evancho Dean's Council
Warner S. Fox Dean's Council
Joseph M. Gannam Dean's Council
David F. Golden Bronze Partner
R. Ann Grier Supporter
Marcus Hodge Supporter
Elizabeth Bloom Hodges Supporter
Hugh T. Hunter Supporter
Ralph W. Illges Supporter
David H. Johnson Supporter
Allen L. Lacey, Jr. Advocate
Melanie L. Marks Dean's Council
C. Bradford Marsh Bronze Associate
J. Dean Marshall, Jr. Bronze Associate
Samuel M. Matchett Dean's Council
Werner W. Mielke Supporter
Gerald L. Mize, Jr. Advocate
Todd E. Naugle Dean's Council
J. Kennard Neal Dean's Council
Craig K. Pendergrast Advocate
Teresa Williams Pendergrast Advocate
Jeffrey S. Sharp Supporter
Sidney O. Smith III Friend
John M. Stephenson Supporter
Leah Fallin Sumner Dean's Council
Michael E. Sumner Dean's Council
Alan N. Sutin Silver Fellow
Wiley A. Wasden III Silver Fellow
Michael N. Weathersby Platinum Sustainer
Risë J. Weathersby Platinum Sustainer
James E. Wilbanks Supporter
Valinda Barrett Wolfert Bronze Associate
Kimberly Logue Woodland Dean's Council
+Class of 1985

John M. Breen Dean's Council
Joseph W. Bryan Supporter
Allen Buckley Supporter
Phillip L. Carson, Jr. Bronze Associate
John T. Cook Dean's Council
Bruce B. Edwards, Jr. Dean's Council
James L. Elliott Supporter
E. Lenné Espenschied Friend
Russell C. Gabriel Friend
Robert P. Hall III Bronze Partner
J. Madden Hatcher III Advocate
Vivian D. Hoard Supporter
Michael O. Horgan Supporter
Walter E. Johnson Friend
Clay D. Land Dean's Council
David K. Linder Supporter
Christopher J. McFadden Advocate
Tandy McNeal Menk Bronze Associate
W. Russell Patterson, Jr. Bronze Associate
Patricia Tanzer Paul Supporter
Gerald L. Pouncey, Jr. Bronze Partner
Roger S. Reigner, Jr. Supporter
William R. Rice Supporter
Mr. William S. Rogers Jr. Supporter
Alan F. Rothschild, Jr. Bronze Associate
Herbert J. Short, Jr. Bronze Partner
David Russell Smith Supporter
John P. Spalding Bronze Associate
M. Mark Wiggins III Supporter
Phillip D. Wilkins Bronze Partner
Karen Jenkins Young Dean's Council
+Class of 1986

Deborah A. Ausburn Supporter
J. Richard Barnett Dean's Council
Jennifer Houser Chapin Advocate
John T. Chesser III Dean's Council
Cheryl F. Custer Bronze Partner
William V. Custer IV Bronze Partner
Jan Meadows Davidson Dean's Council
Kathy Kraft Dorough Bronze Partner
Thomas M. Duffy Bronze Associate
Scott A. Farrow Bronze Associate
Deborah Morgan Foresman Supporter
William C. Gentry Dean's Council
Stephen S. Goss Dean's Council
Maureen M. Gottfried Dean's Council
Daniel P. Griffin Bronze Partner
J. Jeffrey Helms, Jr. Bronze Associate
Cathy Harris Helms Bronze Associate
G. Wayne Hillis, Jr. Supporter
Jay F. Hirsch Supporter
W. Steele Holman II Supporter
R. Dale Hughes Gold Benefactor
Carlton H. Jones III Supporter
LeeAnn Jones Dean's Council
Allan E. Kamensky Bronze Associate
Barbara Bauman Kamensky Bronze Associate
Jackie Masden Kendinger Supporter
Shannon Fedler Land Dean's Council
Thomas Q. Langstaff Supporter
Mr. Daniele Lingua Advocate
Wayne T. Moor Supporter
J. Steven Parker Dean's Council
Bradley J. Patten Supporter
David G. Perryman Dean's Council
Charles G. Spalding Advocate
Peter H. Strott Advocate
Marlan B. Wilbanks Platinum Founder
Carla E. Young Advocate
+Class of 1987

John M. Allan Bronze Associate
Douglas G. Ashworth Dean's Council
Joseph B. Atkins, Sr. Supporter
Julia Rankin Baun Advocate
Catherine McKenzie Bowman Supporter
D. Campbell Bowman, Jr. Supporter
Brian P. Cain Platinum Founder
Lori Torgerson Chesser Dean's Council
Melissa Standard Dillon Supporter
James B. Ellington Dean's Council
Sidney A. Gelernter Advocate
Suzette Haynie Greco Supporter
Sherry Jackson Friend
Steve C. Jones Bronze Partner
Robert N. Katz Supporter
Richard Kopelman Bronze Associate
Janet Quick Lewis Supporter
Katherine Goddwin Lewis Supporter
Susan Wallis-Pangborn Dean's Council
John H. Peavy, Jr. Bronze Partner
Lynne H. Rambo Supporter
Tina Shadix Roddenbery Bronze Associate
Randi Shanley Rooney Dean's Council
Gregory L. Roseboro Dean's Council
Dean W. Russell Dean's Council
Janice Chandler Sharp Advocate
Robin West Shearer Supporter
Leigh McCranie Smith Gold Benefactor
Reginald R. Smith Gold Benefactor
Michael B. Terry Bronze Partner
Wade H. Tomlinson III Advocate
Terry E. Williams Dean's Council
+Class of 1988

Anonymous Platinum Founder
Marybeth Robertson Atkins Supporter
Susan Cowan Atkinson Bronze Associate
James R. Borders Platinum Founder
Maureen T. Callahan Supporter
Elizabeth Brannen Chandler Gold Benefactor
Hasan T. Choudhury Supporter
William T. Clark Supporter
Lynne Boylston Davis Advocate
Lawrence B. Domenico Supporter
James A. Dunlap, Jr. Platinum Founder
E. Gail Gunnells Dean's Council
Florence E. Harmon Advocate
Hollister A. Hill Bronze Associate
G. Graham Holden Advocate
Stephanie Yancey Hunter Silver Fellow
James M. Jordan III Dean's Council
Robert M. Keenan III Dean's Council
Charlotte Clark Knight Advocate
Susan S. Lanigan Gold Benefactor
Thomas P. Lauth III Advocate
Thomas H. Manning Dean's Council
David J. Maslia Bronze Partner
Paul B. Murphy Gold Benefactor
Douglas A. Nail Supporter
Judith DeMeester Nichols Friend
Benjamin H. Pruett Advocate
Molly D. Pruett Advocate
Celia Patrick Quillian Dean's Council
Henry M. Quillian III Dean's Council
Daniel A. Ragland Advocate
Richard W. Schmidt Supporter
Putnam C. Smith Dean's Council
Angelia Solomon Blaikner Dean's Council
William F. Sparks Dean's Council
Arthur D. Strathern III Friend
Aravinth I. Siva Subramaniam Gold Benefactor
Donald C. Suessmith, Jr. Advocate
Lisa Wilson Tarvin Supporter
David L. Turner Bronze Associate
Arittha R. Wikramanayake Supporter
+Class of 1989

Kizmet Smith Adams Supporter
Thomas C. Chubb III Gold Benefactor
Yvette Kinsey Daniels Advocate
Daniel S. Digby Bronze Associate
Joy Sheffield Handelman Supporter
Todd S. Handelman Supporter
Al B. Hill Supporter
W. Byron Hurley Bronze Partner
David A. LaMalva Bronze Associate
Nikolai Makarenko, Jr. Advocate
Roy E. Manoll III Supporter
Kirby Gould Mason Supporter
Gregory B. McMenamy, Jr. Supporter
Brandon A. Oren Advocate
Alan J. Prince Bronze Associate
Susan Taylor Rash Friend
Nancy L. Richardson Supporter
Rodney S. Shockley Bronze Associate
Lisa Smith Siegel Bronze Associate
Michael A. Siegel Bronze Associate
Teri A. Simmons Advocate
Robert S. Stein Advocate
Wendy A. Strassner Supporter
Shiyami Siva Subramaniam Gold Benefactor
Audrey Boone Tillman Silver Fellow
Martha Deedy Turner Bronze Associate
Robert L. Welch Advocate
Frank N. White Supporter
+Class of 1990

Dean A. Adelman Silver Fellow
Margarete P. Ashmore Friend
Thomas D. Calkins Supporter
Kellie R. Casey Bronze Associate
Barbara Webb Cash Friend
Andrew S. Chamberlin Dean's Council
Bruce D. Cohen Advocate
William C. Collins, Jr. Advocate
Katherine D. Dixon Bronze Partner
Laura Langford Frick Dean's Council
Mr. Robert K. Hardeman Supporter
Michael J. Hofrichter Dean's Council
Anne Templeton LaMalva Bronze Associate
Robert E. Norman Supporter
Emilie Koers Petrovich Dean's Council
John W. Ray Jr. Bronze Associate
William M. Ray II Gold Benefactor
Julia Willcox Lumpkin Sando Bronze Associate
Kristofer R. Schleicher Advocate
Ethelyn N. Simpson Dean's Council
William J. Sizemore, Jr. Supporter
Kevin A. Wangerin Supporter
Melanie D. Wilson Bronze Associate
Lisa Godbey Wood Advocate
Laura E. Woodson Dean's Council
+Class of 1991

James W. Ackerman Friend
Wm. Curtis Anderson Supporter
Susan D. Barrett Supporter
Edwin R. Byck Supporter
Barbara Daenner Carswell Supporter
Jody Jenkins Corry Dean's Council
Traci Green Courville Dean's Council
Santhia L. Curtis Dean's Council
Jonathan W. DeLoach Advocate
Joseph W. Dent Bronze Associate
David L. Gappa Friend
Kenneth B. Hodges III Dean's Council
Randolph H. Houchins Bronze Associate
Neal H. Howard Dean's Council
Evan W. Jones Supporter
Ellen Brown Landers Bronze Associate
Andrea V. Nelson Supporter
Stephen C. Petrovich Dean's Council
Nancy Rafuse Platinum Founder
Thomas C. Rowsey Advocate
Joel N. Shiver Friend
Stephen E.B. Smith Dean's Council
Jennifer Moore Vaughan Dean's Council
Amy Lloyd Weisbecker Bronze Associate
Paul L. Weisbecker Bronze Associate
James M. Wilson, Jr. Advocate
+Class of 1992

Paul J. Atelsek Dean's Council
Julia Lynch Bassett Silver Fellow
W. Randall Bassett Silver Fellow
Kimberly Cofer Harris Platinum Founder
Matthew E. Carswell Supporter
Debra A. Cohen Dean's Council
Brent J. Fields Friend
Gregory A. Gunter Silver Fellow
Mace Flournoy Hall Advocate
Warren R. Hall, Jr. Advocate
Gregory G. Holland Dean's Council
Laura Musselman Ivey Supporter
Roberta Koss Supporter
W. Pope Langdale III Gold Benefactor
Daniel M. LeBey Dean's Council
Heather A. McLeod Advocate
Steven T. Minor Advocate
Debra R. Neumann Dean's Council
Mark C. Post Supporter
Thomas C. Rawlings Sr. Advocate
Gregory G. Schultz Dean's Council
Ann E. Sherline Advocate
Robert H. Smalley III Supporter
Lawrence S. Spencer, Jr. Supporter
Caroline Scott Talley Supporter
Robert S. Thompson Advocate
Allison Elmore Thornton Bronze Associate
Steven R. Thornton Bronze Associate
Richard G. Tisinger, Jr. Supporter
Elizabeth Selby-Worley Supporter
+Class of 1993

Scott A. Ball Supporter
Jeffery W. Cavender Supporter
Sarah A. Clarkson Advocate
Jennifer Snow Diefenbacher Supporter
Curtis L. Doster Supporter
Michael M. Duclos Dean's Council
Joseph A. Fried Silver Fellow
John T. Glover, Jr. Platinum Sustainer
Kristen Wigh Goodman Supporter
Michael E. Hardin Advocate
Susan Golomb Hardin Advocate
Holmes J. Hawkins III Dean's Council
Daniel P. Hoffey Supporter
Elizabeth Pope Holmes Supporter
Thomas L. Horan Supporter
Howard W. Indermark Dean's Council
Kristen Jones Indermark Dean's Council
Kenneth P. Jones Supporter
Mark K. Lewis Supporter
Matthew W. Nichols Silver Fellow
Tracy C. O'Connell Supporter
Michael M. Raeber Bronze Associate
M. Tyler Smith Bronze Associate
Glenn L. Spencer Dean's Council
Richard P. Spencer II Bronze Associate
A. Lucy Tomberlin Supporter
Tony Waller Bronze Associate
John R. Warchol Supporter
Barry M. Wolfe Supporter
Alan B. Wynne Friend
+Class of 1994

Allan G. Altera Dean's Council
Barbara Burgess Altera Dean's Council
Jennifer Greene Ammons Supporter
Christopher T. Anderson Advocate
Sarah Bartholomew Friend
Robert W. Barton Supporter
Amy K. Bridwell Dean's Council
Michael L. Brown Dean's Council
S. Kendall Butterworth Advocate
Scott D. Cahalan Advocate
Alexander A. Chambers Dean's Council
Nancie Craven Chapman Friend
Dennis G. Dozier Dean's Council
Barry A. Fleming Supporter
Stephanie A. Glymph-Ramsey Friend
Elizabeth M. Grant Dean's Council
S. Jefferson Greenway Supporter
Abbott S. Hayes, Jr. Supporter
Walter W. Hays, Jr. Supporter
Douglas R. Kertscher Bronze Associate
Robert J. Moye III Dean's Council
Willy J. Nauwelaerts Supporter
James V. Painter Supporter
Amy Lou King Reynolds Supporter
T. Wesley Robinson Supporter
Christine M. Scartz Bronze Associate
Rebecca Burnaugh Segrest Dean's Council
Jay E. Sloman Supporter
Harry R. Tear Supporter
Trey Tompkins Dean's Council
Jennifer B. Tourial Silver Fellow
John P. Webb Supporter
+Class of 1995

Richard H. Bennett Supporter
Keith D. Bodoh Bronze Associate
Denice Sayers Burch Advocate
Edward D. Burch, Jr. Advocate
Cale H. Conley Bronze Associate
David Michael Conner Advocate
Geoffrey P. Engelman Supporter
Elizabeth Dallas Gobeil Dean's Council
Bonnie Keith Green Supporter
Phillip S. Hibbard Bronze Associate
M. Todd King Dean's Council
Hong Liu Bronze Associate
R. Lee Mann III Bronze Associate
Jeanna M. Mastrodicasa Advocate
Kevin J. Mencke Advocate
Cara E. Novelli Supporter
James K. Reed Dean's Council
Mitchell C. Robins Supporter
Kristina Rosette Advocate
Alan T. Rosselot Dean's Council
Mark J. Rozman Bronze Associate
Ted M. Scartz Bronze Associate
Ryan Schneider Silver Fellow
P. Charles Scholle Dean's Council
Amy Lambert Smith Friend
Daniel B. Snipes Dean's Council
William W. Tanner Supporter
Ivo Vissenberg Supporter
Andrew H. Walcoff Supporter
Ladda Woravitlikit Supporter
+Class of 1996

R. Michael Barry, Jr. Supporter
Shannon Casey Baxter Dean's Council
Neil A. Besse Supporter
James D. Blitch IV Advocate
Jean-Paul Boulee Supporter
Dorsey R. Carson, Jr. Supporter
C. Celeste Creswell Advocate
Cedric B. Davis Advocate
Elizabeth Cabral Engelman Supporter
Kimberly K. Frye Advocate
Jeanine Gibbs Garvie Bronze Associate
Cheri A. Grosvenor Advocate
William D. Healan III Advocate
Marc Hershovitz Supporter
Elizabeth Horky Hill Advocate
Jon E. Ingram, Jr. Supporter
Kevin D. Kirby Advocate
Jeong-Hwa Lee Bronze Associate
Ravi Mannam Dean's Council
Kimberly Many-Jovanovic Supporter
Tracie Johnson Maurer Advocate
Ali Marin Mitchell Supporter
Brian V. Patterson Friend
John C. Patton Bronze Partner
Holly A. Pierson Advocate
Stephanie D. Ratcliffe Dean's Council
Tanya Doherty Reagan Friend
Mark A. Shaffer Supporter
Benjie R. Tarbutton Bronze Partner
Sonja R. Tate Bronze Associate
Jerald L. Watts II Advocate
Amie Bever Willis Supporter
Mr. Michael A. Woocher Dean's Council
+Class of 1997

Maiser M. Aboneaaj Bronze Partner
Lee Ann Sparks Anand Advocate
Lee Ann Bambach Bronze Partner
Mildred A. Bennett Bronze Partner
Amy Smith Boyer Supporter
George W. "Chip" Brown III Supporter
Margaret LaConte Chapura Supporter
Tonnye Conner-White Bronze Associate
L. Clint Crosby, Jr. Dean's Council
Randolph Frails Bronze Partner
Frank E. George Supporter
Claudia Giunta Supporter
Michael L. Goldberg Platinum Founder
Bradley W. Grout Bronze Associate
Megan Webb Grout Bronze Associate
J. Ellsworth Hall IV Supporter
Jon-Selby R. Hawk Dean's Council
Thomas L. Hayslett III Advocate
Jessica L. Heywood Dean's Council
G. Edgar James Advocate
Michele Ritz Jones Supporter
Mary Sellers Kirby Bronze Associate
W. Thomas Lacy, Jr. Supporter
A. Michael Lee, Jr. Supporter
Jean Woods Luciani Silver Fellow
Jacob A. Maurer Advocate
Katherine Hung Newsom Advocate
J. Alvin Newton, Jr. Supporter
Joseph Ozmer Bronze Partner
G. Alexander Panos Friend
Robert H. Sandwich, Jr. Dean's Council
Laura Marshall Schepis Dean's Council
Joseph G. Silver Advocate
Robert J. Soper Bronze Associate
+Class of 1998

Anonymous Bronze Associate
Jason B. Branch Dean's Council
Mary Fordham Bready Bronze Partner
Robert M. Brennan Supporter
C. Andrew Childers Gold Benefactor
Patrick D. Conner Bronze Associate
Wesley L. Deaton Dean's Council
Elizabeth McKinney deRosset Friend
David A. Dismuke Supporter
Paul J. Dzikowski Supporter
Jeanna Gregory Fennell Dean's Council
Hilary Herris Fentress Supporter
Joerg Fries Friend
David P. Gessert Supporter
Susan Walker Coico Supporter
Justin H. Hayes Dean's Council
Carolyne Beaty Hilton Dean's Council
Scott A. Hodgin Supporter
D. Clayton Howell Dean's Council
Robert D. Howell Gold Benefactor
Anthony D. Lehman Advocate
Charles M. LeRoux III Dean's Council
Michele Person Madison Friend
James M. McGee Bronze Associate
Stephen B. Moseley Advocate
Kelly Casey Mullally Supporter
Tracey A. Napier Advocate
Phaedra C. Parks Gold Benefactor
B. Warren Pope Dean's Council
Molly K. Talley Advocate
Bradford R. Turner Bronze Associate
Josh B. Wages Dean's Council
Alysa J. Ward Dean's Council
Stacy Berkowitz Williams Dean's Council
Lijun Yang Dean's Council
+Class of 1999

Stephanie Friese Aron Advocate
John B. A. Ayoub Supporter
Brandon M. Barron Dean's Council
Melissa D. Bolton Advocate
W. Bradley Carver Advocate
Alicia Coleman Crenshaw Supporter
Robert C. Davis III Bronze Associate
Jason A. Dean Supporter
Clement C. Doyle Dean's Council
J. Patrick Elsevier Advocate
Karen Tyler Farr Friend
Justin R. Howard Supporter
R. Christopher Irwin III Supporter
Julia Hill Jernigan Supporter
Keith A. Jernigan Supporter
Cammi Ryan Jones Supporter
Reginald M. Jones Dean's Council
William P. Jones Supporter
Cecil C. Kramer Advocate
Elizabeth Weeks Leonard Dean's Council
Amy Burton Loggins Supporter
Bradford L. Love Dean's Council
L. Dan Loy Friend
Eugene W. Luciani Silver Fellow
Michael J. McCleary Supporter
Colin A. McRae Friend
Kevin G. Meeks Supporter
Sherry V. Neal Friend
T.C. Spencer Pryor Bronze Partner
Jamie T. Roberts Supporter
F. Valerie Rusk Dean's Council
Christopher P. Twyman Dean's Council
Joshua D. Walker Dean's Council
Ryan K. Walsh Dean's Council
J. Maria Waters Friend
Daniel S. Wright Friend
+Class of 2000

James L. "Lanny" Allgood III Dean's Council
James E. Baker Dean's Council
Amanda C. Baxter Advocate
Kenneth C. Bruley Supporter
Justin M. Deasy Advocate
Joseph G. DeGaetano Supporter
Alfred L. Evans III Supporter
Glianny Fagundo Supporter
Aaron W. Lipson Supporter
Michael N. Loebl Dean's Council
J. Matthew Loudermilk Bronze Partner
R. Bates Lovett Advocate
D. Wright McLeod Bronze Associate
Rebecca H. Miller Supporter
Patrick S. Mitchell Supporter
Kerry Fleming Nelson Advocate
Russell G. Nelson Advocate
Megan L. Pritts Supporter
Shyam Reddy Dean's Council
Shelley A. Senterfitt Advocate
Paul B. Smart Supporter
John W. Stephenson, Jr. Advocate
Mr. Robert B. Teilhet Supporter
James B. Trotter Dean's Council
Julie M. Wade Dean's Council
Scott S. Williams Bronze Partner
Dorothy Larkin Young Supporter
Alison Van Lear Advocate
Matthew S. Yungwirth Advocate
+Class of 2001

Frank Beacham Bronze Associate
Charles J. Bethel Silver Fellow
Heather Belin DeGaetano Supporter
Bartow B. Duncan III Supporter
Amity Hough Farrar Bronze Associate
Michael G. Geoffroy Friend
Kwende B. Jones Advocate
Michael P. Kohler Dean's Council
V. Kevin Lang Supporter
Leslie Kulbersh Lipson Supporter
Thomas L. McDaniel, Jr. Bronze Associate
Sean R. Mikula Supporter
Charles J. Moulton Advocate
Elisabeth Quinn Prescott Supporter
Rebecca Crumrine Rieder Bronze Associate
James L. Roberts IV Bronze Associate
Laura E. Roberts Bronze Associate
Jason R. Samuels Friend
James W. Stevens II Supporter
Vanessa Weeks Sykes Supporter
Ansley Bell Threlkeld Dean's Council
Paul H. Threlkeld Dean's Council
James M. Weathersby Advocate
Kevin P. Weimer Supporter
Anne Allen Westbrook Supporter
+Class of 2002

A. Bryan Baer Bronze Associate
Brennan W. Bolt Friend
Dustin T. Brown Advocate
Jennifer L. Chapman Advocate
Jason B. Cohen Advocate
Robyn Wilensky Farmer Supporter
Andrew E. Goldner Advocate
Ashley A. Halfman Dean's Council
Thomas H. Hawk III Bronze Associate
David E. Howard Bronze Partner
Kelly D. Kautz Friend
Edward A. Marshall Supporter
Gregory B. Mauldin Bronze Associate
Keith A. Mauriello Dean's Council
Robert L. McCorkle Dean's Council
James R. McNiff Advocate
Peter B. Murphy Advocate
Felicia Jones Nickerson Advocate
William M. Overend Gold Benefactor
Lauren Bush Petron Bronze Associate
Christopher M. Rosselli Advocate
Catherine A. Ryan Advocate
James W. Scarbrough Supporter
Matthew D. Schreck Supporter
Jon D. Stewart, Jr. Supporter
Julie Hall Train Bronze Associate
Benjamin J. Vinson Bronze Partner
Shannon Glover Wallace Dean's Council
Kyle G.A. Wallace Dean's Council
L. Paige Younkins Supporter
+Class of 2003

Jason S. Alloy Advocate
Joshua B. Belinfante Dean's Council
Elizabeth Allgood Blalock Supporter
Jeffrey A. Calabrese Supporter
Melissa Farmer Calabrese Supporter
Mark B. Carter Supporter
Jeffrey W. DeLoach Platinum Sustainer
Andrew C. Evans Bronze Partner
Stacey Godfrey Evans Bronze Partner
Charles M. Ferguson, Jr. Dean's Council
Charles E. Harris IV Supporter
Sarah M. Hoagland Bronze Partner
Jeffrey M. Kwastel Friend
Michael E. Leavey Dean's Council
Elizabeth W. McNiff Advocate
Tiana Scogin Mykkeltvedt Bronze Associate
Coby S. Nixon Advocate
E. Wycliffe Orr, Jr. Advocate
R. Matthew Reeves Supporter
Charles B. Thompson Platinum Founder
Jason E. Voyles Supporter
Kristin Chappell Waller Bronze Associate
Timothy S. Walls Supporter
Allen W. Yee Gold Benefactor
+Class of 2004

Scott P. Amy Dean's Council
Karissa Ayala Supporter
Kristen M. Beystehner Silver Fellow
Russell E. Blythe Advocate
Amitabha Bose Dean's Council
A.L. "Tripp" Bridges III Supporter
Jason J. Carter Supporter
Cory C. Davis Advocate
Amanda Eaton Ferrelle Advocate
John R. Ferrelle, Jr. Advocate
Kevin Gooch Bronze Associate
Geniece Davis Granville Supporter
John David Hadden Advocate
Daniel P. Hart Dean's Council
Willliam A. Hightower Supporter
Thomas F. Hollingsworth III Supporter
Dominique I.H. Holloman Dean's Council
Emily Stuart Horn Advocate
Dawn Knowles Ingley Supporter
Francys Johnson Advocate
Min Jung Koo Friend
Caroline Castle Laney Advocate
Christopher J. Latimer Supporter
Martin A. Levinson Dean's Council
Ronald E. Mabra Bronze Associate
Mr. Jason D. McLarry Friend
Stephanie L. Oginsky Advocate
Leslie Lane Mize Dean's Council
Jason C. Pedigo Bronze Associate
Susannah Rogers Pedigo Bronze Associate
Benjamin M. Perkins Friend
Sally Haskell Perkins Friend
Zeenat A. Phophalia Dean's Council
Meredith Bunn Redwine Dean's Council
Heidi Rine Royal Advocate
M. Brandon Smith Bronze Associate
Joshua S. Stein Supporter
Jeffrey L. Stern Friend
Alicia A. Timm Advocate
Julie S. Varin Supporter
Colin Wright Dean's Council
Vita E. Zeltser Supporter
+Class of 2005

Brandon P. Ansley Supporter
Lee S. Atkinson Supporter
Michael J. Breslin Supporter
Ramsey Henderson Bridges Supporter
Jennifer Berger Brown Supporter
Adam M. Conrad Supporter
Danielle Logan Conrad Supporter
Oliver S. Drose Friend
Laura DeMartini Eschleman Advocate
Robert L. Fortson Advocate
R. Jason Fowler Advocate
Jeffrey A. Freeman Supporter
Jack S. Frierson Supporter
Amelia Godfrey Helmick Advocate
Ms. Xiaoyang Hou Dean's Council
J. Shane Hudson Dean's Council
Erik S. Johnson Dean's Council
J. L. King II Dean's Council
Samuel L. Lucas Dean's Council
Amanda Patterson Friend
Kristie Edenfield Piasta Bronze Associate
Elizabeth Willis Quinn Supporter
Stephen G. Quinn Supporter
Tracy L. Rhodes Bronze Associate
Andrew S. Rogers Supporter
Benson Ward Dean's Council
Leah L. Weinberg Friend
Rhett White Dean's Council
Edwin A. Wilson Advocate
C. Knox Withers Bronze Associate
R. Lawton Zurn Supporter
Scott E. Zweigel Advocate
+Class of 2006

Anisa I. Abdullahi Dean's Council
Bisa F. Ajanaku Bronze Associate
Ashley P. Alderman Dean's Council
Wilson G. Barmeyer Dean's Council
M.J. Blakely, Jr. Bronze Associate
M. Cristina Bouton Supporter
Staci Swit Brinson Friend
C. Brock Brockington Supporter
Jason T. Burnette Dean's Council
Beverly Peters Carson Friend
Geoffrey V. Carson Friend
C. Caleb Connor Dean's Council
Justin A. Danner Supporter
Robert H. Derrick Supporter
Stacey Drake Supporter
Mary Rae Phelps Dudley Supporter
Allison Escott Maloney Friend
Ayotunde O. Ezekiel Bronze Associate
A. Zachary Faison, Jr. Supporter
Christopher A. Gaston Supporter
Joshua P. Gunnemann Supporter
Nicholas A. Hinson Friend
Shannon Shipley Hinson Friend
Laura Kagel Supporter
Shane A. Lord Dean's Council
Hieu M. Nguyen Advocate
Eitan Ovadia Friend
J. Alexander Reed Supporter
Veronica L. Richardson Dean's Council
Kristin M. Timm Friend
H. Michael Ruppersburg, Jr. Supporter
Rachel N. Saloom Advocate
James J. Sanders Bronze Associate
Edgar M. Smith Supporter
Lucas A. Smith Supporter
Daniel B. Swaja Advocate
Allison Stephens Thompson Supporter
Taylor Chamberlin Tribble Advocate
Andrew J. Tuck Bronze Associate
Michael L. Van Cise Supporter
Woodrow W. Ware III Advocate
Matthew P. Warenzak Dean's Council
Alana E. Zorrila-Gaston Supporter
Megan Haley Zurn Supporter
+Class of 2007

Lucy Rankin Atkinson Supporter
Christina Glassbrook Baugh Supporter
Lauren D. Bellamy Supporter
Elizabeth Arnett Buckley Advocate
Carey Schneeweiss Busen Dean's Council
Tedra L. Cannella Dean's Council
Christopher C. Close, Jr. Supporter
Kimberly Bourroughs Debrow Supporter
Anuj Desai Supporter
Patrick H. Garrard Bronze Partner
Laura Glass-Hess Advocate
Philip R. Green Supporter
Katherine Jackson Hill Supporter
Diana B. Hoshall Supporter
Ginny Garrard Ingels Friend
M. Preston Jones Bronze Associate
C. Andrew Leyes Supporter
H. Scott Lowry, Jr. Supporter
Kristin Strunk Lowry Supporter
Daniel M. Ludlam Advocate
Jessica Mallanda Lund Supporter
Christopher E. Maxwell Advocate
Merritt E. McAlister Dean's Council
Briant G. Mildenhall Advocate
Jennifer Campbell Mock Dean's Council
Jessica C. Morris Dean's Council
Katherine Campbell Newell Advocate
Joanna Smith Nijem Advocate
Shalanna L. Pirtle Dean's Council
Jonathan G. Sedon Supporter
Folashade K. Shomade Supporter
Jessica F. Lang Advocate
J. Cameron Tribble Advocate
Lauren O'Shea Ward Supporter
Rachel Harkavy Wilson Supporter
+Class of 2008

Anonymous Advocate
Ernest L. Beaton Dean's Council
Jennifer S. Blakely Bronze Associate
Tully T. Blalock III Supporter
George A. Campbell, Jr. Bronze Associate
Lee B. Carter Advocate
Matthew S. Chambers Friend
Wayne Charles Supporter
Mary C. DeCamp Supporter
Kevin E. Epps Platinum Sustainer
Scott R. Grubman Advocate
Cameron D. Hawkins Friend
Adam L. Hoipkemier Friend
John P. Jett Bronze Associate
Justin T. Jones Supporter
Behrouz Kianian Supporter
Michael J. Kline Advocate
Caroline Knox Anderson Advocate
Adam B. Land Supporter
Rita F. Madden Friend
J. Barrett Malone Supporter
John B. Manly Advocate
Megan Usher Manly Advocate
Brendan F. Murphy Dean's Council
Kellee A. Padgett Supporter
Efrain A. "Sonny" Poloche Dean's Council
Naveen Ramachandrappa Supporter
Lucy Dodd Roth Friend
T. Chase Samples Advocate
Aimee Pickett Sanders Supporter
Christian G. Seklecki Supporter
Alina A. Singer Bronze Associate
Robert H. Snyder, Jr. Supporter
Sarah Stevens Wilson Advocate
Leslie Horne Dean's Council
+Class of 2009

Mercedes G. Ball Friend
Alison M. Ballard Supporter
Charles G. Biskobing Advocate
Julia Meski Bondar Advocate
Dwayne A. Brown, Jr. Friend
Matthew C. Brown Friend
Ailis L. Burpee Supporter
Benjamin R. Carlsen Advocate
Timothy R. Carlton Supporter
John T. DeGenova Supporter
Delia Gervin Frazier Advocate
Richard W. Goldstucker Advocate
John W. Hackney Dean's Council
Jason W. Howard Dean's Council
Lavleen K. Kiber Friend
Andrew J. Lavoie Dean's Council
Brian C. Lea Advocate
Puja Patel Lea Advocate
Jahnisa Tate Loadholt Supporter
Elizabeth M. Long Supporter
Tyler M. Love Gold Benefactor
Harris G. Martin Supporter
James W. McPhillips Dean's Council
Stephen Michmerhuizen Supporter
Roger T. Mitchell Supporter
Diane Renbarger Nesson Supporter
Titus T. Nichols Friend
Andrew M. O'Connell Dean's Council
Erin Murray O'Connell Dean's Council
William D. Rhoads Supporter
Patrick L. Ryan Supporter
Wade A. Schueneman Supporter
Katherine Rutledge Silver Dean's Council
Alice E. Snedeker Supporter
Robert L. Swartwood II Advocate
Daniel B. Tilley Dean's Council
Manoj S. "Sachin" Varghese Supporter
Jeff T. Watson Supporter
Stefanie M. Wayco Friend
Benn C. Wilson Advocate
+Class of 2010

Julie E. Adkins Supporter
Patrick S. Baldwin Supporter
Theresa Davis Beaton Dean's Council
William B. Bembry Advocate
Matthew A. Bennett Advocate
William T. Bozin Advocate
Emily Hart Cobb Breece Friend
Elizabeth Broadway Brown Friend
Benjamin W. Cheesbro Advocate
Kelly A. Christian Friend
Robert T. Collins Bronze Partner
Robert J. Curylo Advocate
Andrew H. Dekle Advocate
Jeffrey H. Fisher Dean's Council
Allan C. Galis Friend
Joseph R. Greene III Supporter
Kimberly Brownhill Hoipkemier Friend
Anna White Howard Bronze Associate
Kate L. Jensen Advocate
Timothy H. Lee Bronze Associate
Molly L. Levinson Supporter
Daryl Moody Friend
Elizabeth Ann Murphy Silver Fellow
Kevin P. Murphy Silver Fellow
Prince N. Njoku Dean's Council
Lauren Spotts Otto Supporter
Marcus T. Roberts Friend
Carlos J. Rodriguez Supporter
Alice Henderson Strachan Bronze Associate
Kevin E. Strachan Bronze Associate
Joshua S. Wood Supporter
Stephanie K. Wood Supporter
Jeffrey A. Zachman Gold Benefactor
+Class of 2011

Morgan Wood Bembry Advocate
M. Gino Brogdon, Jr. Dean's Council
J. Wickliffe Cauthorn Supporter
Rishi P. Chhatwal Advocate
J. Thomas Clarkson Friend
Rebecca Fackler Clarkson Friend
Catherine Henson Curlet Advocate
Andrew A. Curtright Supporter
Anne Wallace Dunne Friend
Jeffrey A. Eichel Friend
Rebecca L. Gabelman Friend
Yvonne S. Godfrey Friend
Louis E. Harper III Dean's Council
Mary Catherine Moore Harper Dean's Council
Ashley A. Heintz Supporter
Emma Hetherington Advocate
Tanner D. Ivie Advocate
Hyon J. Jang Supporter
Lauren A. Rucker Friend
Meredith Corey Lee Dean's Council
T. Barrett Lee Dean's Council
Jean Goetz Mangan Advocate
Catherine T. McMahon Friend
Obiozor I. Okolo Supporter
Lori Moates Phillips Supporter
Andrew A. Pinson Bronze Associate
Anne M. Pippin Friend
Greg A. Raburn Supporter
Michael T. Rafi Silver Fellow
Matthew G. Rooks Silver Fellow
O. Victoria Rooks Silver Fellow
Bryan A. Schivera Supporter
Alex D. Sklut Supporter
Megan H. Smernoff Supporter
Monika M. Dobbs Advocate
Philip M. Thompson Supporter
Brett D. Tokarczyk Friend
Nathan P. Viebrock Supporter
Amanda M. Waide Dean's Council
Texys Morris Wheelock Friend
+Class of 2012

M. Elizabeth Googe Supporter
John D. Cates V Bronze Partner
Michael D. Deariso Supporter
Gregory O. DeBacker Supporter
W. Robert Gignilliat IV Friend
Stephanie E. Goddard Friend
Whitney B. Lay Supporter
J. Hunter Knowles Dean's Council
Halley Espy Kropa Supporter
Jeffrey L. Lee Jr. Friend
Rebekah D. McCorvey Supporter
John F. Lee Niedrach Friend
Daniel J. Noice Advocate
Ashley D. Presley Friend
James A. Purcell Friend
Eric L. Roden Gold Benefactor
Hillary Miller Schmidt Supporter
Kathryn Morgan Scully Dean's Council
Amanda Seals Bersinger Bronze Associate
Alex M. Shalishali Supporter
Mark A. Silver Supporter
Kate C. Lawson Supporter
Jeanmarie Tankersley Supporter
Frederick W. Vaughan Advocate
Courtney Nichols Viebrock Supporter
Alexander R. Welsh Supporter
+Class of 2013

Emaly Norcott Arndt Supporter
Justin M. Bargeron Supporter
Lindsey M. Blackwell Friend
Richard R. Boorman Supporter
Ian P. Calhoun Advocate
Brad Chynoweth Supporter
Jan Margaret Rogers Craig Supporter
Benjamin T. Cramer Friend
Tyler A. Dillard Supporter
Brandon D. Dixon Advocate
John T. Dixon Advocate
Kelsey Donnalley Advocate
Robert D. Griest Advocate
Joshua L. Harbour Bronze Partner
Barclay S. Hendrix Dean's Council
Hanyun Huang Friend
Julie M. Hudgens-Haney Supporter
Robert W. Jacques Dean's Council
Jill Hollingsworth Jenkins Supporter
Crystal M. Johnson Dean's Council
Corbin R. Kennelly Dean's Council
William R. Keyes Advocate
Brian E. Lake Friend
Michele Torsiglieri Marsicano Supporter
Mary Beth Martinez Friend
Caroline G. McGlamry Supporter
Daniel J. Monahan Friend
Alan G. Poole, Jr. Dean's Council
Alan F. Pryor Dean's Council
Allison Will Pryor Dean's Council
Thomas O. Pryor Bronze Associate
Katherine J. Racz Friend
Ryan A. Scates Gold Benefactor
Emir Sehic Supporter
John W. Stapleton Supporter
Emily Cook Ward Friend
Rory A. Weeks Dean's Council
Lawrence Winsor Dean's Council
+Class of 2014

Andrea D. Baker Supporter
Kaitlin M. Ball Friend
Anne Horn Baroody Advocate
Edgar B. Callaway Friend
Shawn S. Chang Advocate
Ellen R. Clarke Friend
Gregg J. Conley Friend
Andrew J. Conn Friend
Jenifer C. Curtis Friend
Setareh Davoudzadeh Friend
Elizabeth B. Diment Supporter
David B. Dove Dean's Council
Adam J. Fitzsimmons Advocate
Robin M. Flegal Supporter
Ryan P. Gentes Supporter
Stuart R. Halpern Friend
Lindsay Sain Jones Supporter
Jerrod M. Lukacs Bronze Associate
Keri McCrary Martin Supporter
David "Bobo" Mullens III Supporter
Matthias Ohm Supporter
Emily C. Peterson Dean's Council
Courtney Coons Poole Dean's Council
Thomas D. Powell Advocate
Victoria A. Powell Advocate
Jordan C. Seal Supporter
Krunal Shah Supporter
Marie C. Smith Friend
Brandon K. Sykes Friend
Blake G. Tanase Supporter
Ben Thorpe Gold Benefactor
Kyle B. Waddell Dean's Council
Raqketa D. Williams Friend
Andrew C. Wills Supporter
Graham D. Younger Dean's Council
+Class of 2015

Sarah McMahon Supporter
Alex Brown Supporter
Hunter B. Carpenter Dean's Council
Michelle Davis Supporter
Samantha Fassett Advocate
Blake Feldman Friend
Corey Goerdt Advocate
Michael F. Green, Jr. Supporter
Monica Berjon Hatfield Supporter
Ryan M. Heron Friend
Sarah A. Hill Supporter
Gregg M. Jacobson Advocate
Hannah E. Jarrells Supporter
Whitney Judson Friend
Chelsey N. McDade Supporter
Ricardo Lopez Advocate
Hillary Kinsey Lukacs Bronze Associate
Emily Cook Friend
Justin W. McKithen Supporter
Cawanna McMichael Supporter
Carey A. Miller Advocate
Jordan W. Peeler Friend
Dov Preminger Advocate
George Ray Dean's Council
Amanda D. Roberts Advocate
Cameron Roberts Dean's Council
Haley Chafin Robison Supporter
Jingshi Shi Dean's Council
Sarah Smith Dean's Council
W. Alex Smith Dean's Council
Michael Sullivan Advocate
Gordon G. Van Remmen II Supporter
P.J. Wilkie Advocate
D. Harley Yancey IV Dean's Council
+Class of 2016

Anonymous Supporter
Anonymous Friend
Anonymous Advocate
Anonymous Dean's Council
Anonymous Supporter
Sarah E. Akinosho Supporter
Elizabeth D. Barwick Advocate
Payton M. Bradford Advocate
Erin Deitrich Dekle Friend
Keith Hall Emanuel Supporter
Joseph G. Emanuel Supporter
Gabrielle E. Espy Friend
Kristina K. Griffin Supporter
Kathleen Hicks Dean's Council
JD Howard Advocate
Frances Kim Advocate
Allison Hamil Advocate
Kathleen M. E. Mayer Supporter
Andrew B. McClintock Supporter
Tucker McKinley Supporter
Samuel L. Mikell Friend
Manning E. Miller Friend
Hari Narayanan Friend
T. Chase Ogletree Supporter
Anthony D. Pickett Friend
Na'Tasha J. Prather Friend
Elliot Ream Friend
Lauren Sanders Friend
Andrew N. Saul Advocate
Susan R. Shan Friend
Greg Steele Advocate
Joseph D. Summer Friend
Jonathan S. Tonge Friend
Sarah Wagnon Friend
Kelsie Willett Friend
Elinore Carroll Supporter
+Class of 2017

Anonymous Supporter
Anonymous Supporter
Anonymous Supporter
A. Trevor Buhr Bronze Associate
Callen A. Carroll Supporter
Lindsey E. Casey Friend
Ronald F. Chicken Supporter
Emily Cox Supporter
Shellea D. Crochet Supporter
Tiffany L. Donohue Friend
Pedro Dorado Supporter
Nicholas Going Supporter
Joseph R. Goldstein Supporter
Katherine G. Howard Friend
Maggie L. McMichael Supporter
Brittany M. Partridge Supporter
Robert H. Poole II Supporter
Riane Sharp Friend
Andrew Z. R. Smith Supporter
Carol Williamson Starnes Supporter
Troy Stram Supporter
D. Charles Suessmith III Friend
Caitlin V. Sullivan Supporter
Lauren E. Woodyard Supporter
+Class of 2018

Anonymous Friend
Michael D. Aune Friend
Michael L. Baker Friend
Chanel O. Chauvet Supporter
Justin T. Conway Friend
Truman J. Crockett Supporter
Emily K. Escoe Supporter
Hannah Ponders Feist Friend
Ryan L. Giles Bronze Associate
Matthew D. Gobel Supporter
Ava G. Goble Supporter
Mary S. Honeychurch Friend
Rebekah A. James Friend
Jessie A. Kimball Supporter
Laura M. Lantrip Friend
Lauren E. Lutton Supporter
Jared B. Magnuson Friend
Timothy B. Marlow Supporter
Harris R. Mason Supporter
Cody M. Mathis Advocate
Connor A. McLaughlin Supporter
Ann P. Minor Friend
Aidan Farris Moss Friend
Danielle Berenson Palardy Supporter
Sarah E. Robertson Friend
Tyler M. Sandifer Friend
Caroline F. Savini Friend
Cody L. Shubert Friend
E. Grace Simms Advocate
Rachel E. Thompson Supporter
Amanda L. Ward Supporter
A. Maley Whitlock Supporter
Hallie E. Willis Friend
Steven D. Zavodnick, Jr. Friend
+Class of 2019

Megan E. Cambre Dean's Council
Robert Daily Dean's Council
Abigail C. Frye Friend
Laura R. Golden Dean's Council
Robert H. Harrison II Supporter
Amanda T. Hoefer Friend
C. Daniel Lockaby Dean's Council