Legacy Class Gift Program

It is tradition for the School of Law graduating classes to establish a class legacy gift by making a pledge or legacy gift to the Law School Fund, which is later presented to the law school dean and alumni council president during the graduation ceremony.

Previous classes gifts have enriched law students' educational experiences leading the way for future gifts continuing to leave the same message of support. The most recent record of legacy gifts are displayed on plaques in the hallway leading to the Morris, Manning & Martin Café, bearing names of former students who made a commitment to support their alma mater.

Upon graduation, fellow 2020 classmates will embark on a new journey in their professional lives, taking them away from the law school. The legacy gift to the law school provides important financial support and helps to ensure the school’s continued excellence for the classes that follow.  

To the Class of 2020: You will be asked for a pledge to the Class of 2020 Legacy Gift.  If you decide to pledge, a payment reminder will be mailed in the Spring of 2021, as payment is not due until a year after graduation.  Please see below to make a commitment to the School of Law.

Please complete the web form below, OR complete and sign the PDF pledge form and turn it in to the Pledge Box in front of the Alexander Campbell King law Library or the Law School Advancement Office no later than May 15, 2020. The Advancement Office is located on the first floor of Rusk Hall.


Pledge reminder will be mailed February 2021 and the pledge is due by June 30, 2021.

Please Complete:

* All commitments are VOID if I do not have a job within twelve months after graduation.

2020 participation rate: 31.91%

2020 total pledged: $3,726

Eric Shelton Abney
Jessica Atatigho
Arthur Jordan Bailin
Victoria H. Barbino
Louis A. Bastone
Rachel Bennett
Jacob Burr
Brooke Carrington
Hayden Lee Chapman
Sonya Lee Coggins
Caroline Dailey
Andrea Demick
Jack Donlon
Eleanor B. Eastham
Gretchen Edelman
Maria Eliot
Cailtin Felt May
Carley Fulp
Grace Ann Garner
Holly Anne Didia
Graham P. Goldberg
Mandi Goodman
Ross Harris
Sam Hatcher
Cindy Hawkins Rade
John Dustin-Hawkins
Ashley Lauren Henson
Charles Hicks
Megan Howard
Haley Hudler
Hanna Karimipour
Sam Kennon
Andy Klemm
Zachary Porter Tanton Lundgen
Chase Lyndale
Fernanda Mackay
Caroline J. Melton
Liz Moore
James Jeffry Netter
Kip O'Kelley
Katie Plumley
William B. Podres III
Greg Preston
Anne Reynolds
Ethan Rode
Amy Elizabeth Shehan
Mary Ellen Shuman
Addison Smith
Amelia Stevens
Matheus Teixeira
Elizabeth Wilmot Torres
Georgia Turner
Justin C. Van Orsdol
Hayley E. Williams
Spencer D. Woody
Last updated:  March 06, 2020