Gifts to the Library

The Law Library appreciates the donation of gift materials that are appropriate for an academic research law library.  The Law Library reserves the right to  refuse an offer of material that is inappropriate or is already held in the collection.  In the case of a donation of large numbers of items, the Library may request, prior  to acceptance, an inventory of gift materials.

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that donations, whether of books, monetary gifts, works of art, furniture, etc., become the property of the Law Library.  Monetary gifts, if made by check, should be made out to "The University of Georgia Foundation."  To direct such a gift to the Law Library, the donor must so state either in the check's memorandum line or in a separate accompanying letter.

The Law Library will determine the processing, classification, labeling, location, housing, storage, and access of all gift items.   The Library retains the right to dispose of gifts at any time if deemed appropriate by the Director of the Law Library, in the exercise of his or her sole discretion; the manner of such disposition shall  be determined by the disposition regulations of the University of Georgia.

The Law Library is prohibited from giving appraisals or estimates of value for tax purposes, therefore it is the responsibility of the donor to seek valuation of the  gift prior to its donation.  The Law Library will provide a letter to the donor acknowledging the gift.


Policy last reviewed: April 2012