University of Georgia School of Law Library Academic Intern Program Policies

Currently-enrolled graduate students may apply for an unpaid internship at the Alexander Campbell King Law Library. The interns will work on special projects that do not displace regular employees, and the work experience will benefit the intern. Interns and their degree program’s internship coordinator must approve the learning objectives established for the internship prior to the start work.

Individuals must meet the following criteria to be considered for intern positions:

  1. The individual must be 18 years of age or older
  2. The individual must be enrolled in a library-related graduate
  3. The individual must never have been fired by a department of the University of Georgia

General guidelines governing interns:

  1. The service must have a specified, finite duration of no longer than 15 weeks.
  2. Interns must work under the supervision of a Law Library staff member.
  3. Interns may not supervise staff, student employees or other volunteers.
  4. All activities must be performed on the University premises.
  5. All activities must be performed between 8am and 5pm on weekdays except with prior written approval from supervisor. A full-time employee of the Library must be present when the intern is working.
  6. Interns may not have any authority over financial accounts or access to P-Cards.
  7. Interns will not be issued any keys or be given any swipe card access to the Law Library.
  8. No UGA parking arrangements will be provided for interns.
  9. Interns are not eligible for any UGA benefits or discounts.
  10. Interns are not covered by UGA Workers’ Compensation insurance.
  11. Interns or the Library may end their service to the Library at any time.
  12. The Library will provide suitable and safe work environments for interns.
  13. The Library will provide appropriate access to systems and programs for interns.

The following actions must be completed before an intern may start:

  1. Complete and submit the Academic Intern Application to Law Library Intern Coordinator
  2. Receive confirmation of application acceptance from Law Library supervisor
  3. Sign and submit Academic Intern Agreement to Law Library Intern Coordinator
  4. Receive confirmation of agreement approval from the Director of the Law Library
  5. Sign and submit UGA Insurance & Claims Management Volunteer Agreement to Law Library Coordinator