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Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

Current Spring semester of the 2017-18 academic year, Spring 2018 semester faculty as well as for the upcoming Fall 2018 semester

During a given semester messages go to the Inboxes of current visiting and current adjunct faculty. During active semester times, all will also receive messages to LAWLIST.

To foster better student access to adjunct professors, who are commonly from outside the UGA campus proper, we attempt to list a current and active, non-UGA email address for each non-campus-based professor.

Please note:  the adjunct and visiting professor listserv is activated at least a month before start of classes. Receipt of LAWLIST messages to adjunct and visiting professors begins at least a month before classes and is discontinued by the end of that term's exam period. Both Fall and Spring Adjunct & Visiting listservs continue active for administrative communications through the deadline for submission of grades for that term, plus some business days after that date.

Please also note:  the Georgia Law listserv system makes use of different listservs for Fall and Spring semesters: and

If questions, best to contact the Law Help Desk, 706-542-0895 or < >.