Multimedia Classroom Equipment

Known Issues with the Equipment:   Last update:  August 18, 2014

  • Rm __:  none at this time

Recent Fixes (posted for at least a week)

  • Rms ABC & F now provide more of a 21st century experience for professors and students

Please report all equipment issues at your earliest convenience. Reporting options include the phone at front of each room where key phone numbers are listed, or, 24 / 7 email < >, or, from any phone 24 / 7, call Law Help Desk (706-54)2-0895 to leave voice message.



Classroom Equipment Upgrades:  Four Classrooms Now Digital


Rooms A-120, B-122, C-256 & F-246 now feature: 

  • HDMI connectivity and widescreen projection
  • Blu-Ray disc projection
  • and, more fully automated touch panel control

As funding can be secured, the equipment in more classrooms will be upgraded.



Equipment Availability and Functionality


All eleven "lettered" multimedia classrooms, ABCDEFGHIJ & K, provide touch panel control of equipment. Functionality includes: screen projection of the Internet via a dedicated computer in each room plus use of a PowerPoint remote with a laser pointer, laptops may be projected similarly, full audio is also available; a 3D overhead projector (AKA, document camera, or, ELMO); DVD and VHS projection; and, there are clip-on, wireless microphones in all but the small rooms (DEHI). Upon request we will loan any of our Mac adapters. Our classrooms also project Apple iPads (versions 2 or 3). And the audio from any SMART device can be sent to an audience in any of our classrooms.

Wireless internet access is widely available to the law school community. Open a browser and enter your UGA MyID and password.  More at < >.

Laptop projection does NOT require a key and includes full audio in any multimedia-equipped classroom. Macintosh laptop will need a to-VGA adapter. A number of Mac laptop and iPad loaner adapters are available. Contact the Law Help Desk to confirm we have the one you need.

For equipment demonstrations, questions or cabinet access (5H3 key), contact the Law Help Desk Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (706)-(54)2-0895 or Law Computing Services Instructional Support Specialist, JoEllen Childers,, (54)2-9120.

Conference organizers or other presenters need to contact the Law Help Desk, or (706)-(54)2-0895, at least two business days prior to a given presentation. Non-UGA visitors may have w-less access if event organizers contact the UGA Help Desk, (706) (54)2-3106, at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Portable equipment for spaces without a multimedia cabinet may be available within law school facilitiesThis equipment must be reserved (TV with DVD, digital camcorder with tripod, or portable projector).

Anyone within the Law School community may request use of classroom(s).

The Cheeley Room provides Internet, DVD and VHS projection via a 60' plasma screen. The room's dedicated PC includes standard programs and internet; screen and equipment projection selections via a wall-mounted touch panel. There's a laptop cable that includes audio. Upon request we may be able to loan an adapter for Mac laptops. We can loan an adapter for iPad or iPhone audio or projection.

The Walker Room provides wireless network access, a traditional podium with a single microphone (amp and volume control in cabinet; please note: it is very important that this cabinet NOT be physically moved). The Walker Room also features a wall-mounted electric screen, a rolling cart allows for projection of a laptop or a DVD disc. Please note:  audio amplification of presentation originating from the cart, for example, an online video requires extra setup time. If a presenter needs such audio, please notify the Law Help Desk as soon as practical.

Rooms A&B are equipped for "overflow," permitting people in one of the rooms to see and hear what is happening in the other room. 



Multimedia Developments Through the Years


Summer 2014 Rooms A and B were the venue for a latest digital upgrade and now feature widescreen HDMI and Blu-Ray disc projection. The overflow relationship between A and B was also digitally enhanced and 

Summer 2013 digital upgrade performed in Rooms C and F. The work will include fully functional HDMI and Blu-Ray disc projection and continuity for the VGA connections we have long provided.

Summer 2011 renovations focused on significant upgrades to student areas, and the coming of Jittery Joe's Coffee to our new student lounge and small group study rooms although none of this work had any effect on the school's technology offerings.

The Walker Room renovation added electric screen, rolling cart for projecting a laptop or DVDs. UGA PAWS wireless access was added in 2009.

Fall 2009 law school joined the UGA campuswide wireless network, PAWS.

During the Summer of 2008 in the Hatton Lovejoy Courtroom microphones and network connections were added to the judges' bench and the new advocates lectern has a wired mic. There is also a wireless, ear-bud device that pulls from the room's audio system (see Robin Jennings or JoEllen Childers). 

Cheeley Room equipment easier to operate via new wall-mounted touch panel installed in Dec 2007.

Rooms CDE and GHI were renovated during summer 2006.  Instructors now find same equipment functionality as before with the addition of touch control of room lighting. 

During the summer of 2002, the former law auditorium was completely transformed into two classroom spaces (Rooms A & B).  At the same time, the entire environ of Rooms F & J was renovated.

Law School's own wireless network created about 2001. Initially available in rgw two primary reading rooms of law library and most classrooms.

Our initial installation of multimedia to Rooms CFGJ was complete by Fall 1998.  Extension of multimedia functionality to all standard classrooms was begun in early 2002.  Major improvements included the addition of touch screen control of equipment and greatly enhanced image projection.  In summer 2006 the physical environment of Rooms CDE and GHI was greatly improved and the functionality of the instructional technology equipment in those rooms was upgraded though the only difference obvious to instructors may have been touch screen control of room lighting.